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add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1997 Hyundai Accent conversion $ 3,500.00
1997 Hyundai Accent converted by semi-professional builder in Michigan in 2012. No major rust or mechanical issues. Driven on a college campus for the past three years. NEEDS NEW BATTERIES. 15 8-volt golf cart batteries, make 120 volts for this conversion. 5 speed manual transmission, driven in second and third gear mostly. Range is 44 miles with new batteries, not driven much over 45 mph. Nine of the 15 batteries need replacement, ideally the whole pack should be replaced. ELECTRIC SPECIFICS: Advanced DC motor L91-4003, Curtis Controller 1221C-7401, Albright contactor, GE 200A breaker, KTA vacuum brake system, CEV PTC Heater Core. This is a deal for someone looking for a coaster to put a Lithium-ion pack in, or replace the lead-acid batteries to get a reliable starter EV where all the hard work is done. Priced to move. Over $7800 invested, asking $3500.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1993 mazda mx3
1993 mazda mx3 ...tagged and insured ,runs great, new batteries new paint, new tires well maintained ..make offer ....
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2006 Smart Fourtwo EV $ 5,950.00
This is a 2006 Smart Fourtwo EV that was built by Li-ion motors from french gliders. It goes 65 MPH Top speed. It will go 65 miles on a charge around town or 30 miles on the freeway at 60 MPH. It does not need a charging station it will charge from a normal 120 or 240 volt outlet. It costs $1.60 for electricity to fill it up. It takes 6 hours to recharge when empty from a dryer outlet. It has air-conditioning, heat, an AM/FM/CD player in the dash. The car runs and drives perfectly. New front brakes. New tires. A lot of car for $5950 Delivery available. Contact me with any questions. 731-924-9704
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1972 VW Karmann Ghia Coupe $ 9,500.00
1972 Karmann Ghia Coupe Converted to electric 2013 120VDC system Ten Braille Endurance AGM batteries Netgain 9" Impulse motor w/double end shaft Synkromotive DC-750A controller-online manual and software Quick Charge 120V charger Gigavac 350A contactor 4 speed transaxle w/ clutch Adapter-Rebirth Auto Powermax 120VDC-12VDC converter Hall effect throttle pedal 4 wheel disc brakes Coil over rear shocks Empi 8 spoke wheels Range 30 Charge 5 hrs Fun fast and quiet all conversion parts new scince Feb 2013
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2015 Nissan LEAF S $ 32,000.00
Would love to introduce myself to future NISSAN LEAF owners / I work at Round Rock Nissan and specialize in the NISSAN LEAF, We presently have a $199 per month lease for an "S" model. We have a half dozen in stock. I drive a LEAF myself and have put over 7500 miles. Not a drop of gas or oil. Let me show you how! Thanks, Ray 512-569-7398
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1973 VW bug for sale $ 7,000.00
1973 WW bug, very nicely restored inside and out. EV conversion is more of a neighborhood EV than a highway EV though, definitely doesn't like hills too much. 72 volt system, with 100AH of lithium batteries, 450A alltrax controller, 1500 watt Elcon charger, Lithiumate lite BMS, 6.7" series DC motor, DC-DC, E-meter. Quite a bit of the value is in the restoration of the bug, not the EV conversion -- its way better than the original 12 marine batteries, but still not not highway capable. It's a fun run around town car, but the BMS limits the current to 150A (350A continuous) for sake of keeping the batteries and the motor happy, so it doesn't do well on hills. Will go about 45 on the flat fine though, and takes off from a stop pretty quickly. About 20 mile range around town. It's available for viewing in east Boulder, Colorado. Or email me with questions. zyewdall at g mail.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale A/C motor & controller $ 1,000.00
US Electric car Factory conversion of a 94 S-10, this vehicle sat inside for all these years, I converted it to DC power when a customer bought it off a car auction, The motor is a 190 volt AC motor with planetary drive, the controller condidion is unknown motor spun whisper quite, for info call 620-837-3244 I was told this motor and controller was a 20,000$ set as new from Hughes Aviatiin/electric
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 98 S-10 fresh conversion $ 8,000.00
A 1998 S-10 short bed, good body, no dents or rust one small dent in front bumper. good tires, wheels, brakes,paint,interior, A 5 sped trnas, 500 amp EVnetics controller, 9 inch Wapr motor, power steering, heat, 110/220 charger on board, Capper on top pf bed for batteries, i If I were to do this conversion for a customer, it would be about 14K$, now it is about 1/2 price and you get a free truck. Call for any info 620-837-3244
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Motorcycles and Scooters Electric Concept Custom Bikes $ 9,500.00
Pro Street and Elution Electric Motorcycles These are limited production motorcycles designed and built by Electric Vehicle Concepts. These electric motorcycles are built on aftermarket custom chassis's and suspension components. The fiberglass fairing was designed by Spherical Fiberglass Designs for exclusive use by E-V Concepts. These electric vehicle concepts were designed to carry two adults at freeway speeds safely. These motorcycles can be built with many power configurations and options. These particular bikes are running direct chain and shaft drives to an Advance DC motor at over 100 volts with a Curtis controller. The motorcycles use lithium battery packs with on board charging systems. Starting base price with lithium battery system and 80 mile range is $9500.00. More range is available with additional battery options. Six speed transmission is also available. Unlimited paint and chassis options. For over thirty years E-V Concepts has tried to create unique electric vehicles that are not found in the rest of the world. We continue to design new electric vehicle concepts for other customers and companies around the world. We have many different electric vehicle concepts and body designs to build from. You can find some of our other models on our website Call or email with your questions.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Other Electric Vehicles 3-Wheeled ELECTRIC BIKE $ 1.00
Start with the NAKE BIKE $3,995.00 and Add and build to suit your needs. Base Prices: Standard Bike: $5,495.00 2 Seater Bike: $5,995.00 2-3 Seater Limo Bike: $6,195.00 Colors: ADD Mango add $124.95 Wasabi add $124.95 Goji add $124.95 2-Tone Atlantic Blue or Pacific Green $899.95 Equivalent of Gasoline 1,800 MPG Total weight 160 lbs Payload 350 lbs Electric motor 750 Watts Electric speed 20 mph Electric range 15+ miles Charge via outlet 2.5 hours Charge via sunlight ~ 7 hours Announcing ELF 1.5—now standard with dynamic dampening suspension and EZ Ergonomic Sliding Seat. The ELF is a solar and pedal hybrid vehicle powered by you and the sun. “The most efficient vehicle on the planet”, it is a revolution in transportation and gets the equivalent of 1800 MPG. Hand built in the USA, the ELF is legally a bicycle, so it can travel on bike paths, park on sidewalks and requires no gas, license, registration or insurance. It can travel up to 20 mph on electric power only and up to 30 mph when combined with pedaling. It can hold more than a dozen bags of groceries and can handle an amazing 350 lb. payload.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale electric pu for sale - make offer
My fully converted 94 Toyota pu is in fantastic condition and ready for a new set of batteries. I'm considering selling it though it has been great fun to drive. Needing a longer distance camping vehicle. Or if there is no interest, I will keep it and put in a new set of batteries for myself. All components are in excellent working condition. Advanced FBI-4001 Brushed DC Motor 100HP peak, Curtis 1231C controller, Zivan NG3 110V On board Charger, Zizan DC/DC converter for 12 volt battery, Clutch less Motor Coupling/Adapter for Manual Trans. Top speed 70 mph. 40 mile range on fully charged batteries. Currently has 24-Trojan T105 6 volt golf cart batteries near the end of their life. I could replace the batteries for you at additional cost if you like. Lots more pictures available if you're interested. I'm in Eugene, OR.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Miles Electric Vehicle ZX40S $ 6,500.00
The perfect neighborhood/beach cabin/vacation home car. This is a 2009 all-electric Miles ZX40S Advanced Design; 4 door,with heater,air conditioning and radio/CD player. Regular wall plug charging, no special gear needed! Brand new batteries in 2012, comes with an extra set. Full charge overnight with 25 mph speed, and a 40 mile full-charge range. A small neighborhood car with full real-car amninities. This is no "golf cart"!
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Toyota RAV 4 EV $ 34,000.00
No Picture
Rare Toyota RAV 4 EV for sale. Just a few months of use. Available Austin Texas
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Motorcycles and Scooters 84 Goldwing $ 1,500.00
This is a converted 84 Goldwing I did about 3-4 years ago. I have ridden at least 3 seasons now, about 1500-2000 miles per season. This motorcycle uses 24 CALB LiFePO 70aHr batteries. It uses a Kelly, 650A controller, and has an on board charger (Elcon), sized for the pack. The motor is an Advanced DC Warp 8, dual shaft. The drive is coupled in the front, then has a chain and reduces sprocket to a custom drive shaft that connects to the old U joint driving the rear end. I am able to drive about 35, perhaps 40 miles when running slow. Top speed is between 55 and 60. Recharge time is 4 hours max. I put probably $7000 into this bike, but realize new bikes are out that over perform this. Also, I need the shop space and have other plans for transportation. It has served me well for lots of local trips and the side bags even allow grocery shopping.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2013 Wheego LIFE (65 MPH, 100 miles) $ 9,000.00
Almost new 2013 Wheego Life bought new in Sept 2014. It was one of the last ones of this production run. Still fully supported by Wheego. Balance of factory warranty which includes battery pack. Very good condition. Selling because I have too many cars and can't use it on business travel because limited to 100 mile range and I go about 130 round trip with no charging available. 3000 original miles Price is $9000 firm. Car is in Atlanta, GA.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2013 Coda EV Sedan $ 14,500.00
2013 Coda - manufactured in Benicia, Calif. Based on Hafei sedan body with 31khw Lithium Ion battery pack, UQM 134hp PowerPhase 11” motor and inverter, Lear 6.6kw/hr. Level 2 charger, Borg-Warner Gear Reduction,Alpine Navigation System, 5 passenger with huge trunk capacity. The battery pack is built by Lishen who is one of the world's largest manufacturers of lithium-ion cells and a key supplier to Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Vodafone, among others. I bought the Coda new and have put 4k miles on it. Depending on the speed driven and the terrain (hills), the range is 70-100+ miles. 3-4 hours to recharge near empty battery pack. All of the electrical/drive components except for the batteries are US made. The value of these components incl. the battery pack if sold separately is over $15k. Zero to 60 time is 9.5 sec. Check out this Motor Trend review -
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1997 Chevy S-10LS last Bob Rice Conversion $ 6,000.00
Completely repainted, includes port for commercial charging stations. Original cost over $13K. Needs 24 T125 batteries to run for 40 miles estimated at $4K or replace with Lithium.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Honda Del Sol EV $ 13,999.00
There is just too much to say about this UNIQUE E-Car ! It's nice, it's fast, it's easy to fix ( just in case ) and for sure it's the cheapest way to get around ! The car goes over 80mph, and up to 45 miles on distance, recharge time depends on discharge of the batteries is anywhere from 2 - 5 hours ! Please follow the link to the DropBox folder with all the info about the E-Sol changes made to the Honda after the conversion, upgraded suspension in the back, stainless braided brake lines in the back, bigger brake booster, bigger brake cylinder, Viper alarm system with central lock, 1 mile 2-way color display remote, glass sensor and voice message with proximity sensor. 4 pioneer speakers, new leather booth for brake and shifter, aluminum rims with spacers, new tires, 12 like new Trojan XHS batteries with 130A each, volt and amp meter installed, vacuum pump and tank for the brake system, black front lights, nice rear lights, LED 3200 Lumen CREE headlight bulbs with only 32W power consumption, radio with removable face plate, the power steering was replaced with a mechanical steering gear box, leather seats, batteries are only 5 month old. This is a daily driver, no issues, no hassle ! The electric system is only 4 years old ! The car is in Costa Rica Central America, I bought the car end of last year in the U.S. in Colorado. A copy of the title is in the Dropbox folder. Shipping back to the U.S. is no issue, we do this all the time and shipping to Miami is included in the purchase price. Please call or email with any questions you might have Tx Mike
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Toyota, Daihatsu Move $ 7,200.00
2010 Daihatsu Move Four door, four seat minivan. Rear seat folds down. New custom wheels and tires. 9” Advanced DC motor connected to 5 speed automatic transmission. Curtis controller running at 144 volts. Top speed over 80 MPH. 12 Brand new 12 volt deep cycle batteries. Zivan 144 volt charger and 12 volt charger for accessory battery. Range near 40 miles. Has space for generator behind rear seat. Adjustable rear air shocks.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Ferrari Concept $ 9,800.00
This is an all wheel drive limited production electric supercar designed for the high speeds of European highways with cruising speeds over 140 mph. Built with Ford cobra independent suspension and components used with the all steel tubular chassis. Coil over adjustable shocks and disc brakes. The center cab, steel top, steel doors and window glass are Ford Mustang with original interior, dash and air bags. The car seats four adults. One motor drives the front differential and one motor drives the rear differential. The car was designed to run on two 150 volt lithium battery packs with a range over 150 miles. The charging can be done with 110 or 220 AC outlet. Charging station adapters are available. Recharge times will change depending on the charging source and the percent of recharge needed. There is space for an on board generator for hybrid charging at any time. The sale includes over $15,000 in new components. -New Lexani two piece wheels, 18” x 8” and 18” x 10” wheels and tires. $3500 -One new advance DC 9" motor #FBI-4001A connected rear differential. $1800 -Machined motor couplings and adapter plates, front and rear. $900 -One high powered Speed Controller and throttle pedal. $1800 - One 3KW 110 – 220 AC battery charger. $1200 -The Sigma GTE - Ferrari concept fiberglass body. $6000 -All high voltage cabling and wiring is complete. $400 The car was being driven and road raced at SCCA events with lithium batteries installed. Replacement battery system can range from $1000 to $10,000 depending on battery choice and the range you desire. No batteries are included with the car. The title is clear but is not currently registered. The car was registered as a 2000 Ford Mustang. This car was built for a client in another country. The batteries were removed to use in another of their projects. We have more than ten electric vehicle concepts under construction and have no time to play with this one. We can help with any desired changes, upgrades or options to see the car in service again. Email with questions. Car is located in Charleston, SC email or call with questions.

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