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Home » For Sale: Electric Vehicles » Electric Cars for Sale » Hyundai Electra! (2002 Hyundai Elantra EV conversion)
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Category Electric Cars for Sale
Created 2017-03-29
Owner hyundai-electra
Title Hyundai Electra! (2002 Hyundai Elantra EV conversion)
Condition Good
Odometer Miles 100,000Miles
Web Page
Price $ 1,000.00
Description I call it the “Hyundai Electra!” This is an EV conversion (2009-2010) of a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT, purchased in 2008 in great condition, and driven lightly as an EV until 2012.

Since finishing the main part of the conversion, I moved twice, and could not completely finish the finer details of the project. (Adding some more gauges, and finishing the heating/cooling were what remained to complete it). I had pulled the dash apart to work on it, and never got around to finishing. So it sat outside my garage for 4 years. Unfortunately, it got some hail damage last year-- the dents did not break the paint or rust, but it will take a good amount of paintless dent removal unless you don’t mind the dings.

Because of the hail dings, and because of its condition after sitting for 4+ years, I am offering it at a deeply discounted price of $1,000. Keep in mind that a few of its components put together are worth more than that. Even the core charges for the 12 batteries would probably amount to $500 or so. It will take some work to get it back on the road (which I would much rather see than have it go to salvage). But it will be a LOT less work and cost than converting another car from scratch! Why not give it a go if you are curious about home-converted EVs?

Location: Plano, TX 75093

Items included:

  • Batteries
  • Related tools:
    • Engine hoist
    • Several different battery chargers
    • Other assorted tools
  • Parts for ongoing, unfinished work
    • Electric heater, and switch kit for it
    • Original A/C compressor and parts (I wanted to drive it from the tail shaft of the motor)
    • Various gauges I was going to install in the dash (volts, amps, etc.)

Details about the conversion

  • Documented at
  • Maiden voyage on YouTube:
  • Major parts used:
    • Motor: NetGain Motors, Inc. WarP ImPulse 9 (orig. $1,600, still working)
    • Controller: Open ReVolt beta version of a 1000 amp controller. Worked last time I used it
    • Charger: NetGain Controls, Inc. 3000W HF/PFC Battery Charger, set to 144V nominal
    • Batteries: 12x Trojan T-1275 12-volt batteries. Not in working condition, see notes below
    • Battery Monitoring System: PakTrakr, working last time I used it, but may not work now
    • Vacuum assist kit for brakes, from EV Source
    • IOTA DC/DC converter from EV Source, for charging the 12V accessory battery
  • Adapter made at a local machine shop
  • Battery mounts and boxes made with steel frames, by me
  • Spring modification in the rear for the increased battery weight
  • Detailed schematics, notes, manuals all available
  • Cooling, heating not done
    • A/C parts from original system are still here
    • Heater parts purchased, but not installed

Notes on Condition:

  • Car has hail damage. No paint broken, but there are noticeable dents on hood and roof. Definitely driveable, without rust. But if you care about aesthetics, it will take quite a bit of paintless dent removal work.
  • Car has been sitting for 4+ years. I moved house twice, and then had no time to work on the finer details of the conversion (some more gauges, heating/cooling).
  • Motor still known to work (used it recently to move it inside the garage, unfortunately after the hail storm).
  • Battery pack should be considered nearly dead. May be possible to resurrect them, but no guarantees. There are a few good ones, but some seem to have dead cells. They still have value as trade-ins to avoid core charges on new batteries.
  • Controller is a home-brew Open ReVolt controller, built by Paul himself (not by me). Seems robust and reliable, much better than the Logisystems I originally used.
  • Not immediately driveable without some work (new battery pack, putting dash back together, clean-up, a bit of wiring).
Promotion level None
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Location , Other -- United States

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