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add to favorites 1995 Chevy S10 converted to electric $ 1,800.00
144 volt, transmission adapter,,tow bar,2 chargers 110,220
add to favorites Awesome VW Golf $ 8,000.00
This car is a 1999.5 Golf Mk IV, 4 door hatchback Croatian built Model E with Euro bumpers and lights. This car has a 208V LiFe04 Thundersky 90ah battery pack. It has a Warp 9 dual shaft motor attached to a standard 5 speed transmission with no clutch pedal. Soliton 1 controller with liquid cooling. 3 DC-DC converters, Meanwell 600W, and Elcon 30A for main system and one 300W just for air conditioning cooling fans. There are 64 Thundersky 90ah batteries with Elithion BMS and Elcon 2500 charger. There are cooling fans through out the battery compartments to help cool the cells during summer charging. I added a forced air heating system for the battery pack that keeps the batteries well above freezing in the coldest weather. I have 15 additional batteries for replacement of aging cells. I have installed tachometer, amp meter gauges and basic Elithion SOC gauge. Asus 7 inch tablet running Torque to monitor speed and Elithion BMS status. I do have a US replacement cluster available. Recaro bucket seats in front and an upgraded split rear seat. Car has 1500w electric heater and excellent Masterflux AC unit. Compressor speed is adjustable speed control and condenser fan has 2 speed settings for maximum cooling. This car can take the Texas heat with no problem. Heater is more than enough for the coldest days here. Power Steering and power brake pump. New headliner. New tires and wheels added August 2015. Slight rear bumper damage from recent fender bender, I have new bumper for replacement or the original can be repaired. This car has been shown many times with the North Texas EV club ( with great reviews. It is a show car, with great attention to detail. This is an excellent daily driver with a range of 40+ miles.You will not find a car this age in better condition. You will not see a cleaner DIY conversion. I am open to any legitimate offer, I have to move forward with purchasing another vehicle very soon. Please contact me if you want more information or schedule a drive. This car is worth a trip to take a look. Thanks
add to favorites 1996 RAV4 $ 13,500.00
This Rav4 is set up with an 8" Advance DC Motor, 750 Amp Controller, NEW >>>>NEW>>>>> 15kw VOLT BATTERY PACK !!! Includes a NEW ELCON 1.5kw charger and a NEW METER that turns the Charger ON and OFF and shuts the vehicle DOWN if the Voltage gets too low. !! Power Windows, 16" Tires. NO A/C , but it is all there to hook up if you want.., VAC Pump and Power Steering just added. Drive this beauty away. I now have THREE ..yes, 3 EV's.. Can't driver them ALL, so I really would like to SELL this one.. !!!
add to favorites 1981 Jet Electrica (Ford Escort) $ 1,600.00
This is a Jet Industries (of Houston,TX) Ford Escort glider conversion. It runs well. This is a great hobby electric car that, understandably, needs some restoration work if one were to want it to be special. Interior real clean-upholstery good. I keep it garaged. A couple minor dents. I drive it regularly, commuting to work and shopping. I have service manuals and lots of pdf files on it. 96 volt system--16 US 2200 XC2 6 volt batteries and one 12 volt accessory battery. The batteries are about 18 months old. On-board dual 120/240 volt charger (a second fancy 4 stage charger on-board but needs repair). Prestolite MTC-4001 motor (NASA did a huge report on it, available online), and a Curtis controller. I think the reason for the longevity of this car is that it wasn't built for performance, just a well-designed well-balanced component set. Also has an A/C compressor/motor for air conditioning, but it is currently out of the car. Or, if parting out, where else you going to get 17 good batteries, motor, controller, charger, gauges, for that electric vehicle hobby project, and a whole Ford Escort (minus engine but with clutch/transaxle) for $1600? The only reason I'm selling it is I just picked up a Solectria Force as my new EV project. Cheers! Dirkimus Max
add to favorites 02 Honda Insight Project $ 2,000.00
02 Honda Insight The car is rollable and steerable. I don’t remember about the power steering but think it had air conditioning. I bought it with a problem engine and the battery pack removed. It had a CVT or automatic as it was called. The engine and trans were removed and they are gone. All goes with it as far as the new electric items. I have not installed anything. The duel hub motors as well as the duel Kelly controllers and all other items are included. My intent with this car was to create what I called my EV2. The car is super light weight with all of it’s plastic and aluminum components. It’s shape was very close to that of the EV1. The car and the parts have been in my garage since purchase. My plan was to drive the front wheels directly with the hub motors, no transmission. There is a u-tube video of the motors being run with a Miata rear suspension which is the basic way I bought it. The unit was tested in a Miata but dismantled and sold. What I bought they recreated for me.
add to favorites 1978 Datsun/Nissan 280z electric conversion $ 7,900.00
1978 Datsun 280z (Nissan) converted to plug-in electric. A classic sports car that needs no oil, gas, coolant or smog certificate. This 280z is equipped with: Netgain Warp 9" DC motor (less than 3,000 miles) 5 speed manual transmission (less than 3,000 miles on the clutch) BF Goodrich Advantage tires (less than 2,000 miles) Fiberglass racing hood (takes 50lbs off and allows full access under the hood) Curtis controller 144 vdc. It was running at 120 volts using lithium iron phosphate batteries. 110 and 220 volt charger The batteries have been removed but the battery management system is pretty new and can be used with a new set of similar batteries. The acrylic enclosure and binding straps for the batteries are also included. The car is not running but with a new set of batteries it will be good to go. As far as performance, I've driven it up to 90mph on the highway. The speed and range will be determined by your choice of batteries. A steel trunk was installed where the gas tank used to be. I only had batteries under the front hood so there is a lot more room for batteries than what I was running. The range could be greatly extended by utilizing that space for batteries as well. The car charged overnight using a standard outlet but the charger also works at 220v for a faster charge. There are some extra parts like the stock mirrors, emblems, extra headlamps, dash cover. . . The gas flap has been removed and smoothed over. The power cord is where the exhaust pipe would be. The heater/defroster unit is very loud and not efficient. The interior needs work but mechanically, it is a nearly new electric car in a classic body. Batteries not included. Complements, looks and blown minds are included. Up for auction on eBay until Sunday 11/8
add to favorites 2013 Wheego Custom Electric Car $ 16,500.00
No Picture
2013 Wheego Life All Electric Car. A/C less than 6,000 miles. Do not have to sell, but husband just bought a camper, so would rather part with than have a payment in the house. Love the car, has a custom wrap on the car that can be left on or taken off. I am showing pics with and without wrap so you know what car looks like both ways. Great car, can go 100 miles on charge. Can be charged on 110 regular outlet. Super Super car. NOTHING IN THE WORLD WRONG WITH IT AND WILL 100% GUARANTEE YOU I WILL BUY ANOTHER ONE AS SOON AS I PAY CAMPER OFF. Original Sticker, as shown as $35,990.00 with tax rebate of $7,500.00 - I am passing my tax rebate on to you, by lowering purchase price.
add to favorites mitsubishi $ 2,700.00
No Picture
87 Mitsubishi mars me 1002 motor Curtis 1221c controller excellent tires brakes rear air shock has a tow bar for someone with rv can run from 48 to144 volti was running 120 volt this is a new motor and controller with 400 miles has a charger 110 if you need picture contact me thank you ps parts cost more than what I am selling it for
add to favorites 2003 RAV4 $ 5,000.00
one of only 352 made. !!! $5,000 or make an OFFER this needs a HOME !! AS IS.... We believe it only needs new batteries.
add to favorites '72 VW Super Beatle Convertible $ 6,999.00
This is an EV conversion I did myself and had been a daily driver for 2 years. But the battery pack is dead and I don’t have the money to replace them. LiFeO4 batteries (154v), 9" DC motor, EVnetics controller, heater, DC/DC converter. Follow the link above for more details concerning the EV part of this car. Regarding the actual VW body: The car was fully restored in 1995 by my father-in-law in New Mexico. It appears to have spent its entire life in the desert southwest. I got the car in 2009 right after the convertible top was replaced and started the conversion in 2011. The car was rust free when I got it except for the passenger floor pan where battery acid had eaten a hole through the floor. I replaced the floor pan with a new one from Wolfsburg West. The body has some small dents and dings and needs a paint job, but otherwise is in good shape. The car worked well, but I don't want this rust free car to spend the winters on the salty roads here and the hill country of western NC is not the best place for this EV..
add to favorites 2002 Honda
MAKE AN OFFER..........WAS $6,500 .. will take $5,000 or a REASONABLE OFFER. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAY PAL for payment. WIRE TRANSFER ONLY This is at OUR SHOP in Crystal River, FL, Come see it.. SWIM WITH THE MANATEES...and either TOW it home, or stay and you and steve and put some new BATTERIES in this.......This Honda has the 1K ZILLA LV Controller (156V) , a 9" Impulse Motor, Working A/C, Power Steering, BMS, Seats 4...... JUST ADD BATTERIES !!!! Set up for Lithiums, but any battery of your choice could be installed. NOOOOOO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED.. this is too nice a car to just SIT.. come take it... battery it up.. and ENJOY it !!

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