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add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale MGB 100% Electric Drive $ 13,000.00
Why buy a neighborhood electric vehicle and pay a fortune for it when you can have a street-legal, HIGHWAY-CAPABLE electric car? And a convertible no less. Or... if you're considering converting your car to electric here are all the parts you'll need in a rolling package. It has a 9" electric motor driven by 38 180AH lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells and a Curtis 144V controller new this August. Or... use the batteries for solar energy storage. This car charges overnight and goes 65 miles on a charge. It has a top speed of 70 mph and has been my daily commuter car for the last two years. I built it myself and you can see the minute details at . This has been a labor of love but it is time to let someone else tinker with it (I got a Leaf). NOTE: It is currently a one-seater. The passenger seat was removed and replaced with batteries. They can be moved of course and the seat replaced. I was playing with the overall weight distribution of the car.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Electric Ford Focus $ 3,500.00
This 2000 Ford Focus features a Zilla controller driving an 9” ADC motor coupled to the original transmission and clutch via a custom adapter plate. The original 18 6V golf cart batteries have been removed and sold for scrap. A Vicor DC-DC converter powers the house load and charges a small 12V battery for startup. A ceramic heater runs off the pack but has not been connected. Instrumentation includes battery and motor ammeters (Westach) pack voltmeter, 12V voltmeter, tachometer and a custom bar graph monitor for individual battery monitoring. A 12V vacuum pump actuates the power brakes. When the batteries were at the peak of their performance the car was capable of 40 miles on a charge in the hilly terrain of coastal Maine and maximum speed on the flat was 70 mph. However this performance would be dramatically improved by the lighter weight of Lithium batteries. This car is fully functional and a lot of fun to drive. Asking $3500, batteries not included. Call too-oh-seven 789-5446 or email (w/o the x's) Vehicle is in Midcoast ME
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1998 S-10 Race Conversion 12k EV miles $ 18,000.00
This really is a great conversion. I have enjoyed having it but the time has come for me to sell it because I do not have a garage for it any longer. It has room for 96 160/180/200 AH LiFEPo Cells stored in Manzanita Micro Battery Boxes. The battery had been damaged by over discharge once and now it is running on 72 cells. It currently has a 50-70 mile range. If you replaced the pack with the cells listed in the link(200AH) you would have a total capacity of 61.44 kWH with a useable bed. the pack repalcement could easily be done in a weekend. It would have around a 200+ mile range with the trucks current efficiency. The truck comes with a 30 amp blink EVSE for home charging and an 80 amp j1772 inlet and 20' charging handle with 6 different adapters including 120v ac. Additionally it has a 25' extension cord that works with all of the adapters. The truck has a zilla 2k HV and a Manzanita Micro PFC 75 as well as a heater and fully functional windows PC and touch screen monitor with zilla view. As well the transmission is bigger(NV3500 vs the original NV1500) And it has an aluminum flywheel with a SPEC racing clutch 2+. Not only is the truck good range but it would have somewhere around a 5 second 0-60 with a new pack! The truck also has a BlueOX Tow Package for easy towing incase of a break down. Any issues only require a truck with a tow hitch. There are likely many things I am forgetting so please feel free to contact me for my phone number. This truck to make it ideal requires a new pack and some work but the conversion is already 100% done and all the power electronics have had NO issues in the past year and a half I have driven it. It is a great great truck and I am sad to see it go but I hope it finds a good owner who wants to see it be used to its full potential.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1987 FORD RANGER E/V $ 2,500.00
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1984 Electric VW Rabbit $ 4,500.00
1984 Electric VW Rabbit. 96 volts. 16 US 125 XC Six volt lead acid batteries, one year old. Advanced 8" DC motor. Curtis controller. DC to DC Converter. Zivan 220 volt NG3 charger. Additional Energenx 220 charger adjustable voltage charger also available. Originally an Electro Automotive kit. 45-mile range. New front struts. Pioneer stereo. Has been my daily driver for the last 12-years. Good condition but will need a paint job soon.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1969 Subaru Sambar Van conversion $ 4,000.00
1969 Subaru Sambar Van. 160volt, 60 amp hour lithium pack. 4 speed, DC motor (ADC brush motor) curtis controller. very fast. wilwood master cylinder. runs and drives, needs some finish work. I don't want to sell it, I have a baby on the way. 860-916-0162 cell or
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1986 Toyota MR2 $ 3,000.00
1986 Toyota MR2 converted to electric in 2013 10 Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries 2 NOCO 5-Bank Battery chargers Curtis Controller 1231C Prestolite MTC motor conversion costs $5500 (est) Motor needs rebuilt or replaced *shorted while driving in rainstorm CALL JOHN 614-374-3853
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1996 Rav4 Orig. GAS now converted $ 4,999.00
This Rav4 is set up with an 8" Advance DC Motor, Brand NEW SOLITON JUNIOR CONTROLLER, and 13 Hawker 2150 Batteries (Gently used.. BUT TIRED.. TIME FOR NEW BATTERIES. with about a 15 - 20 mile range).It has a Xantrax E-Meter ( $400 value) which allows you to keep track of Amp Hours.. It has a "Steve Clunn BMS which lets you monitor EACH battery Voltage. You can charge/discharge any Individual Battery with a Flick of a Switch ! Seats 5, Back cargo area available for use. (No Batteries inside the vehicle) Battery racks under vehicle. Power Windows, 16" Tires. NO A/C , but it is all there to hook up if you want.., VAC Pump and Power Steering just added. Drive this beauty away.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - NEVs and LSVs 2008 GEM 6 Passenger $ 10,000.00
I merged a 2008 GEM with a 1999 Suzuki "Bandit" and turned it into an Electric Motorcycle that can be driven in any city street.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale VW Rabbit Cabriolet - Converted to Electric $ 13,500.00
Converted this perfect Rabbit to electric, including LiFePo batteries. Unfortunately, have run into financial troubles and need to move on from this project. Have $22,000 in on it. There are still several things to be done better, so if you have the time, the space, and the energy this can be a dream for you. The car is in exceptional condition, just needs some improved mechanics and wiring routing. Everything works, everything is there. Ask me (Jeff) questions if you are interested.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale Mazda B3000 conversion $ 8,000.00
No Picture
Converted Mazda B3000. 2wd regular cab short box. Converted with Warp 9, Curtis 1231C and 48 China Hi-Power 100ah cells. Mini BMS system and Elcon 2500 charger. Motor mated to the transmission without clutch. All excess vehicle weight removed. New frt wind-shield, new brakes and wheel bearings. I have spent too much time and money on this project, no more time or money left to complete. All that is remaining to get it on the road officially is to complete the power steering. I have a DC motor and pump for that, just needs to be done. Price is negotiable.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1981 Comuter Car $ 4,200.00
SALE PENDING 1981 Comuter Car Looks and runs good. Everything works and has current PA state inspection.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1998 Ford Ranger Factory Electric $ 2,900.00
FACTORY Electric vehicle, not a conversion - does not run - I have not tried to get it running, clean title in hand. Originally purchased by the city of Chino Hills in California - Price reduced! more pictures available, send me a reply if you would like to see them
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1970 Porsche 914 $ 12,500.00
MAKE an OFFER Motivated Seller This 1970 Porsche has NEW BRAKES, NEW TIRES, 11" WarP Motor, 2K Zilla, NEEDS Batteries! Charger and BMS !
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2000 Ford Mustang $ 7,700.00
2000 Ford Mustang. Advanced DC 9" Motor, Manzanita Micro 'Zilla Controller w/HB2 and PFC-30 charger. 48 lithium ion battery pack (3 bad cells). Max distance per charge when all cells new: 40 miles. I drive it most every day for the past few years. Quick and fun to drive. Invested over $25,000, asking $7,700 OBO. E-mail me for more pictures.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1994 Ranger PU $ 4,500.00
1994 Ford Ranger Electric Truck converted in 2007. Odometer reads 187344 miles. Lockable bed cover brand name Undercover. 11" diameter forklift motor. 24 Trojan T-106 six volt battery's Battery's need replaced . Voltmeter and Amp meter mounted in dash. Vehicle located in Wichita Kansas. Phone 316-305-3046 E-mail Make an offer OBO
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1994 AC Propulsion Honda Civic $ 9,950.00
Very Rare AC Propulsion 1994 Honda Civic Conversion - $9,950 ACP 100kW drive system produces an impressive amount of torque and outstanding acceleration. Although they were professionally converted by experienced engineers and technicians, there were only a handful of these cars made. The battery pack consists of a double row of Optima Yellow-Top Sealed Lead Acid batteries that are installed in a tunnel that runs down the middle of the car similar to the GM EV-1 and the Chevy Volt. When the batteries are fresh, the car has a range of 80 miles if pushed to the limit and over 60 miles driven normally. The present pack has been driven lightly but is a mix of battery ages, all over 12 months. Until recently the pack was giving 35-40 mile range which is quite usable for local trips and short commuting. Now one battery is acting up and limits the range to about 10 miles. The charger is 12kW (50A at 240v) with precise controls allowing a fresh pack to be charged in about one hour or adjusted down to a very slow charge rate over days to recondition older packs. Each of the 28 batteries has an individual monitor to prevent overcharging and identify weak cells while driving (very unusual in Lead acid battery packs). A new spare Optima battery is included in the purchase price. Also included is a special fixture that allows the battery pack to be gently lowered to the floor to allow replacement of the batteries. While the simplest thing to do would be to replace the one weak battery, it is also possible to upgrade to Lithium batteries for the ambitious do-it-yourself-er. Technical assistance on the battery replacement process is available to the new owner. I am selling this car for my friend Tom who has moved out of the area. It was recently driven about 10 miles from Tom's former home to the home another friend Joe who is storing the car in Los Altos Hills, CA. It is a 1994 Honda Civic DX Hatchback Coupe with around 55K miles. I helped Tom replace a few of the batteries a couple of years ago, so I can answer some questions about the procedure. There are also a couple of documents from AC Propulsion with all the details about the instrumentation and the battery replacement process . The car can be charged from just about any AC source including a 120 VAC wall outlet, any 230 to 250 VAC source including electric dryer outlets or the J-1772 EVSEs that are commonly used on all of the new electric cars. A large selection of charging cords are included along with a spare set of wheels and some spare tires. The car is extremely well-engineered and has an aerodynamic plastic belly pan to reduce drag. The interior is in very good condition. It is a hatchback design with seats for 4 adults with a bit of storage room behind the rear seats. The exterior is in good condition although it has been stored outdoors so the paint has dulled a bit. The car has California Carpool Lane stickers that can save you time during freeway commuting if you are in a location where you can take advantage of that. There is also a discount on some California bridge tolls during commute hours. Tom bought a LEAF so he no longer needs the Honda and has asked me to help him sell it. I have no room for it at my home so Joe has agreed to store it at his place until we find a buyer. Local buyers can arrange for a test drive. Contact Jerry via email at: Jerry-dot-Pohorsky-at-gmail-dot-com or call four-zero-eight, four-six-four, zero-seven-one-one with any questions or to arrange a test drive.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1978 Mustang II $ 3,900.00
You don't see something like this come along very often - a totally custom 1978 Ford Mustang (II) electric conversion with about 64,000 miles. That's electric as in it doesn't take gas and runs completely on it's 18 8v deep cycle batteries, charged with a normal household 120v AC plug. Don't quote me on this, but it might be the only one of it's kind - most of us EV conversion owners are members of the site "EV Albums" and there's not another Mustang II. It's fully functional. New batteries installed last year and only gently driven since. Original owner was in Indiana and the conversion is well documented, done with EVs of America in New Hampshire. I have a binder about an inch thick with all receipts and manuals. Pretty clean install and a few parts have been updated since it was originally converted in 2000. Curtis 1231c 500A controller FB1-4001A 9" ADC motor Iota DC/DC converter Zivan NG3 120v Charger, 15A 18 8v Trojan batteries for 144v nominal Seems to be the stock transmission? 4 speed manual but it's clutchless. I've not driven a stock Mustang II so I'm not totally for sure. Body is in good shape, a couple of small bubbling spots over the fenders but it was clearly a bolt off restoration when converted. Interior is pretty good for this age. There is an electric heater that is quick to defrost. I noticed a lot of nice detail and wiring work under the hood, an inertia switch, brake booster, etc. Lots of nice analog gauges, nothing overly digital on the retro dash. Hard to deny this is a head turner and a great entry into the awesome world of owning a classic electric car. Who wants an old gas guzzler anyway? But then again, who wants to own a little golf cart neighborhood EV or cow tipping smart car? Ha, ha... this is the best of both. Sure, owning an EV is a hobby but this is a functional car, not a project! Current range at 35 miles. Fully capable of highway speeds 65mph. Any questions please ask. Buyer to pick up in Portland, Oregon
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1997 Porsche Boxster $ 3,900.00
This is the third electric car that I have built. It was originally going to be an electric racecar, but I don't have the time or money to be out racing. It is being sold without the racing batteries and motor controller and no charger. It has a 5-speed, no clutch. I have a 36 volt golf-cart controller installed so it can be moved around (15 mph top speed). The motor is an 9in Advanced DC. The interior is good, some wear, but no tears or holes. Body is in good shape, no major issues, some paint fade in back. Yes, the top works, the brakes work, the lights work, the steering works. It has 105k miles on the odometer. It is a salvage title. Call me at 9l6 forty seven five thirty five 16
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2000 Nevco Gizmo $ 4,500.00
This is a 2000 Nevco Gizmo with 6800 miles in good to great condition. Serial number is ----0007 which makes this the 7th one produced and sold of the 38 that the company produced total. It has all of the original components and has never been modified. All of the accessories work. Batteries hold good charge. A recent move and a smaller garage forces this sale. Do not pass up on this opportunity to own a very nice street legal 3-wheeled electric vehicle.

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