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add to favorites 2013 Goupil G3 Box Van $ 10,000.00
This is a 2013 Goupil G3 Box Van model in excellent condition. Perfect for a golf course (food truck?), city or township that needs a vehicle for the streets or a park, or someone that has a factory and needs to haul parts or tools back and forth. This G3 has 3 roll up doors which have the ability to be locked to keep the contents safe and secure. LED lighting comes on in the back when doors are opened. Rot-proof and nonskid truck bead. This is a 2013 model, but is basically unused. All the batteries were hooked up for the first time a few months ago and go through the initial set up. As it sits it has 15 miles on (4 hours) on it from us using it around the lot. The Goupil company was purchased and is currently owned by Polaris so you know these are good vehicles for Polaris to put their name on them. This vehicle is 100% electric so they are extremely economical to operate and have no emissions so they are safe to operate in warehouses or a factory without ventilation. Powered by 8 6 volt batteries and has a self contained charger on board as well as a charge gauge up front. All you have to do is run an extension cord to it and let it charge over night. Has an external battery watering system and includes the water filling jug and hydrometer for testing the acid concentration. Includes a 200 watt Sanyo solar panel with a Morningstar charge controller to provide power while parked. The panel is not permanently installed. The new owner can make the final attachment. Will be shipped in the truck bed. The vehicle has a top speed of 20 mph! Drives very smooth and has regenerative braking! Has turn signals, brake lights, a horn, chime for inside a factory to alert people you are coming, hazard lights, windshield wiper, and more. Tires are good and includes a spare. This is the perfect vehicle for just about any application and it's priced to sell fast. The original MSRP was $22,000! Robust and Reliable- long life batteries and can carry in excess of 1400 pounds Compact and Maneuverable- at only 50 inches wide it can easily fit down pedestrian walkways. Ergonomic and Comfortable- Wide rear hinged doors for easy access. Economic and Cost Effective-100% electric and up to 50 miles on a charge depending on driving condition and terrain. Environmentally Friendly and Silent- Zero emissions

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