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add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale VW Golf Conversion $ 9,500.00
Here is an opportunity to purchase a complete, ready to drive EV conversion. This 1999.5 VW Golf Mark IV has four doors and can seat a family of 4 in comfort. Wife’s new career and daughter getting ready for college requires a change in our family transportation needs. I did all the work myself with the help of many members of the local EV club ( This conversion has become one of the feature cars at our local meetings and events. Most people think it is a professional conversion. This is an excellent daily driver with a range of 40-50 miles. You will not find a car this age in better condition. You will not see a cleaner conversion. The car was originally converted to an EV by AC Propulsion for VW in 2000 from a European built car. The car was stripped and sold off as a glider. I purchased it in 2007 and began the process of rebuilding the car. This car is a 4 door, hatchback Croatian built Model E Golf with Euro bumpers and lights. The car currently has about 35,000 miles est. (57,184 km, Odometer is in Kilometers) I do have a US replacement cluster available. It has a Warp 9 dual shaft motor attached to a standard 5 speed transmission with no clutch pedal. Soliton-1 controller with liquid cooling system. It was installed October 2010. 3 DC-DC converters. I have installed tachometer, amp meter gauges and basic Elithion SOC gauge. Asus 7 inch tablet running Torque does live monitoring of speed and Elithion BMS status. Car has 1500w electric heater and excellent Masterflux AC unit installed 2013. This car can take the Texas heat with no problem. Heater is more than enough for the coldest days here. Car has power brake booster and Power steering. This car has a 208V battery pack consisting of 64 Thundersky LiFe04 90ah batteries. Elithion BMS and Elcon 2500 charger. Original batteries were installed summer 2009, 20 additional cells added in 2012. There are cooling fans through out the battery compartments for summer charging. A forced air heating system for the battery pack keeps the batteries well above freezing in the coldest weather. Current charging system is set up for 120/240V, with standard plug or custom J1772 plug input and control circuit. You can charge anywhere. The interior modifications by ACP included Recaro bucket seats in front, battery compartments under the front seats and the center tunnel, under the rear seat and trunk compartment. There is room for lots of batteries in this car but all the original interior space remains. There is slight rear bumper damage from recent fender bender, I have new bumper for replacement or the original can be repaired. Please contact me if you want more information or schedule a drive. I would prefer a local pickup to educate buyer about the car, but that is up to you. I wouldn't buy a car without seeing it. We can arrange a Facetime call. This car is worth a look. Thanks
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1998 factory ranger $ 8,000.00
No Picture
factory electric ranger. 104 100 amphr highpower cells 7 years old. 30-40 range. BMS protected and android monitoring. pcf30 manzanita charger.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Toyota Tercel Conversion $1500 $ 1,500.00
The car was converted to electric in 2008. It is a nice clean conversion for short distance. But it sat for a couple of years without being used. The switch to turn the main contactors is not working, it needs new batteries and a heater. I drive long distance, I don't have time to work on it and I hate to see it just sitting. So if you would like to tinker with it, let me know. I am east of Seattle.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1996 GMC Sanoma PU $ 3,750.00
This 1996 GMC Sonoma PU has a professionally installed conversion. It will run about 25-50 miles on a charge. With a few modifications it could run longer (ie: standard trans, narrower tires, and different batteries). It is titled, registered and completely drivable as is. The truck itself is in exceptionally good condition. The electric conversion is in excellent condition with very little use. - See more at:
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Toyota Daihatsu Move $ 6,800.00
2010 Daihatsu Move Four door, four seat minivan. Rear seat folds down. New custom wheels and tires. 9” Advanced DC motor connected to 5 speed automatic transmission. Curtis controller running at 144 volts. Top speed over 80 MPH. 12 Brand new 12 volt deep cycle batteries. Zivan 144 volt charger and 12 volt charger for accessory battery. Range near 40 miles.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1996 Rav4 Orig. GAS now converted $ 3,500.00
This Rav4 is set up with an 8" Advance DC Motor, 750 Amp Controller, and 12 Hawker 2150 Batteries giving a 25 mile range when new. (These Hawkers are used.. AND TIRED.. TIME FOR NEW BATTERIES. ( range Now as it sits, only about 3 to 5 miles) Includes a home made charger. It has a Xantrax E-Meter ( $400 value) which allows you to keep track of Amp Hours.. It has a "Steve Clunn BMS which lets you monitor EACH battery Voltage ( can be seen at: You can charge/discharge any Individual Battery with a Flick of a Switch ! Seats 5, Back cargo area available for use. (No Batteries inside the vehicle) Battery racks under vehicle. Power Windows, 16" Tires. NO A/C , but it is all there to hook up if you want.., VAC Pump and Power Steering just added. Drive this beauty away. I now have THREE ..yes, 3 EV's.. Can't driver them ALL, so I really would like to SELL this one.. !!!
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1994 Dodge TEVAN $ 6,500.00
1994 Dodge TEVAN Vin #2B4GH2590RR Currently not running. 3 year old 21.2KWH 180 volt DC battery pack tests good. 579 original miles. I drove this about 100 miles a few years back. It drove nicely until a problem came up. I repaired the DC to DC converter and there is another problem to be determined. Includes service manual, seats, a roll-out display platform that replaces the two rear seats, if you wish. There is a TEVAN group on Yahoo for support. Other than a small dent in the rear hatch it is in very good shape. It has been stored inside. $6500 OBO.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1994 Chev s-10 conversion $ 5,000.00
1994 Chevy S-10 pickup. Needs new batteries. Hood and R front fender need painting. $5000 OBO or make offer. Power: 120 Volts DC 20 - 6 volt Trojan T-125 golf Cart Batteries Manzanita Micro PFC-30 on board charger LogiSystems controller 1-12V battery for lighting system. Converter for charging same. Electric Blue battery status monitoring system, reads out on "Bluetooth" brand DVD player FM stereo 28 HP Series wound DC motor Top Speed: 70 mph Range: 45 miles per charge Cost to charge: $1.50 (When fully discharged.) Mileage equivalence: 90 mpg at $3.00/gal Total Investment: (so far) $11,500.00 Includes cost of vehicle. Vehicle Gross Weight: 4,300 lbs.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Honda Insight EV $ 10,000.00
Make an offer for this 2001 Honda Insight EV in excellent driving condition. An overnight charge from a 120-v outlet gives over 40 miles of driving range. Although the original mileage is 213,000, the actual EV mileage is about 1000. It was converted by Stephen Miracle of Vermont very professionally. Inspection is up to date. Call Val (610-845-7096) or e-mail ( for further description about this amazing car.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Toyota - Daihatsu Move 2009 $ 6,800.00
Four door, four seat minivan. Rear seat folds down. Added space behind rear seat. New custom wheels and tires. 9” Advanced DC motor connected to 5 speed automatic transmission. Curtis controller running at 144 volts and 500 amps. Top speed over 80 MPH. 12 Brand new 12 volt deep cycle batteries. 144 volt charger and 12 volt charger for accessory battery. Range near 40 miles. Rides nice at freeway speeds. Very roomy for taller, bigger people. Good acceleration. Adjustable air shocks in the rear. Too many other EVs to drive.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale Porsche 924 Electric car, glider, or conversion kit $ 6,120.00
We are selling our 1979 Porsche 924 electric car conversion, either as a working whole car (but without batteries) for $6120, as a "glider" (the Porsche 924, nearly new tires, motor to bell-housing adapter, splined clutchless motor shaft adapter, and dash-mounted ammeter and tachometer for $1575, or as a complete EV parts kit (motor, controller, charger, DC-DC converter, etc.) for $4545. The Porsche was driven 50 miles on gas and converted to battery power in June of 2009. It was used for 3 summers to commute occasionally, driving 13 miles into the center of town, topping off the charge there for a bit while at work, then driving 13 miles back home. Its range at highway speed, when it had its 144-volt, 98 amp-hour gel battery pack, was optimally 50 miles (or about 10 miles maximum at top speed of 100 mph) but realistically more like 40 around here due to our 400-foot hills at highway speed, headwinds, cold temperatures, and occasional gravel roads, all of which suck down range. Because of careful attention to weight distribution, motor size, and controller output (adjustable through a range from battery-conservative to dragster) it still handles like a true sports car, even when you stick in 840 pounds of lead-acid batteries. Most of the conversion parts were purchased new from Greenshed Conversions in Florida, including the motor, controller, DC-DC converter, electric vacuum pump for the brakes, contactor, throttle control, Xantrex E-Meter, motor drive-shaft adapter, and bell-housing adapter. From other suppliers we got the tachometer, tach sender, ammeter, 40-foot charge cord retractor, resistance heater for the interior vents, various relays and switches, AC charger, and battery shunt regulators. At this point the Netgain Motors WarP9 motor is just "broken in" with about 30 partial cycles. It has a heat-sensitive control to relay-start a 12-volt supplemental blower for added cooling. The 1000-amp, 144-volt, LogiSystems, fan-cooled controller is user configurable and is currently set to about half acceleration to avoid smoking tires. The original 5-speed trans-axle is still in the Porsche, coupled to the motor without a clutch. Just pick a gear and "step on it". The odometer currently reads 70,165 miles and only 1,043 of those were under battery power. The car as a whole is in perfect working condition except for the lack of batteries, and has almost no rust (a little spot on the surface of the passenger door under the window), mainly because it spent 18 years in storage before we bought it and has not been driven in the winter. The paint is a bit oxidized in spots and could use buffing or a repaint to a flashier color than the standard "Mexico Beige". Thanks to some added springs in the rear this car has over 500 pounds of baggage capacity under the hatch. To see more details and photos of how we did the conversion check out . And to see more discussion about the planning and design work, check out our website at . The Parts Kit list is as follows, and actual shipping costs will be added to the asking price of $4545: NetGain WarP9 DC Series Motor LogiSystems 1000-amp, 144-156-volt controller with 12-volt DC cooling fan Curtis 5 k-ohm throttle control with micro-switch QuickCharge OP144V/10A battery charger with wet-cell, AGM, and Gel battery modes; 10 amp max. charge rate; has recent factory "SCO" circuit board upgrade QuickCharge 12-volt battery shunt regulators; three units, each controlling charge voltage for four 12-volt batteries; these prevent over/undercharge of any one battery Xantrex LinkPRO battery monitor (includes 500-amp, 50 mV shunt) Thomas 1/10 HP, 12-volt, permanent magnet vacuum pump (runs power brakes) IOTA DLS-45 Power converter (DC-DC converter to charge 12-volt ACC battery from main battery bank) Solid-state 96-144-volt heater core; 1540 watts max. (replaces "wet" heater core) ADM Speed Sensor to drive Westberg tach from front shaft of Warp9 motor - $60 EV200 12-volt contactor; switches main battery bank to controller The 1979 Porsche 924 "glider" includes the body plus four Cooper CS4 Touring tires, two JC Whitney 750-pound rear helper springs, Clutchless plate adapter for Porsche 924 bell-housing (securely mounts a Warp9 motor), Clutch spline adapter (couples a Warp9 motor to Porsche 924 drive-shaft splines), Westberg 500 amp Ammeter, and Westberg 7000 rpm tachometer with motor speed sensor, all for $1515. This totals $6120 for all of it, still assembled and ready to add batteries. Make an offer on either the whole car, the parts kit, or the Porsche glider. We will accept either cash or a PayPal payment to our e-mail address. Serious inquiries only, please!
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1978 Toyota Truck Electric 155v 100ah Austin Texas $ 10,000.00
1978 Toyota Hilux Pick-Up Truck, converted to electric. They don't make 'em like they used to. Current Texas title, registration, and inspection. Range: 30-50mi per charge Speed: Highway (capable of 80mph, cruises comfortably at 55-60) Charging: L1 or L2 ( home 120v or 240v ) - Power brakes - Standard 5-speed transmission - Curtis 500a motor controller - GBS 155v 100ah LiFePO4 batteries - Hinges on bed to access battery boxes - Netgain warp 9 motor I've been driving it for about 2 years. I love this truck, but I'm moving for a new job and I wouldn't be using it much where I'm going. 10,000 or best offer.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 87 Mitsubishi $ 4,300.00
87 Mitsubishi excellent condition mars motor Curtis controller 120 volt new tires wheel alignment new brakes paint excellent batteries excellent truck has less than 500 miles since conversion cannot build one for what I am asking thanks for looking truck is in florida
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale SOLD -- 1999 Ford Ranger
1999 Ranger EV . New 60 amp hour lithium batteries were installed September 2012.The truck is clean and runs perfect. THIS VEHICLE HAS BEEN SOLD. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1980 Jet Electra Van Pickup Truck (Ford Courier) $ 5,000.00
I retired and find we do not need 4 cars. I have not been driving the electric recently. Before retiring I used it for my daily 26 mile round trip commute for many years. 42,924 miles. Batteries replaced in 2012 (<200 miles use on this set). Range 60+ miles with new batteries. DC Power Systems 600 amp controller. GE motor. Individual battery monitoring with 20 LED bar graph meters. New 12 volt aux battery. 120volt/15volt 22 amp DC/DC converter charges 12 volt aux battery when the truck is running. 220 volt Lester off-board charger. 120 volt variac on-board charger. Tow bar. Off-board 2KW UPS inverter (I ran it from the truck battery to power computers, TV, etc during long power outages). Located in Palm City Florida. E-mail for additional pictures or questions. 865-250-0753
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1998 Jetta - mostly converted $ 2,000.00
Make Offer *Netgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC mounted to original 5 speed manual *Upgraded Logisystems #201-144AFX 120-144V 750A *DC-DC converter mounted *Power breaks with electric vacuum mounted *MANY accessories and tools included to complete the project: 00 cable, lugs, hydraulic crimper, double wall heat shrink tubing, contactors, 10kA circuit breaker, inertia switch, 500A shunts, etc. All that's needed are batteries, tires, rear springs (if going with lead) and charger. It's set to keep power steering and AC for those Houston summers. inside is in very nice shape and there are 2 small dings in the exterior. An experienced EV converter came over and said there is only about 100 man-hours left to complete the project. I'm sad to see it go, but with 3 kids and recently starting a biotech company, I don't have an extra second to devote to my EV anymore. If you include gas, I can deliver it within 250 miles of Houston. Make a reasonable offer and it's yours. Let me know if you'd like to see more pics. If you are a school or other non-profit, I'd love to donate it to you.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 1970 Porsche 914 $ 12,500.00
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 1991 Toyota pickup 144VDC conversion $ 3,500.00
Price Reduced Again! 1991 Toyota pickup 2WD converted to electric. I converted this truck to a 144 VDC system using the package from Electric Vehicles of America. It has the FB1-4001A motor, Curtis controller, etc. If you want to see what is in it just do a search on EVA and look up the conversion package they use for small pickups. The only two bad things are the body and the batteries. Body is rough, dents, damage, etc. Batteries are Trojan T145. They are there but are worn out. They will run the truck but not far. Other than that, the controller has been professionally upgraded to 1200 amps. It has two heaters in it for the coldest winter days. It has a brand new battery life saver installed. It comes with a complete extra set of low rolling resistance tires and rims. It is an awesome truck, built exactly like I want it and I hate to get rid of it but I have moved far enough into the country to make it impractical to drive back and forth to/from work. It has been sitting in the garage for several months and I need the garage space. I have many times the amount that I am asking for tied up in the truck but I cannot justify letting it set in the garage forever and want someone to be able to financially pursue owning it if they wish. Ill be glad to show it to you but I ask that you be a serious buyer as I am very busy with work and school. I will not hold the vehicle for anyone to try to come up w/funding, etc., first cash takes it. Probably best to contact me by email and we can go from there.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Trucks for Sale 2000 Ford Ranger EV NiMH $ 8,500.00
Car was featured in the local news over the years. I can provide links. IF AD IS STILL UP/CAR IS STILL FOR SALE NO TRADES - I own 5 cars and do not need ANYTHING in trade. TXT ONLY 518 836 6023 TXT ONLY Please do not call. A fully electric Ford Built pick up truck. Classic / soon to be a classic. NiMH batteries, still getting 65 Miles per charge in summer / 50 - 55 miles per charge in winter. Aftermarket installed professionally at Zeibart in Albany: Sun roof Bed liner Ford Crushed 900 of these, only 400 are known to exist. Selling because I am now building my own Electric Cars. -Broken Passenger's e-brake cable (NOS cable included with purchase). -NGS with proper card for EV Ranger a $600 value -Spare power steering pump -Spare parts for on-board chargers -Spare external oil pump -Slight "bump" on hard acceleration and acceleration while turning. -Blend Door for heat/A.C is clicking.
add to favorites For Sale: Electric Vehicles - Electric Cars for Sale 2013 CODA All-ELECTRIC SEDAN $ 17,000.00
No Picture
2013 Coda 4-door sedan. Like new, inside and out. Driven 1050 miles, then stored due to out of state job. Approximately 90 mile range, with 31KW battery pack. Grey in color; Google "Coda Cars" for pictures--it looks and runs like new. 6-airbags; Alpine sound, Bluetooth; very readable gauges; good driver visibility. 6600 watt/hour charge rate at 240 volt, or 120-volt house power. $17,000 or best offer. 505-470-3014

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