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add to favorites American DC 9" on Nissan pickup trans $ 250.00
American DC 9" motor attached to a 1992 Nissan Hardbody pickup truck manual transmission, motor was bought new in 2012 and had 3000 miles on it when truck was wrecked. Here is the page of the truck it was in:
add to favorites L91 120vdc ADC Motor (Dropped) $ 150.00
I have an ADC L91 120vdc motor that has 20k miles on it by me, but was still in good shape when I pulled it from my EV. Then I shipped it to a friend, but UPS dropped it and it sustained some cracks and a bend on some terminal posts. Please see pictures, I tried to show the worst. Details have also been documented on the motor itself (by my friend), and he also called ADC and had an idea that a new part (for less than $100) could be used to fix this (and perhaps it could be used as is - I'm not sure, but thus the low price).
add to favorites Prestolite MTA 4001 48VDC Motor $ 200.00
This is a barely used Prestolite MTA 4001 48VDC motor taken out of an electric vehicle last year, with not many miles on it. It was working when I extracted it and powered the EV successfully. I believe it was actually run on 96v in the car it came out of. I think this could be a fun motor for a small car, really fast go-kart, or even motorcycle ... without a huge investment.
add to favorites Volt modules $ 150.00
No Picture
I have complete 4-5-7 kwh 2012-13 Volt modules. They have never been apart and comes with end plates, etc. Nor will I break them up. Taking these apart is likely to damage them and they have to have cooling, at least circulating in EV apps so I won't sell them without, unlike others. They are mostly 48vdc modules with 2 24vdc ones so can be used at any multiple of 48vdc. They weigh 25lbs/kwh. I'm just voltage limiting, 49.2vdc for charging with Lee Hart Batt-bridges for cell/connection warning and a wthr meter. ALL the cells, 25kwh of them at the moment are within 1/100th of a volt of each other even after sitting for months with no charge. They put out 1k amps and have the best cooling of any battery I know of means they can be safely fast charged in 12 minutes if you have the power. I'm just SE of Tampa. $150/kwh plus shipping. Fastenal if one is close to you is a cheap shipping way. 813-671-3059
add to favorites 6 to 32A adjustable evse mode 2 ev charger with LCD display $ 410.00
Product Specification: Current: 10A 16A 24A 32A adjustable Wall plug: Nema 14-50 Cable length: 8M Rated Voltage: 110V ~ 230V kW: 32A*240V= 7.6kW @32A Charging time: Fully charge 23 kWh vehicle in approx. 4 hours @32A Product Feature: 1. Circuit board sensor: 1). >70℃ Reduce Amp Automatically 2). >85℃ Suspend charging Automatically 3). <70℃ Resume charging Automatically 2. LCD display showing: 1). Voltage 2). Charging current 3). EVSE temperature 4). Working time 5). Accumulated charging power kWh 3. 7 Safety protections built in: 1). Circuit board sensor 2). Leakage protection 3). Overcurrent protection 4). Overvoltage protection 5). Undervoltage protection 6). Lightning protection 7). Waterproof: IP54 Quick Guide 1). Connect power cord 2). Swiping card or shaking left or right to cycle preset current 3). Connect EVSE to the EV socket Application: Nissan Mitsubishi Toyota Renault Kia Mercedes Ford Vauxhal Chevrolet Citroen Peugeot MIA Electric Fisker Karma ..ETC
add to favorites Alltrax SR48600 - used once demo/test unit $ 450.00
This is a like-new Alltrax SP48600 DC motor controller, for sale on eBay. See the listing here: $200 starting bid, Buy it Now for $450
add to favorites Leaf Lithium Batteries gen l's, gen ll's
Leaf Lithium Batteries gen l's $100.00 each, gen ll's $125.00 each. Leaf HV Battery parts. Sparrow car and sparrow Parts. Call or Email Ted 707 694-4092
add to favorites QUick Charge 48 volt charger $ 250.00
add to favorites Motor and Controller package. $ 6,000.00
New TM4 120KW Motor and matching Controller (Complete Kit). Can run 96V - 400V+. State of the art TM4 liquid-cooled package with amazing torque figures. This could pull a bus!! This had never been use . Was for a conversion project that was not completed. Please email Richard at if interested. Price as quoted OBO please.
add to favorites Kostov 11 inch 250V Motor $ 1,200.00
Kostov 11 inch 250V Series wound, Brushed, DC EV Motor. Perfect for medium weight car conversion to battery electric. Brand New in the crate.
add to favorites Russco SC 30-120 SO $ 350.00
Russco 2010 attempt at Lithium charger 3000w. 120v 24a input and 80-170v 20a max output with shutoff. Charged LiPO4 144v pack approx 100 times useage.
add to favorites YUASA 12V 80W lead acid battery
I have 20 Boxes of 4 each, YUASA 12V 80W Lead acid Batteries. Asking $100 for a box of 4, OBO.
add to favorites DC/DC Converter $ 110.00
MeanWell SD-350 DC/DC converter for sale. New in box - Never used. Input is 72 to 144 VDC, and output is 12VDC nominal (adjustable) @ 28 amps max (350 watts rating). Needs to be mounted in an area where water won't get in to the enclosure. Fan cooled unit.
add to favorites Vacuum Pump for Brake Booster $ 45.00
Vacuum pump for brake assist systems. 12v power. Vacuum is somewhat adjustable via the attached vacuum switch. Works well, reasonably quiet. Recently removed from a decommissioned conversion EV. In that vehicle (a 1989 Ford Escort) it would run for about 20 seconds after two or three brake applications to pull the vacuum back down in the brake reservoir. Can be mounted directly to the vehicle, but rubber mounting feet (not included) would make it somewhat quieter.
add to favorites K&W BC-20 Charger $ 200.00
K&W BC-20 Charger for sale. Comes with extra 'programming' resistors that enable you to change the nominal charging voltage to any standard voltage between 48v and 120 VDC. Normally used for lead-acid batteries. Input is 120 VAC only. Approximately 1 kW charger, but depends somewhat on the input voltage in your area.
add to favorites Zivan NG3 Chager $ 450.00
Zivan NG3 charger for sale. Presently configured for a 108v lead acid pack, but can be reprogrammed (for a fee by external vendors) for other chemistries/voltages. The input on this unit is 120 VAC only. Approximately 2KW power. Has a provision for a high/low power switch so it can be used at high power (about 18 amps @ 120v) or low power (about 12 amps @ 120v). Low power allows you to charge with a standard outlet, but high power requires a 30 amp/120v outlet.
add to favorites Saft STM 5-180 6 volt 180 AH flooded NICAD batteries $ 4,000.00
Twenty potasium hydroxide flooded Nicad Saft batteries 6 volt each. STM 5-180 AH. When new $800 each. These are hardy batteries. After years of use, they all still put out 180AH at high discharge (200 A). These batteries last almost forever, and can sit dead for years. They can be reverse charged and unbalanced, but can be easily recharged and revived. The watering system is old and has some leaks. James Weirick 330-603-9921 Wooster, OH
add to favorites 9" Advanced DC Motor $ 800.00
Advanced DC motors 9" FB1-4001A 144 Volt 30 HP 100 HP peak. Dual shaft for additional devices. This is one of the traditional 9" motors for the big vehicles like pickups.
add to favorites GE 9" motor $ 1,000.00
General Electric 9" motor. 99 Volts 201 Amps 5BT1346851 23 HP series 3285 RPM The best DC motor that money can buy. Is used $1000. $3000 when brand new. Puts out all the power you need even at higher voltages and RPMs. Jim 330-603-9921 Wooster, OH
add to favorites Curtis 1238-7601 $ 2,000.00
Comes with liquid cooling chill plate and display screen 96V 650A Comes with wiring harness

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