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add to favorites 20kw converted motorcycle $ 1,600.00
While I still ride my street legal converted e-motorcycle, I am looking to sell it to someone who enjoys motorcycles more than I do. I spend most of my time running my electric lawn mowing business now, and while I have transported my mower on the back of the motorcycle, it's obviously not the right vehicle for my needs. Fully functionally, 20,000+ watt output, Perm132 motor drive, 18s 60ah Nissan Leaf battery pack, Kelly 600amp controller (programmable - I have it set to 60% power right now), 60mph top speed. Chassis is a 1994 Kawasaki KE100 with upgraded front end (very good disc brakes from a YZ85). TTR125 forks, 17" wheels with like new tires. I can sell it with the 16 amp charger I assembled from HRP Meanwell power supplies. Battery slides out of tray, and locks with a small padlock. The bike weighs about 240lbs and is very fun and capable. Easily beats traffic, even with a passenger on the back (320lbs of riders is a little bit much for the suspension though). It is a little rough around the edges, so please don't be expecting a professional conversion. I can provide more pics to serious inquires. I am selective about who buys this, because the battery does not have a BMS. There are balance leads to manually check individual cell voltages. The cells have stayed perfectly balanced since I began using them 2 years ago. I have put about 4000 miles on it. The controller has a LVC that can be programmed to protect the battery. But in general, the user needs to take care and be attentive of the cell voltages since there is no BMS. There is also a stand alone Cycle Analyst with external shunt, so you can watch the pack voltage in real time. I typically get 50-75watt hours per mile consumption. I built a fairing from coroplast which significantly dropped wattage consumption. From 70 to 50wh/mile. It provides a small storage area in front, and keeps the wind off you if you tuck in low. You need to have a motorcycle license. This is not an e-bicycle. It's legally registered and I have insurance on it. More details here (pics are old) I have about $2500 into it, plus countless hours of labor. Looking to get $1600 cash. I will consider selling the battery separately for $800. Or the motorcycle without battery for $900. I have the TX title in my name. Inspection and current registration in TX through June 2017.

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