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add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1994 Chevy S-10 US Electricar Truck $ 6,000.00
Full Electric Truck built by U.S Electricar; very good condition, all original, Tonneau, white, Not currently running, needs new batteries and charge outlet, electronics all tested and in working condition, navy blue interior all in exceptional condition, included; original owners manual, drawings and schematics. Always been garaged, so there is no rust, paint and body are in very good condition.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale Ford OEM EV Ranger 1999 $ 9,000.00
Ford Electric EV Ranger OEM Ford 1999. This electric truck was made as a compliance vehicle for California which required that 2% of Fords vehicles sold in California had to be zero emissions. This truck has 25, 95ah Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. These were originally made for General Motors and their EV1 Impact electric car. When General Motors challenged the Zero Emission Mandate and crushed all their EV1 cars they sold the patent and marketing rights of these batteries to Chevron. Then being the type of oil company they are, Chevron would let the NIMH batteries be made in small sizes. That's why the Prius batteries are so small. These batteries, in the Ranger, became illegal under Chevron Oil. These batteries are quite indestructible and can last for 150,000 miles. This truck has 29,000 miles and I just took out the battery pack for a loose connection which was my fault, from the first time I cleaned all the contacts. I tested all the cells, as each battery module has 10 of them and I discharged and charged a number of low battery cells. I thought they tested fine so I elected not to replace any of them but I have an extra battery with 10 good cells. These batteries have to be cycled in and they work best by having the truck used on a daily basis. The range of the truck would depend on speed, terrain, ambient air temperature and amount of load. The truck is rated for up to 1200 lbs. The stated range of the truck is 60 miles. These batteries could be swapped out for Lithium and the truck could have up to a 100 mile range. The Lithium batteries would also be lighter and it would make the truck more maneuverable. The battery box fits under the truck with 6 bolts. This makes the truck have a low center of gravity and it does have a lot of power. Much more than the gasoline version. It is easy to remove the battery box with an auto lift but more difficult using jacks and jackstands. It seems like Tesla got a lot of ideas from the Ford EV Ranger. Ford had intended to make a lot of the Rangers but they started out by using Lead Acid batteries and that was an abject failure. Having GM crush all of their electric cars sealed the fate of the EV Ranger. I want to sell this truck to someone who knows something about electricity and mechanics. I bought it for my 18 yr old son but he doesn't like trucks. I am also getting a little old to be tinkering with an Electric Truck although you don't get dirty working on it.. This truck has as its attributes, Perfect Body, Perfect Interior, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, Heater/Defroster, Siemens 3 phase AC induction motor with full regeneration. De Dion Rear End w 4 wheel disc brakes Power plug for a generator. AM/FM Radio. NGS New Generation Star Tester made for the EV Ranger with the EV Ranger card. OEM automatic battery charger. 240 VAC. J1172 charger port for any local level 2 charger stations. Juice Box charger interface for home charging requiring a 240VAC 40 amp breaker. Can put out up to 15 kilowatts, Tool Box. Spare Tire rim. DC adjustable meter with relay controls that indicates battery voltage. LED bulbs in brake lights. Spare 95ah NiMH battery module with 10 cells. Tarp cover, in the event you wouldn't want to use the toolbox. (For better aerodynamics). for a lot more information. Let me know if you have any questions. Daniel
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Electric 1996 BMW 3-series $ 10,500.00
This is a sharp-looking EV-sports car that has been converted with considerable TLC. Rescued from an estate sale, this 4-door 5-speed 318i with power windows and sunroof has new paint, as well as aftermarket lights and wheels. The painting, upgrades and EV conversion occurred in 2012 and were executed with precision care by a helicopter engineer; it has a custom-machined adapter plate connecting the Warp 9 motor to the BMW transmission, with a new clutch installed at the time of conversion. The car has 155K original miles, but only the last 7,500 mi are EV. A recent inspection by a certified BMW mechanic revealed that all non-EV parts are in great working order. EV components consist of a 144V ThunderSky LiFePo4 battery pack, a water-cooled EVNetics ‘Soloton Jr.’ controller, Elcon DC/DC converter, MiniBMS (batt mgt system), CleanPowerAuto EV display (AH meter for accurate state-of-charge readings), and an Elcon 3 kW PFC charger that automatically senses 110V/220V input (can currently plug into regular 110V/20A outlet or 220V, & gas cap area has space for a J1772 inlet for public charging). The main motor also drives a power-steering pump and air-conditioner. This is a truly precision-built machine that drives great. It is a fantastic inter-city car, getting easily 20 mi per charge (my commute is 9 mi each way). Despite being stripped of ICE components, it’s still a fairly heavy car (hence the moderate range); wIth a pack upgrade, the range could double or more. I’m only selling due to a move where my commuting distance will be significantly longer. The previous owner spent about $12K on the conversion (parts only), and he gave me receipts for the components. Contact me at with interest and/or questions. This car is physically located in Chicago.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale Chevy S-10 $ 16,900.00
No Picture
2002 Chevy S-10 conversion with Canadian Electric Vehicles kit. Excellent condition, 70+ mile range per full charge (including highway driving), 70 mph top speed. I originally converted this using “golf cart” batteries in 2008 but switched to Li-ion in 2012. There are approximately 14,000 miles on this 30 kWh, (24 kWh usable) battery. No decrease in range since they were installed, and by manufacturer’s spec, I expect 90% of the battery cycle life remains! Truck charges at 240V (through gas filler door) or 120V (through rear bumper) with the flip of a switch. This is an awesome truck in top shape. Lots more photos available. Location: Upper Michigan Reason for Sale: While it’d be fine in mild to moderate winters, given our harsh winters and my remote location, this is not a winter vehicle. I hope to find/convert an AWD vehicle. Note: In order to preserve body and electronics, this truck has NOT been driven on salted roads. Price: $16,900 or reasonable offer. Serious inquiries contact Sam for more details: Contact Sam or call: nine 0 six 8 nine 2 - 8 five 04.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - NEVs and LSVs 2007 Zenn $ 1,800.00
Great Zenn $1800 OBO - very low cycled AGM battery pack - 6.5 kWh. Brand new D&D motor, new refurbed motor controller. Would be running but for some weird small problem that is very likely to do with the accelerator signal/controller. Will consider offers for individual parts too.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1998 Factory produced Ford Ranger EV $ 10,500.00
I am the only registered owner of this 1998 Ford Ranger EV truck. It has been in storage for about twelve years! It now has had the original 39 Lead Acid 8 volt batteries removed! (Note: it was a drivable vehicle when I purchased it, the Lead Acid batteries had given up, so I recently removed them.) New replacement 12 volt batteries are available for this truck, It requires 26 sealed group GP27 AGM 12volt 100Ah Wheelchair batteries to put it back on the road. (The best I found for these batteries is Sears& Roebuck) By using these batteries, nothing under the hood needs to be changed, even the wall mounted paddle charger that I have for it works.(I also have the portable adaptor for it, so you can use the currant J1772 chargers all around the Northern Cal. area! It has had the 12 volt battery, under the hood, replaced. It has Good tires, front and rear, (not the oridginals) It has the original "glass rear springs", but I have the new leaf spring replacements for it. It is VERY clean, with a couple very minor scraches on the right door, from where the County decal was removed. It is documented that it is one of first produced Ford Ranger EV's built in late 1997 as a 1998 EV. I have added splash guards at all four wheel openings, and a trailer hitch to be able to tow a small trailer! Please respond by "E" mail as a preferred means of communication, as I am VERY hard of hearing! My telephone number is 707 539-49three5. "E" mail me at Note: I have been invited to display this vehicle in our annual EV club Show Tell in Seb. Ca. on the 19th 0f this month (Oct) Note: I have stow Dolley to transport it. I am a long time member of the North Bay Chapter Electric Auto Association.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Zagoto Elcar, NorCal $ 750.00
1974 Zagato Elcar This is an Italian classic! Fiberglass body, running gear from a Fiat 500, with electric drive. This one is mostly there, though you would probably want to upgrade the motor and axle and the electrics are probably unusable. Modern electric car controllers are so much better than what they were using then. I have papers for it, I think it is still non opped. Just to be clear, it does not run, and has no batteries. Can deliver for $1/mile within 100 miles. I go to the bay area frequently and would be happy to deliver to Oakland or SF Email or call me at five three oh, 908 nine oh eight eight
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Motorcycles and Scooters 2007 Z-20 from EVT America $ 800.00
2007 Z-20 from EVT America with 3,750 miles. It has the new Kelly controller KEB 72600 24V-72V. Batteries were replaced two years ago. Plastic fairing with cracks. It runs great but needs new rear tire valve. If you have time and a couple of hundred dollars you can renew this scooter which gets up to 40 MPH easily or you can use the parts to build/renew another scooter.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Motorcycles and Scooters 2007 Vectrix VX-1 $ 2,500.00
2007 Vectrix VX-1 Electric Maxi Scooter. 5,500 Miles. Top Speed 69 MPH. It has the original NiMH battery so current range is down to 22 Miles at normal city speeds (35 to 45 MPH). Excellent Condition. Have Owner's Manual and Service Manual. Always Stored Indoors.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale US Electricar Geo Prizm, 4k miles $ 3,500.00
Selling my 1995 US Electricar/Geo Prizm. Owned for 8 years or so now. Car originally came out of Florida, I purchased it non-running. Installed 50 new Interstate 26 AH AGM batteries about 5 years ago, driven around 1600 miles since then. Car is a 50kw, a/c drive system with regeneration. A very nice conversion, very high quality. Has power brakes. Fitted with power steering but I disabled the pump for energy efficiency, same with the heating system (hot water through factory heater core). Car also has a/c which was functional but system has refrigerant leak somewhere. Practically new General Altimax tires. Has E-meter showing pack voltage, amps in/out, amp hours and charging rate. Car is registered and being driven infrequently. Realistic max range of 25 miles, i usually drive it less than 20 before charging. Interior of the car is practically new, it looks like a car with 4k miles.. Exterior is pretty nice, a few dents and scrapes from careless passers by but has very nice shine. If you have a shorter commute this is a very usable vehicle. I have driven it in various conditions, flat, hilly, around town and on the highway, not a speed demon but very drivable, keeps up with traffic fine. The drive system itself is very well engineered, has three phase motor coupled to a manual transaxle locked in second gear. Throttle and brake nicely calibrated, not as much regen as a tesla but you can almost drive without braking. I dare to say the system was way ahead of its time and except for the old technology batteries is still pretty sophisticated. Vehicle sold with an old laptop running diagnostic software for interrogating/reprogramming the controller unit (Hughes Dolphin). Not the most user friendly software, have to say. Sorry to see it go but its just not getting as much use as it should given where I live now and my driving requirements, but if someone wants to get the Nissan Leaf experience on the cheap its a good candidate. Inquiries to auctionmailbox at yah00 c0m , thanks.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Mazda Miata
Make an offer! Thunder sky lithium batteries Curtis ac controller and motor set up Fred 305-542-9719
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1971 VW Beetle $ 4,995.00
1971 72V VW BEETLE, Alltrax Controller, D&D Motor, onboard QuiQ charger, Trojan T-105s battery pack, fairly new with lots of life left. Top Speed 45 estimated range 40, though we really use her around town. Sunroof, newer professional paint job in blue. Exterior very good and virtually rust free. Interior fair, Amp and Voltmeters installed in dash, original steering wheel & shifter, black vinyl upholstery, not orignal, installed by previous owners. Updated wiring, remote charging for accessory battery, good radio takes memory cards. Current Mass. sticker. Been great fun. Ready for my next project.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1987 VW Cabriolet Convertible Electric Car $ 4,000.00
This is a 1987 VW Cabriolet convertible Electric Car.This car was converted about 4 or 5 years ago. It has 16 batteries (6 Volt, 230Ah) for the drive system and 1 battery for auxiliary items like turn signals, lights, etc. It is powered with a Impulse 9 electric motor and a Curtis1231C-8601 (96-144Volt) controller. It has an Albright SW-200B/3-12 main contactor. A special mounting plate was made to attach the Impulse 9 electric motor directly to the existing 5 speed transmission. This essentially drives just like a regular car with a clutch except it won't stall like a gas engine. Installed is a 110v battery charger and I believe it could be wired for 220 for a faster charge time. 8 batteries are located in the rear of the car in a compartment. The other 8 batteries are located in the front of the car. It has an AM/FM/CD/Aux/Bluetooth/USB radio that will also connect with your phone for hands free phone calls through the car stereo. There is a microphone on the visor for the hands free phone use. The green seat covers are a bit worn but new ones can be found on ebay. The green seat covers really look great with the outside color. The car originally had power steering and that was replaced with manual steering. It does have power breaks and a special electric vacuum system was installed for the breaking system. There is no heat or air conditioning, so this is definitely a fair weather car. (Especially good for weather for a convertible since that is the preferred method of driving). I have enjoyed driving this around town for shopping errands and driving kids to and from local sporting events. Last summer I drove this less than 25 miles. My kids are now older and we are traveling much greater distances so that I cannot use the electric car as much. The electric car runs great and I've had it up to 70 mph on the highway, but that certainly cuts into the drive distance. You have to train yourself a little to drive without a heavy foot and you would get greater range of travel. I have never really just driven as far as a could to see exactly how many miles i could go on one charge. It also depends on how fast you want to go and whether there are lots of hills. I can't really give you a maximum range number. I would normally drive this into our local town which is about 8 miles away. Run around town doing errands or going to kids sports games, then drive the 8 miles home. We do have some hills and some areas that are 55 mph. The interesting thing is that the battery system will charge itself somewhat just through its own internal chemical reaction if the vehicle sits for a while. This unit does not have regenerative braking mainly because that would have produced resistance that would ultimately have reduced the range. I have lots of accessories to go with the car and I do have the back window if you should want to install it. Although not shown, there is a spare tire as well. The inside is not perfect nor is it bad. I'm sure if you look hard enough you will find little things that you would like to restore further than I have already. The carpet is in fairly good shape with about 2 spots that could be installed better. As I mentioned earlier, the green seat covers are worn and could be replaced. The White vinyl top was replaced with a new one two years ago. As with any white vinyl top, it could use a little cleaning. The speedometer works fine but I noticed that the mileage indicator seems to have a problem. It seems like its stuck. I will take a look at it before selling the vehicle but can't make any guarantees that I can correct that. Obviously there is no warranty with the vehicle in general. Please ask questions. I'll respond as quick as I can. This has been a fun little car to drive around. Inspected until May 2015.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale MGB 100% Electric Drive $ 13,000.00
Why buy a neighborhood electric vehicle and pay a fortune for it when you can have a street-legal, HIGHWAY-CAPABLE electric car? And a convertible no less. Or... if you're considering converting your car to electric here are all the parts you'll need in a rolling package. It has a 9" electric motor driven by 38 180AH lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells and a Curtis 144V controller new this August. Or... use the batteries for solar energy storage. This car charges overnight and goes 65 miles on a charge. It has a top speed of 70 mph and has been my daily commuter car for the last two years. I built it myself and you can see the minute details at . This has been a labor of love but it is time to let someone else tinker with it (I got a Leaf). Here's the component list: Part Description Units Motor Motor Netgain WarP 9" "ImPulse" Double Shaft 1 Controller Curtis 1231C-8601 1 Batteries CALB 180 Ah SE Series Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 38 Charger TCCH PFC-3000 3kw Charger 137V 1 BMS MiniBMS Head End Board 1 BMS Newer style MiniBMS Cell Module 35 BMS Older style MiniBMS Cell Module 28 DC/DC Converter Converter HWZ Series DC/DC 120V to 13.5V 300W 1 Fuse Holder Fuse Class "T" Holder with 400A Fuse 2 Fuse Fuse JLLN Buss Class "T" 400 amps 2 Contactor Kilovac LEV200A4ANA Main Contactor 1 Contactor Albright SW200-3-12vdc coil 1 Tachometer Auto Meter 1478 Designer Black 3-1/8" 7000 RPM Chrome Bezel Tachometer 1 Speed Sensor WarP™ Speed Sensor 1 Disconnect EV EZ Safe Disconnect 1 Ammeter Westberg Ammeter A2C6-30 1 Ammeter Shunt Deltec Shunt, 500A=50mV 1 Circuit Breaker Airpax Circuit Breaker 250-400A/160V 1 Potbox Curtis PB-5 Two Wire Potbox 1 Relay Charger Interlock Relay (DPDT, 120VAC Coil) 1 Resistor 200W .1 Ohm for Battery Top-Balancing 1 Adapter Motor to Transmission Custom for MGB 1 Coupler Motor to Transmission Custom for MGB 1 NOTE: It is currently a one-seater. The passenger seat was removed and replaced with batteries. They can be moved of course and the seat replaced. I was playing with the overall weight distribution of the car.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Electric Ford Focus $ 3,500.00
This 2000 Ford Focus features a Zilla controller driving an 9” ADC motor coupled to the original transmission and clutch via a custom adapter plate. The original 18 6V golf cart batteries have been removed and sold for scrap. A Vicor DC-DC converter powers the house load and charges a small 12V battery for startup. A ceramic heater runs off the pack but has not been connected. Instrumentation includes battery and motor ammeters (Westach) pack voltmeter, 12V voltmeter, tachometer and a custom bar graph monitor for individual battery monitoring. A 12V vacuum pump actuates the power brakes. When the batteries were at the peak of their performance the car was capable of 40 miles on a charge in the hilly terrain of coastal Maine and maximum speed on the flat was 70 mph. However this performance would be dramatically improved by the lighter weight of Lithium batteries. This car is fully functional and a lot of fun to drive. Asking $3500, batteries not included. Call too-oh-seven 789-5446 or email (w/o the x's) Vehicle is in Midcoast ME
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Motorcycles and Scooters Electric Motorcycle for sale $ 2,000.00
Built this bike a few years ago. Enjoyed riding it to work and back. Decided to upgrade to LifePo batteries but didn't shut off power when doing maintenance. Had a short and never fixed it, so decided to sell. This would make a great project bike or use the parts on your own frame. Pickup only
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1996 Rav4 Orig. GAS now converted $ 4,999.00
This Rav4 is set up with an 8" Advance DC Motor, Brand NEW SOLITON JUNIOR CONTROLLER, and 13 Hawker 2150 Batteries (Gently used.. BUT TIRED.. TIME FOR NEW BATTERIES. with about a 15 - 20 mile range).It has a Xantrax E-Meter ( $400 value) which allows you to keep track of Amp Hours.. It has a "Steve Clunn BMS which lets you monitor EACH battery Voltage. You can charge/discharge any Individual Battery with a Flick of a Switch ! Seats 5, Back cargo area available for use. (No Batteries inside the vehicle) Battery racks under vehicle. Power Windows, 16" Tires. NO A/C , but it is all there to hook up if you want.., VAC Pump and Power Steering just added. Drive this beauty away.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1970 Porsche 914 $ 12,500.00
MAKE any REASONABLE OFFER... Motivated Seller !!!!!!! This 1970 Porsche has NEW BRAKES, NEW TIRES, 11" WarP Motor, 2K Zilla, NEEDS Batteries! Charger and BMS !
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2000 Ford Mustang $ 7,700.00
2000 Ford Mustang. Advanced DC 9" Motor, Manzanita Micro 'Zilla Controller w/HB2 and PFC-30 charger. 48 lithium ion battery pack (3 bad cells). Max distance per charge when all cells new: 40 miles. I drive it most every day for the past few years. Quick and fun to drive. Invested over $25,000, asking $7,700 OBO. E-mail me for more pictures. All offers considered.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1994 Ranger PU $ 4,500.00
1994 Ford Ranger Electric Truck converted in 2007. Odometer reads 187344 miles. Lockable bed cover brand name Undercover. 11" diameter forklift motor. 24 Trojan T-106 six volt battery's Battery's need replaced . Voltmeter and Amp meter mounted in dash. Vehicle located in Wichita Kansas. Phone 316-680-4969 E-mail Make an offer OBO. This ad and truck expire on nov.30 2014.

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