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Category Electric Cars for Sale
Created 2016-11-23
Owner Maxozone
Title 1994 US Electricar
Condition New
Odometer Miles 13,749Miles
Web Page  
Price $ 2,999.00
Description This 1994 U.S. Electricar Prizm is one of less than 200 Prizm-based sedans built on the Geo factory floor by Hughes Aerospace in conjunction with Chevrolet in the mid-90's, and was developed to an extremely high standard. The Prizm sedan holds 50 batteries in a tray located under the cab, leaving seating for 5 with 4 doors and a full trunk. It has a liquid-cooled Siemens AC induction motor and Hughes "Dolphin" 3-phase 50kW inverter/charger/controller for extremely quiet and smooth operation, and very effective 50kW regenerative braking, which makes brake pads last a very, very long time. This particular example was part of a private collection when I bought it, and is a beautiful and very clean example of this very rare model. This vehicle is capable of a 70-mile range with new batteries (currently it will need a new set), and a top speed of around 90 mph (I've never gone quite that fast, but I don't doubt the claim). This Prizm is in excellent condition with only a single dent on the very bottom of the rocker panel behind the passenger rear wheel. The paint is near perfect. It charges trouble-free on a 110V or 220V supply and will fully charge in between 5 (220V) and 18 (110V) hours. In real-world use, we charged it at 110V after a 15-mile drive in about 8 hours. We changed to compact fluorescent throughout our home and completely offset the cost of operating the car. We laugh as we passed gas stations! Plug it in at night like you plug in your cell phone. It's that simple. I have made extensive use of the U.S. Electricar Yahoo group (and highly recommend joining if you buy the car), which has advice, upgrade and repair info for absolutely every aspect of this car's operation and maintenance. I have followed the advice found there to upgrade protection of the control unit with additional fusing, and replaced 14 marginal batteries with identical-model replacements 3 years ago. While I had the pack down, I added Lee Hart zener-diode regulators to each of the 50 batteries to protect them from overcharging. This car is more reliable than any gas vehicle I have ever owned. We would NEVER sell this car otherwise, but a move forces the sale.
Promotion level None
EAA Chapter  
Locationvancouver, Washington -- United States

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