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Home » For Sale: Electric Vehicles » Electric Cars for Sale » 2002 Rav4EV Factory Electric Price reduced yet even more!
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Category Electric Cars for Sale
Created 2017-04-17
Owner fred_dot_u
Title 2002 Rav4EV Factory Electric Price reduced yet even more!
Condition Fair
Odometer Miles 129,326Miles
Web Page  
Price $ 3,000.00
Description UPDATE 2 June 2017 I've discovered that at least two of the batteries in the pack are not maintaining a charge. While all the others are running within a 0.1 volt separation, these two are sitting at the bottom. One is at 10.5 volts (never a good number to see) while the other is in the mid-11 range. The rest of the pack is 12.5-12.6 and appears to be healthy. There's quite a bit of value in this vehicle for someone who is handy with equipment and can drop the pack, replace the bad batteries, and crank it back into place. I've done exactly that (drop and replace pack, for cleaning, not replaced batteries) four times in my quest to solve the wet-no-charging problem. EDIT ends. As one can see in the photos, this is not a showroom floor model. For the five or so years I've owned it, it's been treated gingerly and not accelerated hard. The previous owner put on most of the miles and had the pack replaced at about 90,000 miles. When I received it, it had the "high-humidity" charging problem, but I believe I've since resolved that. This particular problem appears when temperatures are low after a heavy rain, or during cool mornings after a high humidity day. Living in Florida, I've come to recognize that's pretty much an everyday weather description. It doesn't prevent operation of the car, but it prevented charging. The solution prior to my repair was to hope for a stretch of sunny days. Again, Florida comes through with that. A recent temperature sensor failure (pack temp 1155°F indicator) resulted in me replacing the sensor, which was also the likely location of the humidity-related high voltage leak that prevented charging. We've had some pretty warm wet days and cold (for Florida) nights and the error indication is gone. I cannot guarantee that it won't return, so buyer beware. I've been able to get 80 miles per charge with this vehicle. I drive extremely conservatively, under or at the speed limit, surface streets only. Interstate highway operation and equivalent speeds will result in lower range per charge. Included in this sale is a portable charger, that is, the standard Rav4EV paddle charger mounted on a hand truck. The assembly fits into the cargo bay, allowing one to charge anywhere one can find a NEMA 14-50 40 ampere outlet, the kind used at RV parks, four blade, 240V. As you can see in the photos, the tires have a few miles remaining. There's a frame mounted hitch, used to carry a bike rack, as one typically does not tow boats or much cargo with an EV. The radio was recently installed, great sounds and includes an under-seat amplifier as well as a honking big set of speakers that I was never able to get working. The other half dozen speakers pumped out enough sound for my tastes. This particular model is equipped with heated seats and a heated windshield, a couple of features not particularly useful in the Florida winters. One aspect of the NiMH battery pack is that it gets quite hot during charging. Charging to 100 percent is not a good idea and was done only every ten or so charge sequences. This permits the pack to equalize, as lower current is applied for an additional 3 hours at the end of a full charge. During these charge sequences, I attached ducting from a portable, roll-around air conditioner, providing 70°F air to the pack, reducing the impact. The portable A/C unit is not included in the sale. Normal charging can be timed to complete at less than 100 percent, keeping temperatures within more reasonable levels. The vehicle was washed and vacuumed prior to taking the photos, but the windows have not been washed. That will happen prior to the sale, as they are just going to get dirty until then. The windshield is equipped with the convenience of an Eclipse sunshade, a retractable system far easier to use than the pop-up cardboard or fabric versions. Also with the vehicle comes a pair of dual camera dash cams. One on the windshield (2 cams) and one on the rear window glass (2 cams). Low tech compared to today's stuff, at 720p but useful if one is involved in a crash. The vehicle has an aftermarket alarm system installed by the previous owner. It works fine as far as I can tell, although it tends to drain the 12v battery if left unused for very long. To combat that drain and that of the sound system, there's a solar panel on the dashboard to collect electrons from the sun while sitting idle. Another gadget installed by the previous owner is an aftermarket cruise control. As I drive never on the interstate, it's rarely used, but works great on those long stretches of 45 mph roadways around here. The spare tire is a high-pressure type, donut style, but it won't fit under the vehicle in the OEM location. It is included and can be mounted if some creativity is exercised with modifying the trailer hitch mount, or removing it completely. Additional unremarkable photos are available on request.
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Location , Florida -- United States

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