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add to favorites 1976 Sebring Vangurd Citicar $ 3,500.00
Runs and drives great. Top speed 40mph. Not sure what the range is, but I have driven 10-15 miles at a time with no loss of power. Upgraded with a Curtis controller. Brake system redone with rebuilt master cylinder and front wheel cylinders and new rear wheel cylinders. New motor brushes. Almost new batteries (4-12volt deep cycle), setup for auxilliary 12 volt battery- needs aux battery. 12 volt wiring still needs work. No forward reverse contactor. Body has some cracks. Currently licenced and registered, with a clear AZ title. Questions, more info, make an offer: email or call/text: George-, 602-502-3480. Buyer responsible for pickup, or arranging for shipping.
add to favorites For Sale - 1995 Jetta EV Conversion - $3000 $ 3,000.00
I’m selling my 1995 Jetta GLX EV Conversion. I’m asking $3000. The car runs, all EV components are functioning. The farthest I ever drove the Jetta on a charge was 70 miles. I typically drive 25 miles on a charge. I completed the conversion in April 2011. I have driven about 28,000 miles since completing the conversion. The car is located in San Diego, CA. The ideal buyer wants the car for spare parts or to use the EV components for their own conversion. Another possibility is to use the batteries and charger as part of a home power backup system. Of course the Jetta can be driven as it is. But, usually people want to start their own project and not continue someone else’s. The Soliton Jr controller has been factory repaired twice: first in March of 2013 and then again in February of 2015. I also had the ADC motor overhauled in February of 2015 with new bearings and brushes. EV Components; 9″ ADC Motor 50 CALB 180 AH LiFePO4 batteries Soliton Jr Controller Zivan NG5 Charger (25 amps, 240 volts AC) Zivan NG1 DC/DC 12V Electro-hydraulic P/S pump Gast Vacuum Pump Xantrex LinkPRO Monitor No heat No A/C Thanks, Jeremy
add to favorites 1982 VW Scirocco Conversion $ 5,000.00
I converted this Scirocco in 2011-2012, and used it as my daily driver until last year. Life happened, and it's been sitting in my garage for the last year. I'm moving in the spring, and it's time to say goodbye, and send her off to a new home. The body is in great shape, and has updated upholstery, tires/rims, suspension, brakes, and dashboard. It ran great while I was still using it, and just needs a new battery pack to get back to form. Some details on the hardware: Motor: Kostov 9" (bought new 2012, ~10k miles) Controller: Raptor 1200 (bought used, had some problems during the build, completely rebuilt by manufacturer and no problems since) Charger: Zivan NG3, set up for 153 V LiFePO4 pack Batteries: Need to be replaced! 45 HiPower 100AH LiFePO4 batteries Other Stuff: MiniBMS battery monitoring system, vacuum pump for brakes, 2 emergency stops (manual handle plus crash sensor), custom contactor box Miscellaneous notes: - The car currently doesn't run! You'll need to bring batteries if you want to drive it away. - The speedometer and tachometer had long since failed when I started the conversion... replaced with a digital tach and GPS speedo, but I never got the speedo to work - I took out the back seats to make a shelf for the electronics... I've still got the seats, and you can have them - I also have a bunch of random Scirocco parts that you can have. - I've got receipts, installation manuals, etc. for just about everything in the car - I live in Long Beach, CA. Prefer you pick up, but will consider towing it to you if that's a deal breaker.
add to favorites ZENN Electric Car For Sale or Trade $ 6,000.00
ZENN Zero Emission No Noise Two seat electric vehicle. Always stored inside Like new 14 sq ft of storage space behind two front seats Gets 45 miles per charge Goes up to 30 mph Perfect for short commutes or small community living! For sale or trade. $6000 OBO Call Joe at+1 (715) 768-0054
add to favorites 2 each U S Electricar Geo Prizm Conversion $ 500.00
No Picture
I have two 1994 Geo Prizm (US Electricar) Sedans for sale. Make an Offer You can see details about the vehicles at this website: This website is not mine. I am just pointing to it for information. Motor Hughes Dolphin 3-Phase AC 50 Kilo-Watt water cooled motor Drivetrain Manual transmission, locked in single gear Controller Hughes Dolphin 50 kW AC Vector control with built in DC-DC Batteries 50 Hawker Genesis 26ah, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM 50 batteries, mounted under the car in an aluminum tray.
add to favorites 1988 Honda Civic $ 400.00
Honda civic 2 door with hatchback. Prepared to be electric, no motor or gas tank. Comes with two manual transmissions, new clutch, throw out bearing, transmission adapter to mount electric motor.
add to favorites 1986 Honda CRX Conversion $ 2,000.00
No Picture
For pickup in Southern California by 8/27/17 1986 Honda CRX HF Conversion - not running 144 Volts DC 700 Amps Open Revolt DC motor controller Netgain Impulse 9" motor 2kw charger Iota DC-DC converter (44) TS 160AH Batteries (1 spare for a total of 45) Vacuum Brake kit - not installed Larger brake kit - not installed Broken motor coupler - Needs new adapter plate and motor coupler Please contact me at
add to favorites 2012 Nissan Leaf SV $ 7,500.00
No Picture
This is an all electric Nissan Leaf SV. Works great and is in excellent condition. Newer sport runs and tires, tinted windows. It has built in navigation and many options including keyless entry, heated front and rear seat and steering wheel, auto dining rear view mirror and power doors and windows. Comfortable cloth interior. It has about 50k miles. I use it every day to go to work. Only reason I'm selling it is I'm moving to Florida. I work in Framingham so it can be seen there days. Come see and test drive it 617-960-7933 Uxbridge MA
add to favorites 1978 Datsun 280z (Nissan) $ 5,000.00
1978 Datsun 280z (Nissan) converted to plug-in electric. A classic sports car that needs no oil, gas, coolant or smog certificate. This 280z is equipped with: Netgain Warp 9" DC motor (less than 3,000 miles) BF Goodrich Advantage tires (less than 2,000 miles) Fiberglass racing hood (takes 50lbs off and allows full access under the hood) Curtis controller 144 vdc. It was running at 120 volts using lithium iron phosphate batteries. The batteries died but the battery management system is pretty new and can be used with a new set of similar batteries. The acrylic enclosure and binding straps for the batteries are also included. The car is not running but with a new set of batteries it will be good to go. The car charges overnight using a standard outlet but the charger also works at 220v for a faster charge. As far as performance, I've driven it up to 90mph on the highway. The speed, range and charge time will be determined by your choice of batteries. A steel trunk was installed where the gas tank used to be. I only had batteries under the front hood so there is a lot more room for batteries than what I was running. The range could be greatly extended by utilizing that space for batteries as well. There are some extra parts like the stock mirrors, emblems, extra headlamps, dash cover. The heater/defroster unit is very loud and not efficient. The interior needs work but mechanically, it is a nearly new electric car conversion in a sleek body. You will not find an electric 280z for less money. Batteries not included. Complements, looks and blown minds are included.
add to favorites 1994 Saturn SL1 120V Sedan $ 1,000.00
Garage kept for the past few years. Controlled needed repaired, so I had it fixed and never had the time to re-install it. Will also include a 240V charger from QuickCharge. Pack is 7 years old now and needs replacing. Was my daily commuter for several years. Loved it but am moving out of state and need to sell it.
add to favorites 2000 VW New Beetle LiFe04 96V AC Drive $ 4,000.00
Hello, Up for sale is my project from college. It is a red 2000 VW New Beetle with a sunroof. Important components: 30 LiFeP04 180AH Cells, an Elcon PFC 2000+ Charger (115AC), MiniBMS by Clean Power Auto (with an app to view the data real time), An AC-75 Motor From HPEVS, and a Curtis 650A Motor Controller. Additional systems in the car include power steering. There is also a heater, but no air conditioning. Batteries are in good shape and only have about 250 miles on them if that. I have kept them maintenanced. The vehicle has been stored in the Garage since its completion. It will drive 60-75 miles on a charge depending on speed and terrain. I have driven it at 70mph+ however it does operate best at 60 or below. Deficiencies - There is a switch that controls the blinkers and windshield wipers that has gone bad. It will need to be replaced. I had planned on donating this car to my Alma Mater, however they have been unresponsive when contacted. Please be aware that if they decide to become responsive regarding the donation of this vehicle I will pursue that route. If you have any questions regarding this vehicle or its components please contact me directly at Thank you, - Alan Freeman-Scott
add to favorites Zap Custom Factory Show car $ 1,500.00
this was one of Zap's first cars and was specially painted to be shown at the Moscone car show in San Francisco it is a historical item and the paint job shows their dreams of what a difference electric cars can make
add to favorites 1970 VW Bradley GT conversion $ 4,500.00
No Picture
Bought this car already converted in 2008.Did several modifications to it over the years. The body is in pretty nice shape.I have really enjoyed it but it needs a new battery pack and much TLC to get it back to it's former glory. The motor( Advanced DC FB1-4001) and controller(Curtis 400Amp 72-120 volt) are both in working order and have been removed from the car. I have a new to me rebuilt battery charger that purchased a while back.I have a set of T tops that came with the car that are still in the original shipping packaging. The fiberglass seats are out of the car. Tires are still pretty good. I would like to sell the whole thing as one package deal if I can. I'll post a few pics and you can email me for more info and pics etc. Thanks
add to favorites 2000 Mazda Protege EV Conversion $ 4,000.00
2000 Mazda Protege EV Conversion: Conversion was completed in July 2009. Has 67,000 KM as an EV and is still being driven today. Some of the LiFePO4 cells appear to be sagging faster. Never winter driven since 2008. Model: Mazda Protege LX (electric windows, sunroof and locks) Motor: Netgain Warp9 Motor Transmission: Stock 5-speed manual Steering: Stock Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601 with Curtis PB-6 potbox Battery Pack: 45 3.2V ThunderSky LFP-160 Batteries (LiFePO4, 144V) Charger: Elcon PFC3000W Charger (120/240 VAC, Can Bus) BMS: EMUS by Elektromotus (Can Bus) BMS Display: HP iPaq 5700 PDA (EVGUI) DC-DC Converter: IOTA DLS-45 Brakes: Gast 12V Vacuum Pump Heating: Dual heaters for cabin (1500 watt ceramic core heaters), cable heating for battery box. Rear Springs: Elbach Ground Control #63315A (500lb total spring rate added) GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio respected. For additional details and the full story about the conversion, visit or Other accessories and extras also included: -Used PakTrakr -Used voltblocher cell modules -New Front Elbach ground control springs (63315A) -New Front disc brakes (rotors & pads) + Rear drum brakes (drums & pads) Prefer to sell complete car rather than individual parts Asking $5000 or Best Offer Contact Jim at
add to favorites Partially Converted Camry $ 0.00
I started the conversion, had the engine removed, demonstrated Proof of Concept with Kostov motor from an old HS electric conversion project. The car is free to a good home where it is. Logistics help available if you want it shipped. Other components are available for sale: motor, controller, go pedal
add to favorites Gray metallic Nissan Leaf 2014 SL $ 11,499.00
Gray metallic Nissan Leaf 2014 SL, 12800 Miles, always in garage, same as new! Fully Electric Car Great acceleration No emissions, no more gas, nearly no maintenance! Includes sticker pass to ride LIE HOV Loaded with all possible options. Gray leather Cool front, rear, side, and 360 deg top view parking camera Parking proximity warning Navigation System linked to internet and charging stations Bose audio, with Bluetooth, MP3, SiriusXM, etc... Led Headlights Heating in seats and steering wheel Fast charge port Internet monitor and control from Nissan Leaf app
add to favorites 1973 Electric Porsche 914 $ 3,500.00
No Picture
Looking to sell my Porsche 914 EV. All the info is up on craiglist Thanks!
add to favorites 1973 Porsche 914 electric conversion for sale $ 25,000.00
Hey guys, after 4 years here in Thailand I realize I'm not coming back home so I'm selling my electric 914. Full sale details are here in the new post in my blog, along with pictures and descriptions of the full restoration and conversion process. I'm happy to make a creative deal so let me know if you're interested and feel free to pass along to others. The car is located in Paso Robles, California which is halfway between LA and San Francisco on the 101 highway.
add to favorites Electric Gizmo Car For Sale - $5500(Yorkville IL.) $ 5,500.00
PRICE LOWERED FROM $6700 to $5500 on August 2017! See an HD video I made of this amazing all electric 3 wheeled auto cycle called the "Gizmo". Illinois and many other states have changed the laws, now anyone with a normal driver's license can drive this vehicle! I have babied this auto cycle with garage kept, minimal use, and no rain driving only 2568 original miles. Purchased vehicle new (only one owner) in 2003 from NEVCO for $12,850. I have made excellent mechanical mods to the vehicle to increase the driver comfort and the safety. It uses 4 Trojan T1275 lead acid batteries with a Zivan charger. The controller is a Sevcon driving a separately excited DC brushed motor (originally made by D&D Motor Systems, Inc. Syracuse, NY.) The motor was rebuilt in 2016 (rebalanced and the contacts (armature) redone with new carbon brushes and all new end cap ball bearings) to perfection by as local company called Master Motor Rebuilders in Addison Illinois. I have re-installed the new motor and tested the vehicle, it worked perfectly. I made a new custom water road motor shield (aluminum with outer vinyl) which surrounds the entire motor armature area. This is Gizmo #34, and it is part of a 7 unit production on this vehicle with the cool hand operated joystick controls. Body is in mint condition also, as well as the interior and the seat. Three brand new Cooper tires are installed with custom detailed painted electric graphics hubcaps. Batteries are still working great over 20 miles range @ 38 psi tires, 86 degrees, 180 LB driver, over very hilly streets of Yorkville IL. Brand new Gizmo spec was 25 miles range. This is the ONLY Gizmo with a two towing plates in the front (see picture), and I have a tow bar (included) set up to match the two front bushings. This is the only Gizmo made with Custom Welded steel plates added to the steering tubes for extra strength. Other mods include fancy electric symbol wheel covers. Battery box cover lifts using hinges to prevent ANY acid gasses during charging to corrode the terminals, (they looks as new as the day they were installed). Professional electronic desulfator across all four lead acid batteries since install. Forward /reverse switch right at driver's left hand position, no need to use power key anymore, which was difficult to reach. Seat has 3M 1/2 " rubber added for extra seating comfort. Automatic seat "up" holder to allow access to the battery box. Two custom aluminum with rubber foot rests installed in front bottom cabin. Custom change/map/pen holder on right side cabin. The electronics and fuse side areas have been covered with a custom vinyl cover since 2003. A 12 volt cigarette lighter has been added on the right side cabin area. I installed 2 additional matching LED running side lights for safety. Under the seat is a custom glove box, I also added a dash map light with a switch. Custom non-slip cover on battery box cover to keep groceries from moving. Brakes have minimal wear, I did minimal braking, and the drive belt looks like new. Charger updated in 2015 (pro company in California) with latest firmware to charge batteries automatically every 7 days. Included is the full laminated electronic wiring schematic (4' by 2' size) of this whole vehicle!

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