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add to favorites 97 plymouth neon $ 2,500.00
No Picture
97 plymouth neon, converted to electric, I used a forklift motor, an altrax 7245 controller and 10 6v golf cart batteries (60v system). I have driven it over 7000 miles on electricity. I usually drive 13 miles one way to work, plug it in, then drive home and plug it in. I have done the full 26+ miles on a charge but wouldn't do that everyday. I drive it between 30 and 40 mph most of the time. It will go faster but you lose some distance. The body is solid- just 2 bad rust spots: 1 on hood and 1 on drivers side rocker panel. It could use a paint job if you care about that. I do have a vacuum pump to get power brakes; it just needs to be installed. NO heat, ps, A/C, or radio. Any questions please give me a call. Randy 218-851-9388 ask for pictures
add to favorites 1997 Porsche Boxster $ 3,900.00
This is the third electric car that I have built. It was originally going to be an electric racecar, but I don't have the time or money to be out racing. It is being sold without the racing batteries and motor controller and no charger. It has a 5-speed, no clutch. I have a 36 volt golf-cart controller installed so it can be moved around (15 mph top speed). The motor is an 9in Advanced DC. The interior is good, some wear, but no tears or holes. Body is in good shape, no major issues, some paint fade in back. Yes, the top works, the brakes work, the lights work, the steering works. It has 105k miles on the odometer. It is a salvage title. Call me at 9l6 forty seven thirty five
add to favorites 1971 VW BUG $ 5,995.00
1971 VW Beetle with 72v system including nine 8v Trojan Batteries, Alltrax controller, D&D Motor, nice and neatly installed. Batteries have 3,000 miles on them as does newer onboard Quintiq charger. 12v accessory system with charging port. Exterior repainted around 2010, interior basic but solid, including original steering wheel. Sunroof. Moving on to my next project. Thanks for your interest.
add to favorites Porsche 924 Conversion without batteries $ 6,499.00
We are selling our 1979 Porsche 924 electric car conversion, mainly because we simply don't use it enough. It would get used more if we lived in an urban area or had an attached garage. As it stands, we live quite rurally, about 11 miles from the nearest town. The Porsche was driven 50 miles on gas and converted to battery power in June of 2009. It was used for 3 summers to commute occasionally, driving 13 miles into the center of town, topping off the charge there for a bit while at work, then driving 13 miles back home. Its range at highway speed, when it had a 144-volt, 98 amp-hour battery pack, was optimally 50 miles (or about 10 miles maximum at top speed of 100 mph) but realistically more like 40 around here due to our 400-foot hills at highway speed, headwinds, cold temperatures, and occasional gravel roads, all of which suck down range. Because of careful attention to weight distribution, motor size, and controller output (adjustable through a range from battery-conservative to dragster) it still handles like a true sports car. Most of the conversion parts were purchased new from Greenshed Conversions in Florida, including the motor, controller, DC-DC converter, electric vacuum pump for the brakes, contactor, emergency disconnect, throttle control, main fuse, Xantrex E-Meter, meter shunt, motor drive-shaft adapter, and bell-housing adapter. From other suppliers we got the 4/0 battery wiring and copper cable ends, the tach, tach sender, ammeter, 40-foot charge cord retractor, resistance heater for the interior vents, various relays and switches, AC charger, and shunt regulators. The batteries were bolted down in insulated racks. They were Deka Dominator lead-acid gels (sealed, so no venting or water maintenance needed) and were designed to easily handle 600 charge-discharge cycles down to 20% capacity, although they were never run that low. I just discovered that two of the twelve batteries apparently froze this past winter, so I am removing the remainder of them. You will need to add a battery set with nominal 144 volt output, whether it's AGM or gelled lead-acids or lithiums. I'm leaving the on-board AC charger and shunt regulators in it at this point, unless you don't need them. At this point the Netgain Motors WarP9 motor is just "broken in" with about 30 partial cycles. It has a heat-sensitive control to start a supplemental blower for added cooling. The 1000-amp, 144-volt, LogiSystems, fan-cooled controller is user configurable and is currently set to about half acceleration to avoid smoking tires. The original 5-speed trans-axle is in it, coupled to the motor without a clutch. Just pick a gear and "step on it". The odometer currently reads 70,165 miles and only 1,043 of those were under battery power. The car is in perfect working condition except for the lack of batteries, and has almost no rust (a little spot on the surface of the passenger door under the window), mainly because it spent 18 years in storage before we bought it and has not been driven in the winter. The paint is a bit oxidized in spots and could use buffing or a repaint to a flashier color than the standard "Mexico Beige". Thanks to some added springs in the rear this car has over 500 pounds of baggage capacity under the hatch. To see more details and photos of how we did the conversion check out . To see all of the car's specs check out . And to see more discussion about the planning and design work, check out our website at . We will accept either cash or a PayPal payment to our e-mail address. We've knocked a bunch off the build price, not to mention a few months labor, so serious inquiries only, please!
add to favorites 1974 VW Beetle $ 25,000.00
This is an award winning custom conversion that was used as a marketing vehicle for EV4U Custom Conversions. For information and photos, visit our website at
add to favorites Kandi Coco $ 3,000.00
Revolution EV USA imported the Kandi Coco to the US between 2007 and 2010. Odometer: 1500 Range: 25 miles / charge Charge Time: 6 hours to full on 120V Top Speed: 45 MPH System: 72V Batteries: 6 x 12V, 120Ah Motor: 7 kW Max AC Weight: 1800 lbs Included Extras: Additional set of wheels and tires, tools for repair work, power cable, 2 sets of keys. After market in-dash CD Stereo.
add to favorites 2000 Nevco Gizmo $ 4,950.00
This is a 2000 Nevco Gizmo with 6800 miles in good to great condition. Serial number is ----0007 which makes this the 7th one produced and sold of the 38 that the company produced total. It has all of the original components and has never been modified. All of the accessories work. Batteries hold good charge. A recent move and a smaller garage forces this sale. Do not pass up on this opportunity to own a very nice street legal 3-wheeled electric vehicle.
add to favorites 1981 Plymouth Horizon $ 5,500.00
FOR SALE: 1981 Plymouth Horizon. 47,000 miles, Garaged and not driven in winter, ALL ELECTRIC, 120v DC GE Motor, Curtis 1221C-7401 Motor Controller, Anderson Emergency Shut-off, Motor rebuilt 2011, On-board Russco charger, SolarCar brand 220v charger, BLS Battery Life Saver, On-board 12v battery charger, Detachable Tow Bar, Towing Light Wiring. Great commuter car. $5500.00 OBRO. 231-582-6846. - See more at:
add to favorites Electric Mazda Miata $ 7,500.00
1993 Mazda Miata. EV Conversion completed in 2008. 96 volt system (12 8v Trojan batteries). Power Steering and brakes. Batteries are end of life. New top.
add to favorites 1968 Beetle Project $ 5,000.00
Look at the pictures and YOU decide how much it's worth. I acquired the car from an outside storage facility... hauled it home... pulled the batteries out((12) 8 Volt 170 ah)... charged and load tested them... and replaced (5) with new INTERSTATE same spec as the US Battery. THE CAR RUNS AND DRIVES LIKE A DREAM... I think!!
add to favorites ForkenSwift: Geo Metro 48v conversion - $700 $ 700.00 48 volt "electric car on a beer budget" -- selling due to extensive underbody rust. If you know of a good Metro/Swift glider, you could swap the parts over in a weekend. Includes everything, but batteries are probably only giving ~15 km range right now (at slow speeds). Located in eastern Ontario (1000 Islands region). Contact
add to favorites 1981 Plymouth Horizon $ 5,500.00
FOR SALE: 1981 Plymouth Horizon. 47,000 miles, Garaged and not driven in winter, ALL ELECTRIC, 120v DC GE Motor, Curtis 1221C-7401 Motor Controller, Anderson Emergency Shut-off, Motor rebuilt 2011, On-board Russco charger, SolarCar brand 220v charger, BLS Battery Life Saver, On-board 12v battery charger, Detachable Tow Bar, Towing Light Wiring. Great commuter car. $5500.00 OBRO. 231-582-6846.
add to favorites 2010 Toyota Daihatsu Move $ 10,000.00
2010 Daihatsu Move Four door, four seat minivan. Rear seat folds down. New custom wheels and tires. 9” Advanced DC motor connected to 5 speed automatic transmission. Curtis controller running at 144 volts. Top speed over 80 MPH. 12 Brand new 12 volt deep cycle batteries. Zivan 144 volt charger and 12 volt charger for accessory battery. Range near 40 miles.
add to favorites Miles OR70 Synkromotive Controller $ 4,000.00
This car will turn heads because it's so unique. No title, bill of sale only. I have for sale a Miles OR70 EV with about 500 original miles, it was in storage for quite some time. When I purchased it it had no controller or batteries - it was being parted out for another build. The controller is a Synkromotive DC controller, which can be programmed to accept pack voltage from 24-180 Volts at upto 650 Amps. (I think the controller is way worth at least $1000) It's really great and you can configure it with a laptop. I ran it on 24 volts just to move the car around to work on it, and it's currently programmed for 72 Volt to match the batteries in the car. (All programming is easily accomplished from USB via the Synkromotive Utility. See I currently have 6 sealed lead batteries in the car that have about 50 miles on them. They get the car around at about 30-35 MPH on the flat and climb hills a little slower. The previous owner had installed a higher voltage lithium pack and had the car running highway speeds. With a 150V+ pack you'd be doing highway speeds no problem. To be a really effective EV (for most) You'd want to put in a higher voltage lithium pack for range and speed. I've been driving it between my house and office and around town on 30mph roads as is and it's great. Body: Great Condition, paint shines, no damage. I painted the fairings black recently and also the roof rack which were faded (cheap original paint.) Emblem missing from rear of car. It's in a restored condition. Interior: Great, hardly sat in. Once sun burn on the vinyl near headrest about a 4x4 inch patch. Mechanically: Great Condition - no rust, acid damage etc... Could use some wire management under the hood - but all the connections are good and I used removable spade connectors which are labeled so it's easy to reroute, or even rewire the controller to another vehicle. It's final owner may change the configuration a bit depending on how they set it up. What's Missing: Original Controller, battery box covers. Also includes: 72V DC-12vDC Converter (Installed), upto 200V DC-12vDC Converter - (not installed but comes with for pack upgrades.), original charging cord & Charger (72v) Installed. Email with questions: felixthecatenator @ gmail . com
add to favorites Honda Del Sol - 1993 $ 4,500.00
1993 Honda Del Sol "EV" electric conversion. Converted in 2010. * 144 VDC system with, * Advanced DC FB1-4001A motor * Curtis 1231-C-8601 controller * Zivian NG3 - 070-2244A on-board charger * 12 Deka 31DT batteries * Curtis DC/DC converter * Anderson connectors * 12V vacuum break assist Body in excellent condition, batteries will need replacing soon.
add to favorites 1972 VW Bug Convertible $ 12,000.00
This is an EV conversion I did myself and has been a daily driver for the past year. I've spent more than $21k on the conversion ($7,500 for batteries alone.) LiFeO4 batteries (154v), 9" DC motor, EVnetics controller, heater, DC/DC converter. Follow the link above for more details concerning the EV part of this car. Regarding the actual VW body: The car was fully restored in 1995 by my father-in-law in New Mexico. It appears to have spent its entire life in the desert southwest. I got the car in 2009 right after the convertible top was replaced and started the conversion in 2011. The car was rust free when I got it except for the passenger floor pan where battery acid had eaten a hole through the floor. I replaced the floor pan with a new one from Wolfsburg West. The body has some small dents and dings and needs a paint job, but otherwise is in good shape. The car works well, but I don't want this rust free car to spend the winters on the salty roads here and the hilly country is not the best place for this EV, and that's why I'm selling it.
add to favorites Electric Miata $ 10,995.00
Owner Ken Watkins Location Orlando, Florida US Website Vehicle 1991 Mazda Miata This EV Miata has 19ea. 6 Volt batteries (120 V), driving a Zapi Controller that powers a 9" Advanced DC Motor. See more at my website The Motor is Series Wound DC motor by Advanced DC FB1-4001A. The Drive Train for this EV Miata uses the original 5 speed transmission. No clutch is required. The suspension has been upgraded with Ground Control coil-over-shocks for the added weight. The Motor Controller is a Zapi H2B that controls 125 Vdc at 650 amperes for either forward traction or dynamic braking. The Batteries consist of 19 Discover EVGC6A-A, 6.00 Volt, AGM Lead-Acid batteries. There are two battery levels in the trunk; therefore, an AGM battery was required. The included Battery Charger is a Zivan NG-3. The DC/DC Converter is a Power-One 500 Watt power supply that converts 125 Volts DC to 12 Volts DC for chassis use. The Instrumentation includes a Voltmeter, Ammeter, Low Voltage meter, Tachometer, Speedometer and Controller Error Code Indicator. The Top Speed is 70 MPH and the Range is ~40 Miles. The Curb Weight is 3,300 Pounds Weighed on scales. Conversion Cost was $20K, Batteries are four years old so I greatly discounted the price or make your best offer. (407) 805 - 0766 or
add to favorites 2002 Honda
MAKE AN OFFER..........WAS $6,500 .. will take a REASONABLE OFFER. This is at OUR SHOP in Crystal River, FL, Come see it.. SWIM WITH THE MANATEES...and either TOW it home, or stay and you and steve and put some new BATTERIES in this.......This Honda has the 1K ZILLA LV Controller (156V) , a 9" Impulse Motor, Working A/C, Power Steering, BMS, Seats 4...... JUST ADD BATTERIES !!!! Set up for Lithiums, but any battery of your choice could be installed. NOOOOOO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED.. this is too nice a car to just SIT.. come take it... battery it up.. and ENJOY it !!
add to favorites FINAL LOWERING OF PRICE!Fiero Destiny 2000 for sale $ 6,000.00
SO, THE FINAL LOWERING OF THE PRICE. If THIS DOEN'T SELL I'LL WATCH IT SET IN MY SHOP. This car needs to go to a new owner! I retired 5 years ago and the car has been driven maybe 200 miles since then. It is in very good condition. It has 32 lithium China Hipower batteries with about 1000 miles on them. It needs only a cell monitoring system. It currently has Hot Juice charging regulators and needs discharge regulation. Exterior has a nice basecoat/clearcoat paint in original color and the interior is stock and in good repair. Tires have about 5000 miles on them. This is a great 30 to 40 mile commuter vehicle. I drove it 30 miles round trip a day in Dallas at up to 65 or so MPH for 4 years.
add to favorites 1980 Electric 4-seat Porsche 924 $ 9,999.00
1980 Porsche 924 Turbo. We love the idea of an electric car, that's why you are here too. You can buy a Chevy Volt but does that look like a Porsche? Now you can tell your friends and coworkers that you have an electric Porsche! Oooo! Runs well. Turn the key and go. Converted in 2009. A hot-looking aerodynamic Porsche EV - AND IT HAS BACKSEATS! Wireless Keyless entry/power locks/alarm. Air conditioning (see ""). I bought an electric ceramic heater but have not installed it yet. Power brakes (automatic 12v electric vacuum pump cycles on/off as needed), powered by two DC/DC converters for redundancy. Netgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC 8-brush motor. 156 volt system (13 easy to access Deep Cycle Marine flooded batteries - New in Jan 2013). Well balanced car - 5 batteries and 200 pound motor under the hood, 8 batteries in the back under the carpeted deck. Trouble-free dual fan-cooled Logisystems 156 volt 1,000 Amp controller. Manzanita Micro PFC 20 on-board automatic charger (cost over $2,000). Charge from 110 or 220, full charge in less than 5 hours. Power cords included for both 110 & 220. 35 Amp main DC/DC converter made by "Iota" (charges accessory battery, supplies 12V to lights, wipers, fan & A/C, horn, radio, etc. when the car is on). Batman Battery Management System - This displays: Amps being drawn, Amps going into the batteries during charging, displays Amp Hours used (and counts back to zero the Amp Hours replenished while charging), displays voltage of main battery pack, and displays a bar graph as an LCD "gas gauge" of power left in the battery bank. LED red tail lights. Original 5-speed transaxle. (It's a Porsche 924, motor in the front, torque shaft in the tunnel, tranny/rear end in the rear). Turn car on, shift into 3rd gear, no need to shift again (unless you want to race or hit top speed in 5th) just "hit the gas" (I guess we can't call it that anymore!) and off you go. For the record I've babied this little cutie, no abuse, same for my 1976 Stingray and 1952 Harley. I'm kind to my babies. Top speed 80 MPH. Range 20-40 mi. HISTORIC TAGS! CHEAP INSURANCE! NO INSPECTION! Here ( you will find photos of this car back when it was first converted utilizing 26 6 volt batteries, there were batteries everywhere, a big box in the back (now gone), batteries on top of the motor, but now it has only 5 12 volt batteries in front of the motor, 8 under the rear easily removable carpeted deck floor. Everything is easy to get to. Even got room for your golf clubs! Back of rear seat unlatches and folds down to extend rear deck. New paint, leather seats, carpet, radio (that is also a DVD/CD player, bluetooth - music from your iPhone to the car's speakers), fancy speaker system. Power windows. Recent good front tires, brand new rear tires (Sept 2013). Recent front coil springs. Recent brakes. Mileage ~ 92K. I bought it in February 2013 from David Carter formerly of Green Shed Conversions, this was his personal ride. Cost him $20,000 to convert in 2009. I'm selling it for $9,999 (yes, I am taking a loss though I have driven it probably under 100 miles). Reason for selling - new job, I need more range, right now just using it for local running around. A real head turner. If you want to be inconspicuous don't buy this car. The large "ELECTRIC" lettering on the side is a vinyl decal that can be peeled off. Located about 30 minutes NW of Washington DC in Gaithersburg, MD Here is the link to the video he made for me when I asked to see it (it was in Florida, I am in Maryland. About the only thing changed is I've replaced a fuse holder, changed the tail light bulbs for LED bulbs, and put some aluminum flashing over the headlight mounts under the clear plastic to hide the screws and springs. A bit prettier. Oh, also new rear tires. I'll include the new waterproof car cover. Any questions not answered above? Ask! Ph: three zero one - nine nine zero - three eight eight eight.

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