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add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Volvo 850 Sedan $ 2,800.00
Electric Volvo 850 sedan with cloth seats, lithium batteries, and PFC20B charger. I've owned it for several years now. Upgrades since the EV album: 1. Added 48x 100Ah CALIB lithium batteries + BMS 2. Charger upgraded to Manzanita PFC20B 3. JLD404 Amp-hour counter 4. Clutch replaced a year ago 5. J1772 plug (works at all the charge stations I've tried so far) 6. I also own a Zilla controller I was going to upgrade it too... make an offer Downgrade: heater removed, though I still have the parts. The BMS and ECU were from Pacific Electric Vehicles which no longer is in business, so you may want to swap them out. It looks the same as those pictures except a little dirtier. Seats are still in excellent condition.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale For Sale: 1971 Porsche 914, Full Restoration, Fast, no rust, $15,000 $ 15,000.00
For Sale now is my 1971 Porsche 914, converted to Electric Drive in 2010. I'm buying another Electric Vehicle and do not have the garage space for two. I received lots of help from forum members during my restoration and conversion. 17,000 trouble free EV miles! This is a quality restoration with a first class electric conversion. The car was completely disassembled, all rust treated with POR-15 then painted. Brakes, bearings, fluids all changed. Tires have 18,000 miles, paint is new, all electrical items work, Sony radio/CD. Targa top painted body color, Bahia Red. 207 ft-lbs max torque at 0 rpm as measured on a dyno. Over 100 HP. Charge this car anywhere: home 15 amp plug, Clothes Dryer type plug, public EV charging stations, welder plug, RV parks, Etc, Etc. On-board charger will automatically accept any voltage. If you can plug it in it will charge. Max 6 hours at 240 volts even if completely empty. Usually 2-3 hours after a normal day of driving. Never have to stop and waist time at a gas station again. You leave you home every morning with a full tank! Full charge costs only about $3. Asking price is $15,000. I will provide a complete checkout/explanation and provide my cell phone number for technical support after the sale. The car is located in Ft Myers, Florida. I will arrange shipment anywhere in US for cost or deliver free to anywhere in South Florida. This is one fun car. We get stopped with complements and/or questions every time we use it. With both trunks available you can use this car for any around town trips, grocery shopping, dinner dates, country drives, etc. Jim
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1998 Chevy S-10 $ 2,500.00
1998 Chevy S-10. 144 volts lead acid batteries 18-8 volt. Interstate US8VCHC. Quick Charge 120 and 240 volt on or off board charger. Advanced DC FB1-4001A DC motor, Curtis 1231C-8601 controller. Liquid Heater from EVA. Built in 2009. Electrically it runs great. For inspection needs third breaklight, find vacuum leak to run HVAC controls, some body work (rust). The truck body is showing it's age. With a little work this can be fixed and it will be a usable truck. Best use for this truck will be to use it as a template to build your own. See how it's put together, pull it apartment, and build your own electric truck or car. Battery have not seen a lot of use and I have been keeping them charged but they are 7 sevens old so this should be considered. Will consider removing parts for easier shipping and transportation or selling separately. Range is about 40 miles depending on depth of discharge. If you're looking for a ready to roll used truck, this may not be the best choice for you. Have all the manuals and cut sheets. Make me an offer. Love to move it before the snow flies.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2014 Ford Focus EV $ 12,500.00
No Picture
I am the original owner of this 2014 Ford Focus Electric vehicle. It is fully loaded with all available options including leather, power windows/locks, power and heated seats, Nav, Siri, etc., and is in AS-NEW condition. Only 10,000 miles. Still under original 2 year factory bumper to bumper warranty that includes an 8 year battery warranty from Ford. In perfect condition, looks and drives perfect, looks and smells like a brand new car. MSRP was $ 36,000. Has approx. 80 - 85 mile range on a charge. Includes the factory plug in charger, all manuals and documentation that came with the car. Very low miles, in perfect condition and you're buying from the original 63 year old owner who babied this car and has kept it pristine. I am only selling this because I just bought a new Tesla. Has California (white) single person carpool stickers and qualifies for FREE 24 hour 91 fwy toll road access. Just renewed registration thru October 2017. Clean title in my name. Come look at it and take a test drive, you won't be disappointed. Call me with questions or to view, Scot 626-688-0096
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1997 Solectria Force $ 3,500.00
No Picture
I'm selling my 1997 Solectria Force due to mounting medical problems and bills. Vehicle needs batteries. I removed the lead acid batteries so no damage could occur. I was planning on converting to LI-on CALB 100 batteries for a big reduction in weight as well as increase in range. Car has been stored in my garage for the past two years. It has A/C that worked when parked. Has a Brusa NLA512 charger as well as the original charger(not working). I put on new lower control arms (ball joints), cleaned and freed up the brakes. Put in new A/C condenser and receiver dryer. Interior is in good shape. Body is in good shape. Needs bodywork where the original charge port was located. Call or text me at 630-673-5994 leave a message.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1999 Solectria Force $ 6,500.00
Selling my 1999 Solectria Force, UPDATED TO CALB in june 2014, 54 CALB/Skyenergy SE100AHA, Lithium Iron Phosphate, new Webasto air top 2000 diesel heater installed in 2015, tires P175/70-14 Bridgestone on mags, despite its 17 years, the condition of this car is almost Impeccable, on a scale from 1 to 10, I can easily give it a 9. Reason for selling, just both a new KIA EV-SOUL, Asking 6500$ , for more info visit my page on evalbum. or text me on my cell 514-804-8606 Pierre
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2015 Fiat 500E $ 9,800.00
2015 Electric Fiat 500e Rated as the best ev in the world. Electronics by Bosch and lithium batteries by Samsung. (Same components as the BMW evs uses.)Manufactured by Chrysler-Fiat 5200 miles, Black exterior with black leather interior. Imported from California for east coast sales. One of two available on the east coast. No gas and no maintenance. Charges from any 110 receptacle . 30 foot factory charge cord comes with vehicle. Car uses standard international J1772 charge plug for fast charging on 220 available at all charging stations. 100+ mile range and very fast with top speed100+ miles per hour. Call, text or email with questions.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1992 Solectria Force $ 3,500.00
1992 Solectria Force electric car for sale. It's a professionally converted Geo Metro to electric done by Solectria. This was a vehicle used by the University of Massachusetts before I got it and did some repairs and upgrades. It has NiMH batteries that are in need of replacement, either lead acid or lithium would be a good replacement. It has working A/C, heat and upgraded to a programmable 6.6 KW charger and more powerful UMOC445 controller for better performance. I also have a spare UMOC, motor and 6.6KW charger I can include for a negotiable price. The Force has 8749 miles on it since it was really only used for research on campus. I fixed some damage to the rear tailgate as it was in a minor accident right before I got it. I've had it up to speeds of 60 MPH, but it has been garaged for the past year and needs a new battery pack since the current pack is 20 years old.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Honda Civic dx 1992 (price reduced) $ 2,500.00
The conversion of this 1992 Honda Civic was completed in 2010. It has a WARP 9 motor and Zilla Controller (1K) . The Battery Pack is 144V Flooded Lead Acid (18 -8V Golf Cart) and needs to be replaced. There is a charger on-board, meters for state of charge, voltage and current. We drove the car for 4 years and now it has been parked for the last two years. make an offer
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2011 Think City $ 8,750.00
Runs great, in good condition. Great commute vehicle. Original owner. All Electric car, assembled in the USA. HOV Access (white sticker, doesn’t expire) 70+ miles on a single charge. 75 mph top speed Two seater Huge trunk Air Bags Power Windows Power assist steering Power assist brakes Air Conditioning and heater AM/FM/CD/USB Stereo Charger Included 26,000 miles Contact me at 408-518-0512
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2008 Ford Focus Conversion $ 3,000.00
We built this car for the X Prize and have not used it for several years. It's got only 2000 miles on it. We have a 24KWHr LFP battery pack (it's been sitting for two years but seemed OK the last time I checked it). The drive system is an Azure Dynamics AC24LS. Send me an email if you need more info.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1999 Chevy S-10 Conversion $ 8,900.00
Converted in 2008-2009 by a gentleman in Ohio, who did a very professional job. Battery boxes make of TIG-welded aluminum sheet! Body of truck is in fantastic shape. Clutchless, drives great. Power brakes; heater; manual windows. Molded plastic bed liner (not in photo) and tri-fold cargo cover included. Advanced DC #FB1-4001A 9.1" double shaft series wound motor, 25.2 HP continuous, 43 HP for 5 min, 85 HP peak. Soliton1 DC motor controller with recently upgraded firmware. PFC2500 120/240V onboard charger with twist-lock connection under "gas cap." US-250-HC batteries are beginning to show their age (2009 vintage); one had a weak cell and I recently replaced it with a Trojan T-105. I have never really pushed the range, because my commute is only ~9 miles roundtrip. Once I drove to work and almost immediately home, and still had plenty of juice left, so I'm guessing the range might be 30-40 miles or more. I love this truck, but need to make space for another project. The guy who did the conversion must have put well over $15k into the vehicle, so this is a great buy for the EV enthusiast.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Motorcycles and Scooters Custom Electric Trike $ 4,750.00
Street legal, custom electric trike! Front end is from a VW Beetle and the rear end is from a shaft drive Honda Shadow. It has a 72-volt brush DC motor with 3-20 hp (ME1003, Motenergy). The brushes were replaced one year ago. The controller (NPX4834 R7, Alltrax) is also only one year old. The vehicle was built in 2012. Below are some of its features. Top Speed 45 mph Range 15-25 miles Four 75 amp hr 12-volt AGM SLA batteries Four CTEK chargers, one for each battery Individual and total battery voltage displays Amp display Key ignition Custom canvas with removable doors Simply plug-in to 120 volts AC to charge Lights, blinkers, and hazards
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1997 S10. Gmc Sonoma $ 4,000.00
1997 Sonoma ev conversion. Runs good. Has warp9 motor. 5 speed. Agm batteries. On board charger. Good body. Good tires. Ready to run. RNge is a little over 20 miles
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale RX 7 Convertible '88 Converted to Electric $ 2,800.00
If you are looking to do your own EV conversion, this is for you. Don't make the mistake that many people do of converting some old clunker. This awesome fun red convertible is the way to go!!! Just think of yourself cruising around in your silent, efficient, green red convertible and having everyone check you out. This car is an awesome EV convertible that was my daily driver for a few years. However, due to a faulty potentiometer (throttle) the controller burned out. I have not driven/nor charged it in a while, so the batteries are no longer as good as they should be. It will need a controller and batteries and you are on your way. If you have done any research you know how much an EV conversion will cost (~$17k to have it done for you). I have over $5800 in the parts for the EV conversion, not to mention the cost of my time. Also, the RX7 is a pristine antique convertible. If you are looking to do an EV conversion, this is the one for you as all the hard work is already done. Add TLC, controller and batteries and Wahlla! $2800 and this baby is all yours. The main EV parts are: Motor Advanced DC 4001 Series Wound DC (similar to a War P 9, $2100 - - Adapter plate from Motor to transmission (typically ~$300) Controller Need to either repair Curtis 1231C (~$200 in parts to repair, or ~$800 for new Batteries 12 Trojan T-1275, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid (Need to replace or upgrade to Lithium pack) Charger Zivan k2 - 10 amp IUI Misc: 2-Contractors, DC-DC converter, 4/0 heavy duty main wires, gauges, all other misc etc.. This car has been in a few parades, car shows, and even a trade show for the American Society of Automotive Engineers (ASME) / Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). See the attached pics. Also, see my page at Thanks for Looking. Please call, text or email if you are interested. My phone # is here, not in the "reply button" to avoid text spammers: 7seven3 4five6 6three22 Nathan.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2002 HONDA
This 2002 Honda has the 1K ZILLA LV Controller (156V) , a 9" Impulse Motor, Working A/C, Power Steering, Seats 4...... In EXCELLENT CONDITION ! As in most of the EV's for sale on this site.. JUST ADD BATTERIES 48 of the 100ah Calbs ( 50 to 70 mile range) $6,960 plus shipping of about $487 to most states. BMS: $770 A Charger.. $900 to $1,570 New Battery Racks $450 LET GREEN SHED CONVERSIONS set it up for you... !! OR.... Come to our shop and HELP under the ASSISTED PROGRAM and get hands ON experience with STEVE at a reduced rate of $45 an hour !!! Lots of FUN.. Swim with the MANATEES !!!
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1993 Ford Ranger, Club Cab $ 4,000.00
This 1993 Ford Ranger Club Cab with Hard Cover TILT BED is set up presently with 9" WarP, 1K Zilla, set up for 26 Golf Cart Batteries. Make a REASONABLE OFFER and ADD New Battery Racks: about $450 48 of the 100ah CALB BATTERIES (50 to 70 mile range): $6,960 plus shipping of about $487 to most states; BMS $770 and a Charger.. $900 to $1,570 and you have a great WORK TRUCK ! GREEN SHED CONVERSIONS can set it up for you !
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Classic 1970 Porsche 914
This 1970 Porsche has NEW BRAKES, NEW TIRES, 11" WarP Motor, 2K Zilla, Like Most of the EV's for sale on this site... this one NEEDS New Batteries/Charger/BMS... SOOO, MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER on this EV... ADD 48 of the 100ah Calb Cells ( 50 to 70 mile range): $6,960 plus shipping of about $487 to most States. BMS $767.52 and a charger.... $900 to $1,570 and you have an incredible EV !!!
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Other Electric Vehicles 2016 All Electric Bayliner 175 Bowrider $ 79,995.00
This is a 2016 All Electric Bayliner 175 Bowrider that has been converted to Full Electric power. The boat is powered by a 147 HP 3 Phase AC Motor. The motor is liquid cooled for peak efficiency and performance. The battery pack is a 32 Kwh Lithium Ion battery back using modules from a Smart Car manufactured by Tesla Motors. Other notable features are a DC to DC converter to maintain 12 V accessories, a battery monitor, performance monitors for motor and controllers and a 120 V charger to recharge the battery pack. The Bayliner is equipped with dealer installed extras as follows: Bimini W/Boot Swim Platform Extension Depth Finder Radio W/Bluetooth Compatibility Premium Graphics SST Upgrade Package Bilge Pump If you are tired of the expense, maintenance and hassle that comes with a gas motor, make a change to a trouble free boating experience. You can see video of this boat in action as well as a walk around on youtube. Search "Electric Bayliner 175" and the first two videos will display.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1997 Hyundai Accent converted - LAST CHANCE $1,500 $ 1,500.00
LAST CHANCE - If the Car is not sold by December 1, 2016 it will be scrapped. Moving out of state...have no place to keep it going forward. 1997 Hyundai Accent converted by semi-professional builder in Michigan in 2012. No major rust or mechanical issues. Driven on a college campus for the past four years as daily driver. NEEDS NEW BATTERIES. But otherwise is a completely functional working converted car. Uses 15 8-volt golf cart batteries, to make 120 volts. 5-speed manual transmission. Range is 44 miles with fresh batteries. ELECTRIC SPECIFICS: Advanced DC Motor L91-4003, Curtis Controller 1221C-7401, Albright contactor, GE 200A breaker, KTA vacuum brake system, CEV PTC Heater Core. Fully converted drivable car, just needs new batteries. Invested $7800, asking $2500. THAT IS $1000 less than just the conversion kit. LAST chance before I part out the car!

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