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add to favorites Volt modules $ 150.00
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I have complete 4-5-7 kwh 2012-13 Volt modules. They have never been apart and comes with end plates, etc. Nor will I break them up. Taking these apart is likely to damage them and they have to have cooling, at least circulating in EV apps so I won't sell them without, unlike others. They are mostly 48vdc modules with 2 24vdc ones so can be used at any multiple of 48vdc. They weigh 25lbs/kwh. I'm just voltage limiting, 49.2vdc for charging with Lee Hart Batt-bridges for cell/connection warning and a wthr meter. ALL the cells, 25kwh of them at the moment are within 1/100th of a volt of each other even after sitting for months with no charge. They put out 1k amps and have the best cooling of any battery I know of means they can be safely fast charged in 12 minutes if you have the power. I'm just SE of Tampa. $150/kwh plus shipping. Fastenal if one is close to you is a cheap shipping way. 813-671-3059
add to favorites Leaf Lithium Batteries gen l's, gen ll's
Leaf Lithium Batteries gen l's $100.00 each, gen ll's $125.00 each. Leaf HV Battery parts. Sparrow car and sparrow Parts. Call or Email Ted 707 694-4092
add to favorites YUASA 12V 80W lead acid battery
I have 20 Boxes of 4 each, YUASA 12V 80W Lead acid Batteries. Asking $100 for a box of 4, OBO.
add to favorites Saft STM 5-180 6 volt 180 AH flooded NICAD batteries $ 4,000.00
Twenty potasium hydroxide flooded Nicad Saft batteries 6 volt each. STM 5-180 AH. When new $800 each. These are hardy batteries. After years of use, they all still put out 180AH at high discharge (200 A). These batteries last almost forever, and can sit dead for years. They can be reverse charged and unbalanced, but can be easily recharged and revived. The watering system is old and has some leaks. James Weirick 330-603-9921 Wooster, OH
add to favorites 100Ah, 180Ah, 260Ah, 700Ah Lithium Ion Cells
No Picture
WE have 100Ah, 180Ah, 260Ah, 700Ah Lithium Ion Cells in stock. $1.36 per amp hour

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