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add to favorites 1983 Mistubishi Cordia - Orange / Black $ 2,000.00
No Picture
1983 Mistubishi Cordia EV converted by HS Students in Superior AZ. Rough condition. Has ADC 9" Motor with plenty of power. Kelly 24-156V / 600 Amp controller (newer model, not the old one that was prone to failures). Has 120V charger. Missing 1/2 the battery pack, so only running on 60V. Batteries are very weak. Needs work, but can be put back on the road. $2000. Car is in Atlanta, GA
add to favorites 2001 Solectria Force $ 5,000.00
2001 Solectria Force EV in great condition with new batteries and extremely well maintained! Range is about 30 miles and is plenty powerful enough to handle freeways and hills with no problem. This car is a classic! Looking for $5,000 obo. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cash only.
add to favorites KICKGAS EV 1988 Pontiac Fiero $ 16,000.00
Too many cars in the garage. KICKGAS 1988 Electric Pontiac Fiero Quiet, Economical & Reliable No GAS, No oil changes, No tune ups, No Noise & No problems. Price $ 16K, Pictures available ZILLA 1000 AMP High Voltage Controller Lithium Ion Battery 18KWH W/BMS Manzanita PFC20 universal input charger WARP 8 DC traction motor. Electric heat/defrost. It has a range of 70 miles city/45 miles freeway driving. It weighs the same as a stock Fiero (2800 lbs) it drives and handles the same. I converted it in 2002 and it has never left me stranded.
add to favorites Cherry Red 1969 Electric VW Karmann Ghia $ 7,000.00
No Picture
This car is GORGEOUS and one-of-a kind. We have taken it to a number of car shows where it is the star and it gets tons of attention especially driving through San Francisco. The conversion was meticulously done. 1969 Electric Ghia : Specifications: Make- Volkswagen Model- Karmann Ghia Year- 1969 Miles-5,800 Color- Apple Red Weight: 3000 Pounds (approximate) Motor- Prestolite MTC-4001 (21HP at 96 Volts) Controller- Curtis 1221C (72-120 VDC 400 Amps) Transmission- Standard VW 4-Speed Transaxle Batteries: Trojan T-45 plus Seating Capacity- 2 Adults Maximum Speed 65+ MPH (68 really!) Range-I comfortably get 50+ miles when driving at around 55mph. Lighting- All LEDs (except headlights) We are the third owner (the first did the conversion) and we replaced the batteries since we purchased it. It drives and handles well. Runs on 16 lead acid batteries and takes about 10 hours to charge (when fully depleted). We had the brakes re-done since we've had it. Replaced the batteries Dec '09 to 16 Trojan T-145 Plus 6V. It also has an updated onboard charger that takes (both) 240v + 110v charging. Feel free to contact me with any further questions and/or to schedule a test drive. *Pics taken before the new batteries and charging system were installed.
add to favorites 2009 Wildfire $ 6,800.00
No Picture
2009 Wildfire, 4 door hatchback, has moon roof, CD player, mag wheels, goes approximately 20 miles on a charge. Plugs into a standard 20 amp house outlet. Max speed 55 mph, but is a neighborhood car, not meant for highway driving. 72 volt, 6 standard batteries, has new blue top batteries. 4 speed standard. $6,800. Located near Fort Worth TX. Contact Joe Newman 817 483 5840
add to favorites 1978 Triumph Spitfire EV
1978 Spitfire EV. 9" ADC motor, Curtis 1221C 400A controller. DC-DC converter. Paint is fair, interior is typical of British cars (I also have another Spitfire, in original condition). Slight rust in very rear panel, no where else. Convertible top is in good condition. Transmission tunnel cover upgraded to ABS. I've installed a pack of 30 90Ahr TS Lithium cells to make a fun 20-25 mile around town car. Elithium lite BMS to ensure no cells are abused. Charger is a K&W BC20. Trays for 120v of lead acid batteries are included with the car if you prefer to run lead. Lots of spare parts. Front brake calipers have been completely rebuilt, it needs new 13" tires. Currently registered no-op, no back fees are due. Title is CA salvage and in my name. I'd love to keep it (I do have another one, small British cars are a disease) but my son is 15 months old and mom says he doesn't get to ride in it. Hence, it needs to go. Price: $3000 without battery pack, $6000 with Lithium pack.
add to favorites New All Electric E-Car $ 14,900.00
Only driven a few times since I bought this car new from the Electric Car Company of Missouri .Great condition. Runs on 10 AGM batteries, 120v 50-60hz charger, can be charged at any 110v plug-in, 4 passenger with hatch-back for storage. 50+ miles per charge, charge time 6-8 hrs, Easy to handle. Titled as a LSV but goes up to 50 mph.
add to favorites Miles EV For Sale $ 4,000.00
Battery powered (72V) medium-speed electric car. 39mph max speed. Lost of extras including electric AC & DC heaters! Needs new $2K battery pack. three six zero two two zero six four three four
add to favorites 2002 Honda $ 7,500.00
MAKE AN OFFER.......... This is now at OUR SHOP in Crystal River, FL, Come see it.. SWIM WITH THE MANATEES...and either TOW it home, or stay and you and steve and put some new BATTERIES in this.......This Honda has the 1K ZILLA LV Controller (156V) , a 9" Impulse Motor, Working A/C, Power Steering, BMS, Seats 4...... JUST ADD BATTERIES !!!! Set up for Lithiums, but any battery of your choice could be installed. NOOOOOO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED.. this is too nice a car to just SIT.. come take it... battery it up.. and ENJOY it !!
add to favorites 2012 Silver i-MiEV SE in Austin, TX $ 13,995.00
2012 Silver i-MiEV SE (JA3215H19CU020369) Less than 3,300 miles driven 126 MPGe City / 99 MPGe Hwy 16 kWh Lithium Ion main drive battery (7 years / 96,000 miles remaining on battery warranty) Remotely controllable A/C and heating (great during the summer and winter) Plays music from iPod/iPhone/Android Device/USB Stick CD Player AM/FM Radio Alloy Wheels Anti-lock brakes Stability control Front, side and overhead airbags Cloth Upholstery (No leather at all in car) Keyless entry Power Door Locks Power Mirrors Fun to drive Comes with 120v J1772 EVSE Fold-down back seats (surprising amount of cargo capacity)
add to favorites Fiero Destiny 2000 for sale $ 8,000.00
This car needs to go to a new owner! I retired 5 years ago and the car has been driven maybe 200 miles since then. It is in very good condition. It has 32 lithium China Hipower batteries with about 1000 miles on them. It needs only a cell monitoring system. It currently has Hot Juice charging regulators and needs discharge regulation. Exterior has a nice basecoat/clearcoat paint in original color and the interior is stock and in good repair. Tires have about 5000 miles on them. This is a great 30 to 40 mile commuter vehicle. I drove it 30 miles round trip a day in Dallas at up to 65 or so MPH for 4 years.
add to favorites 1980 Electric 4-seat Porsche 924 $ 9,999.00
1980 Porsche 924 Turbo. We love the idea of an electric car, that's why you are here too. You can buy a Chevy Volt but does that look like a Porsche? Now you can tell your friends and coworkers that you have an electric Porsche! Oooo! Runs well. Turn the key and go. Converted in 2009. A hot-looking aerodynamic Porsche EV - AND IT HAS BACKSEATS! Wireless Keyless entry/power locks/alarm. Air conditioning (see ""). I bought an electric ceramic heater but have not installed it yet. Power brakes (automatic 12v electric vacuum pump cycles on/off as needed), powered by two DC/DC converters for redundancy. Netgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC 8-brush motor. 156 volt system (13 easy to access Deep Cycle Marine flooded batteries - New in Jan 2013). Well balanced car - 5 batteries and 200 pound motor under the hood, 8 batteries in the back under the carpeted deck. Trouble-free dual fan-cooled Logisystems 156 volt 1,000 Amp controller. Manzanita Micro PFC 20 on-board automatic charger (cost over $2,000). Charge from 110 or 220, full charge in less than 5 hours. Power cords included for both 110 & 220. 35 Amp main DC/DC converter made by "Iota" (charges accessory battery, supplies 12V to lights, wipers, fan & A/C, horn, radio, etc. when the car is on). Batman Battery Management System - This displays: Amps being drawn, Amps going into the batteries during charging, displays Amp Hours used (and counts back to zero the Amp Hours replenished while charging), displays voltage of main battery pack, and displays a bar graph as an LCD "gas gauge" of power left in the battery bank. LED red tail lights. Original 5-speed transaxle. (It's a Porsche 924, motor in the front, torque shaft in the tunnel, tranny/rear end in the rear). Turn car on, shift into 3rd gear, no need to shift again (unless you want to race or hit top speed in 5th) just "hit the gas" (I guess we can't call it that anymore!) and off you go. For the record I've babied this little cutie, no abuse, same for my 1976 Stingray and 1952 Harley. I'm kind to my babies. Top speed 80 MPH. Range 20-40 mi. HISTORIC TAGS! CHEAP INSURANCE! NO INSPECTION! Here ( you will find photos of this car back when it was first converted utilizing 26 6 volt batteries, there were batteries everywhere, a big box in the back (now gone), batteries on top of the motor, but now it has only 5 12 volt batteries in front of the motor, 8 under the rear easily removable carpeted deck floor. Everything is easy to get to. Even got room for your golf clubs! Back of rear seat unlatches and folds down to extend rear deck. New paint, leather seats, carpet, radio (that is also a DVD/CD player, bluetooth - music from your iPhone to the car's speakers), fancy speaker system. Power windows. Recent good front tires, brand new rear tires (Sept 2013). Recent front coil springs. Recent brakes. Mileage ~ 92K. I bought it in February 2013 from David Carter formerly of Green Shed Conversions, this was his personal ride. Cost him $20,000 to convert in 2009. I'm selling it for $9,999 (yes, I am taking a loss though I have driven it probably under 100 miles). Reason for selling - new job, I need more range, right now just using it for local running around. A real head turner. If you want to be inconspicuous don't buy this car. The large "ELECTRIC" lettering on the side is a vinyl decal that can be peeled off. Located about 30 minutes NW of Washington DC in Gaithersburg, MD Here is the link to the video he made for me when I asked to see it (it was in Florida, I am in Maryland. About the only thing changed is I've replaced a fuse holder, changed the tail light bulbs for LED bulbs, and put some aluminum flashing over the headlight mounts under the clear plastic to hide the screws and springs. A bit prettier. Oh, also new rear tires. I'll include the new waterproof car cover. Any questions not answered above? Ask! Ph: three zero one - nine nine zero - three eight eight eight.
add to favorites 2008 Volvo C30, pure EV Conversion $ 15,500.00
PROBABLY NEEDS SOME NEW BATTERIES. Some have been over-discharged. I'm not sure how many. This is a super nice EV... just needs the right TLC. Asking $15,500 OBO. video: This is a pure electric vehicle converted from gasoline in 2008 by an EV engineer in Boulder, Colorado. He is director of engineering for a Boulder-based EV manufacturer. Originally a 93 mile range. It was my daily driver. It has heated leather seats, sun roof, Dolby Surround Sound stereo, front wheel drive, seating for 4 adults and is quite snazzy. This car has retained the six speed gear box and can easily do highway speeds and more, with all the safety features and airbags that Volvo is known for. It handles awesome and has new tires up front and very good tires in the rear. A sweet ride by all accounts. I will include a 50' and a 25' charging cords, a laptop pc computer with software and cabling for programming the controller. 8,000 miles total on this 2008 Volvo C30 in excellent condition. Converted from a brand new Volvo C30 (sticker price of $30,000). This car is clean inside and out with very minor wear and tear; I am the second owner. Currently it is in need of some TLC for the batteries (I'm not sure how many) and a good BMS (battery management system). Several of the 90 100AH LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries in the vehicle have been damaged by over-discharging them. Sadly, the existing BMS does not protect from over-discharge, it only provides a warning light. I suggest the buyer install a proper BMS. It has a 29 Kwh Thundersky Lithium Pack with balancing BMS, provides overcharge shutoff and over discharge "warning". Electric Power Steering (original equipment on the Volvo). MES DEA liquid heater. Clutchless transmission- you shift gears but without the use of the clutch, it's simple. Air Ride suspension. Zivan Charger. 55 amp IOTA dc/dc Azure Dynamics AC55 AC drive train with regenerative braking. This vehicle was the first of a planned production run of conversions. This vehicle worked great until I damaged the batteries and would be great for someone with EV experience or someone who wants to learn/teach about DIY EVs. ***** PLEASE only serious buyers. I do not have time for curious people. BUYERS ONLY PLEASE. ***** I am not an EV guy and cannot answer all of your questions about DIY EVs. I'm looking to pass this great car along to an enthusiastic buyer who has the time or money to finish it out properly. It likely needs batteries and a good BMS. Asking $15,500 OBO Tony 530-308-2459
add to favorites Ford Aspire $ 4,000.00
Daily driver for years taking kids to school, groceries & errands mostly around San Francisco. Current Gel pack when exercised has a 20 mile range. Curtis 1221B upgraded by Logisystem in Texas to 144v 700 amps. 8" ADC Iota DC/DC two contactors, 12 Rudman Regs & a nice vacuum pump. Has crisp acceleration. Easily does 70 in third gear on the freeway. Sold the veggie mobile and this car has to go as we are leasing a Nissan Leaf. 4000 dollars is half the parts cost of building the EV. Original cost was 10,000. This is a great car that you can drive now with no labor. I had one person offer me 1700 dollars for the parts. I will not take this car apart. It a fully functional vehicle that is very practical and durable. I've done nothing in the last 12 years but replace battery packs. The great thing about modifying to electric is taking out the gas engine eliminates most car problems. Contact Lawrence@ 415-550-858five
add to favorites 1972 KARMANN GHIA COUPE $ 12,000.00
1972 Karmann Ghia Coupe no rust Converted to electric 2013 35k miles before conversion 120VDC system Ten Braille Endurance AGM batteries Netgain 9" Impulse motor w/double end shaft Synkromotive DC-750A controller-online manual and software Quick Charge 120V charger Gigavac 350A contactor 4 speed transaxle w/ clutch Adapter-Rebirth Auto Powermax 120VDC-12VDC converter Hall effect throttle pedal 4 wheel disc brakes Coil over rear shocks Empi 8 spoke wheels Range 30 Charge 5 hrs Fun fast and quiet all parts new scince Feb 2013 Car show results Oro Valley Classics-1st place alternate fuel class Tucson Classics-Judges Engineering Award Tucson Cops and Rodders show-3rd place VW class bitcoins accepted
add to favorites French Microcar $ 6,400.00
This is 2009 French built Microcar. Financing avalible. The car is equipped with electric windows, CD player, stereo, air conditioning and heat. All aluminum chassis, fiberglass floor pan, pigmented plastic exterior panels and steel suspension. Coil over struts with four wheel disc brakes. The car has regenerative braking that is programmable. The car can recharge the batteries during coasting and braking to gain over a 25% gain in range. This also saves on brake wear. It carries 17 digit ID # as all high speed cars. These cars in France are diesel powered and run at speeds over 65 mph. Converted to electric drive using the Advance AC motor and Curtis AC controller. The motor controller has also been upgraded with no RPM limit to increase top speed. ($900) The charger works on any 110 AC outlets. 220 AC can be used for faster charging. Adapters can be made for the charging stations. Recharge time is three minutes for every mile you have driven. The car is running on lead acid batteries. Lithium cells are available. New tires were added with a larger diameter to raise top speed. ($400) This also makes the car safer and rides smoother at higher speeds. The gear ratio has been changed in the differential to create a higher top speed. ($1200) These cars are offered with fold down rear seats. Top speeds over 55 mph with a range over 50 miles. We offer low cost shipping in the south east but bids can be taken from UShip for other areas. We will organize shipping if needed. These cars are very light and do not need very large battery packs to achieve good performance and range. This car is registered in US states as a high speed vehicle.
add to favorites 32 concept roadster $ 5,000.00
Low boy concept roadster. Same dimensions of the original 1932 Ford coupe.Running with DC motor on Graziano direct drive gear box with high speed gears. The top speed is over 50 mph. Capable of higher top speeds with higher volts. Alltrax controller running on 50 volts of lithium spiral cells. 110volt AC charger with charge times less than thirty minutes. Coil over shocks in the rear with disc brakes. Single leaf spring on front straight axle. Aluminum chassis with steel suspension.
add to favorites 1970 PORSCHE 914 $ 12,500.00
MAKE AN OFFER..........ALL considered ! NEEDS BATTERIES This 1970 Porsche has NEW BRAKES, NEW TIRES, 2K Zilla, needs New Batteries...
add to favorites 1979 Porsche 924 conversion $ 8,499.00
We'd like to find a home for our Porsche where it's warmer than snowy, often extremely cold Minnesota, and where it will get driven more than five months of the year. It was built in 2009, driven 3 summers, was stored in a garage for 18 years before that, has probably never seen salt, and has no rust but could use a snazzier paint job. The twelve 98 amp-hour Deka Dominator lead-acid gel batteries have seen about 30 partial cycles (out of a projected 600+ cycles) of use, and most of the newly-purchased conversion parts are barely "broken in". If you would prefer to use other batteries you can knock $2000 off the price. Even with all of these batteries and two passengers there is still cargo capacity for around 500 pounds in the rear deck area. You can find a complete description of this car at You can find a Craigslist listing for it, including some photos, at . You can find a PDF showing the conversion process at All serious offers will be considered.
add to favorites Chevy Matiz $ 5,800.00
Chevy Matiz is an Italian design manufactured in several countries under different names. Seats four with four doors and a hatch back. White exterior and white interior. Lead acid batteries. The car is equipped with a 3000 watt charger and can run on 110 or 220. 72 volt high torque motor and high amp controller. Automatic gearbox with electric reverse. Top speed 50 mph. Range over 40 miles. Lithium batteries are available as an option. New tires on new custom rims. Located in Charleston SC. Email with any questions.

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