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add to favorites 2011 Leaf SV with new battery $ 8,800.00
This 2011 Leaf has a new lease on life because it has received a new battery a year ago, so it is like a new car, no problems with range or losing bars, it gives you great freedom and looks and drives like (almost) new! Good tires, no damage only some normal wear and tear. Has navigation and other high end features. Light grey cloth seats which are much more comfortable in hot weather than the dark leather seats! I can include a level 2 charger if you make me a good offer. I have used it as a daily driver till now but it is available immediately, because I have another Leaf - I love this car!
add to favorites TH!NK City $ 5,000.00
If you don't know about this car, check Wikipedia for details I purchased mine from Eurostar in 2013 (July) and had it shipped to me by truck. Been driving it ever since and never had any problems with it. It has had all the software updates and Randy Bryant put in a new (better) 12vdc battery when I first took it in and it seems to be working well. It is blue and in really good condition since it has been garaged or covered since it was new. The cover will be included with the car.
add to favorites 1990 Miata, Beaufort, SC $ 7,000.00
I purchased this FL car (no rust) with fresh paint and a broken crank in 2010, and converted it to an EV. It has a 9" AMC motor, Curtis controller, and 35 100 amp-hr ThunderSky Li-ion batteries. Batteries are located in lieu of the radiator, gas tank, and muffler - car is well balanced and weighs less than a stock Miata. Uses the stock manual transmission, but clutch is only used for upshifts and downshifts while moving. Car has impressive acceleration, and will spin tires in 1st & reverse. Normally I start in 2nd or 3rd gear. Range is 40 miles @ 50 mph. I have never driven it over 60 mph (3rd gear), but top speed is well over 70 mph. Charging takes about 8 hrs on 110v, but will charge in half the time on 220v. Manual steering (not an issue on a car this light), power brakes, no A/C or heat. An excellent, no maintenance, inexpensive to operate (~5 cents per mile) commuter vehicle for a warm climate. Ideal for a high school student desiring sporty transportation. Formerly used for transportation to the beach, it has seen little use since I purchased a Porsche, hence the sale. Will ship for free at the asking price, but will entertain other offers. Far more photos available upon request.
add to favorites Escort EV For Sale With Bonuses $ 1,000.00
No Picture
I had been trying to rebalance the pack last Fall, and am now unable to spend any time bent over, which is the only position to work on the batteries. So, I have taken a Great Leap Forward for me into my first manufactured EV. I have all of the records on this EV, including the original Owner's manual from Solar Electric Cars which did the conversion in the early 1990's. I have found one "stinker" in the pack, as I am slowly charging each battery with a power supply. Number 31 of 40 CALB 100AHA cells stayed at .01 volts for 6 days, so I think that was what ended our driving days together. It is in very good condition for its age, and I will email relevant current photos to anyone who is interested. I will also include 2 other EV's with the purchase if the buyer wants- a 4 seater Rhoades car with 36 volt electric assist and a solar panel roof which does provide some charging to the pack and a sit down 2 wheel electric scooter. These are all the that I have left of my fun EV projects in the change of seasons I am in now. Contact me at with questions. Michael B
add to favorites Electric Gizmo Car For Sale - $6700 (Yorkville IL.) $ 6,700.00
See an HD video I made of this amazing all electric 3 wheeled auto cycle called the "Gizmo". Illinois and many other states have changed the laws, now anyone with a normal driver's license can drive this vehicle! I have babied this auto cycle with garage kept, minimal use, and no rain driving only 2568 original miles. Purchased vehicle new (only one owner) in 2003 from NEVCO for $12,850. I have made excellent mechanical mods to the vehicle to increase the driver comfort and the safety. It uses 4 Trojan T1275 lead acid batteries with a Zivan charger. The controller is a Sevcon driving a separately excited DC brushed motor (originally made by D&D Motor Systems, Inc. Syracuse, NY.) The motor was rebuilt in 2016 (rebalanced and the contacts (armature) redone with new carbon brushes and all new end cap ball bearings) to perfection by as local company called Master Motor Rebuilders in Addison Illinois. I have re-installed the new motor and tested the vehicle, it worked perfectly. I made a new custom water road motor shield (aluminum with outer vinyl) which surrounds the entire motor armature area. This is Gizmo #34, and it is part of a 7 unit production on this vehicle with the cool hand operated joystick controls. Body is in mint condition also, as well as the interior and the seat. Three brand new Cooper tires are installed with custom detailed painted electric graphics hubcaps. Batteries are still working great over 20 miles range @ 38 psi tires, 86 degrees, 180 LB driver, over very hilly streets of Yorkville IL. Brand new Gizmo spec was 25 miles range. This is the ONLY Gizmo with a two towing plates in the front (see picture), and I have a tow bar (included) set up to match the two front bushings. This is the only Gizmo made with Custom Welded steel plates added to the steering tubes for extra strength. Other mods include fancy electric symbol wheel covers. Battery box cover lifts using hinges to prevent ANY acid gasses during charging to corrode the terminals, (they looks as new as the day they were installed). Professional electronic desulfator across all four lead acid batteries since install. Forward /reverse switch right at driver's left hand position, no need to use power key anymore, which was difficult to reach. Seat has 3M 1/2 " rubber added for extra seating comfort. Automatic seat "up" holder to allow access to the battery box. Two custom aluminum with rubber foot rests installed in front bottom cabin. Custom change/map/pen holder on right side cabin. The electronics and fuse side areas have been covered with a custom vinyl cover since 2003. A 12 volt cigarette lighter has been added on the right side cabin area. I installed 2 additional matching LED running side lights for safety. Under the seat is a custom glove box, I also added a dash map light with a switch. Custom non-slip cover on battery box cover to keep groceries from moving. Brakes have minimal wear, I did minimal braking, and the drive belt looks like new. Charger updated in 2015 (pro company in California) with latest firmware to charge batteries automatically every 7 days. Included is the full laminated electronic wiring schematic (4' by 2' size) of this whole vehicle!
add to favorites Bradley GT to sell or donate
No Picture
I have a vintage Bradley GT that was build from a kit (not a conversion form gas). I had made occasional use of this car for many years until the batteries needed replacing. It's a unique and fun EV. I paid over $9K for it originally and will entertain any reasonable offer. However I would prefer to donate this car to a non-profit EV club or similar organization who would enjoy restoring it to it's former glory. The 32 6v deep cell batteries have been removed and the car has been sitting for a while but should be mostly functional. The controller was upgraded and has an external paddle charge input as well as a 12v system regulator. The onboard charger is fairly old but works well.
add to favorites 1972 porsche 914-adriatic blue $ 3,000.00
Runs and drives good, but the original car portion (not the electric, traction portion) is in a sad state and would need a lot of love. Or be used for parts. Suspension, steering, and brakes are good. Tranny leaks a little, but is otherwise good. Clear coat is flaking off, weatherstripping needs to be replaced, windows are difficult to roll up. Converted in 2008 initially with mike browns' voltsporsche kit. Upgraded in 2010 with 36 lithium iron phosphate 160ah thunderskys, and Elite Power Solutions' first gen touch screen bms, charger, and shunt balancers. Batteries are not insulated and 6 years old and they do not like the cold. But none of the cells have been under or overcharged, and none are damaged. Range is probably about 20-30 miles in summer. Warp 9 motor installed in 2008, Curtis 1231 500a controller installed in 2012ish. Newish tires and dc/dc. Possible 12v battery drain (.1a) while sitting, maybe through new dc/dc. Located in medford, or.
add to favorites 2013 leaf power train $ 1,200.00
2013 drive assembly with axles only 24,577 miles on it
add to favorites Beautiful Mazda RX7 EV For Sale $ 3,500.00
This Mazda RX-7 was nicely converted several years ago. The car only has about 80,000 miles on it. The body is rust free with only a few blemishes, although the paint is fading in places now. The inside is pristine with new seats and door panels. The suspension was upgraded along with the custom rims and new tires. The car was designed with a 144VDC system. There is room for five batteries in the engine compartment and seven batteries in the rear hatch area, so the car is nicely balanced. The controller is a new Curtis 1231C with less than 1,000 miles on it. Has an Allis Chalmers DC motor that works great. Comes with a Quick Charge onboard charger set up for 144VDC AGM battery pack and a 30A Iota DC-DC converter. Also comes with a very nice Electric Blue Motors Blue Window Dashboard computer that outputs battery pack voltage, amps, charge state, and engine RPM to the LCD screen on the radio. I smoked the older batteries on a long distance test run so it needs new batteries. That’s really it. The car is sold as-is, but was 100% operational when I removed the batteries. With twelve 12V AGM batteries, the car ran about 25 miles and could easily exceed 70mph. Drove it over 15,000 miles before I over-discharged the batteries. Located in southeastern Iowa Asking only $3,500. It’s a great car, but I’m moving and need to get it to a new owner.
add to favorites 1994 US Electricar $ 2,999.00
This 1994 U.S. Electricar Prizm is one of less than 200 Prizm-based sedans built on the Geo factory floor by Hughes Aerospace in conjunction with Chevrolet in the mid-90's, and was developed to an extremely high standard. The Prizm sedan holds 50 batteries in a tray located under the cab, leaving seating for 5 with 4 doors and a full trunk. It has a liquid-cooled Siemens AC induction motor and Hughes "Dolphin" 3-phase 50kW inverter/charger/controller for extremely quiet and smooth operation, and very effective 50kW regenerative braking, which makes brake pads last a very, very long time. This particular example was part of a private collection when I bought it, and is a beautiful and very clean example of this very rare model. This vehicle is capable of a 70-mile range with new batteries (currently it will need a new set), and a top speed of around 90 mph (I've never gone quite that fast, but I don't doubt the claim). This Prizm is in excellent condition with only a single dent on the very bottom of the rocker panel behind the passenger rear wheel. The paint is near perfect. It charges trouble-free on a 110V or 220V supply and will fully charge in between 5 (220V) and 18 (110V) hours. In real-world use, we charged it at 110V after a 15-mile drive in about 8 hours. We changed to compact fluorescent throughout our home and completely offset the cost of operating the car. We laugh as we passed gas stations! Plug it in at night like you plug in your cell phone. It's that simple. I have made extensive use of the U.S. Electricar Yahoo group (and highly recommend joining if you buy the car), which has advice, upgrade and repair info for absolutely every aspect of this car's operation and maintenance. I have followed the advice found there to upgrade protection of the control unit with additional fusing, and replaced 14 marginal batteries with identical-model replacements 3 years ago. While I had the pack down, I added Lee Hart zener-diode regulators to each of the 50 batteries to protect them from overcharging. This car is more reliable than any gas vehicle I have ever owned. We would NEVER sell this car otherwise, but a move forces the sale.
add to favorites VW Cabriolet $ 3,500.00
Unique VW Cabriolet which has been converted into a 100% electric vehicle. This EV runs on 72V DC from twelve 6V deep cycle batteries and simply needs a normal 120VAC plug to charge overnight. The Cabrio is in excellent shape, the top isn't torn, and has been well maintained. It features a premium sound system and has been reupholstered. Great little around-town cruiser. Comes with all documentation and details regarding the conversion. Reason for sale: too many cars! Local pickup preferred, otherwise you pay shipping. If this ad is down, then the vehicle has been sold: See craigslist ad for high-resolution pictures.
add to favorites 1996 RAV4 Gas Converted to Electric $ 13,999.00
This Rav4 is set up with an 8" Advance DC Motor, 750 Amp Controller, NEW >>>>NEW>>>>> 15kw VOLT BATTERY PACK !!! Includes a NEW ELCON 1.5kw charger and a NEW METER that turns the Charger ON and OFF and shuts the vehicle DOWN if the Voltage gets too low. !! Power Windows, 16" Tires. NO A/C , but it is all there to hook up if you want.., VAC Pump and Power Steering just added. Drive this beauty away. I now have THREE ..yes, 3 EV's.. Can't driver them ALL, so I really would like to SELL this one.. !!!
add to favorites Honda Civic dx 1992 (price reduced again) $ 1,000.00
The conversion of this 1992 Honda Civic was completed in 2010. It has a WarP 9 motor and Zilla Controller (1K) . The Battery Pack is 144V Flooded Lead Acid (18 -8V Golf Cart) and needs to be replaced. There is a charger on-board, meters for state of charge, voltage and current. We drove the car for 4 years and now it has been parked for the last two years. The motor alone is worth twice my asking price. First Come....

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