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add to favorites Solar Car Corp Electric Tempo $ 1,600.00
This is a 1987 Ford Tempo that was originally converted from gas to electric by Solar Car Corporation of Santa Rosa in the late 80's. It is a 4 door sedan and has 4 electric windows which are fully functional. All the glass is good. I purchased it from the original owner a long time ago in a non running state. I made many inprovements to the electrified part of the vehicle and drove this vehicle for over 12 years going about 6K miles per yr. In 2012, I put the vehicle on non-op and removed and recycled the batteries. It has a clean title. I was going to install lithium ion batteries, but never did. It's currently configured for 18 6V golf cart batteries which makes 108VDC. 10 batteries in the rear and 8 batteries in the front. It has an Advanced DC 9" electric motor installed, mated to the stock 5 speed transmission and clutch with a custom aluminum adapter plate. The drivetrain works perfectly!! No problems at all. The DC motor is over $1200 new. I have not removed the Todd DC/DC or the Zivan NG3 battery charger or the Gast vacuum pump. It could be up and running in less than a week if you wanted to stick with flooded golf cart batteries. I had a range of 40 miles and a max speed of 60 mph. A lithium ion upgrade would probably allow a 100 mile range with a slightly higher top speed. I would consider donating this to a school or other non-profit organization. I cannot return phone calls or text. If you can see this ad, vehicle is still available.
add to favorites 1997 Hyundai Accent converted $ 2,500.00
1997 Hyundai Accent converted by semi-professional builder in Michigan in 2012. No major rust or mechanical issues. Driven on a college campus for the past four years as daily driver. NEEDS NEW BATTERIES. Uses 15 8-volt golf cart batteries, to make 120 volts. 5-speed manual transmission. Range is 44 miles with fresh batteries. ELECTRIC SPECIFICS: Advanced DC Motor L91-4003, Curtis Controller 1221C-7401, Albright contactor, GE 200A breaker, KTA vacuum brake system, CEV PTC Heater Core. Fully converted drivable car, just needs new batteries. Invested $7800, asking $2500. THAT IS $1000 less than just the conversion kit. LAST chance before I part out the car!
add to favorites 1980 Electra Van $ 2,250.00
Collectors Item -Electric Utility Van for Sale As-is, Not running, 10 years ago I drove it of of the car hauling truck, it has lacked working batteries since then. Year/Model: 1980 Electra Van Color: White with Blue Stripe Top Speed 60 MPH (load dependent) Factory converted by Jet Industries, Austin Texas Factory built on: Subaru Rex 550 / Subaru 600 Van chassis New batterypack range: 30+ miles at 55 MPH, 40 miles at 45 MPH Present range: 0 due to sold without batteries Curb Weight: 3020 pounds, 1260 front, 1740 rear Comes with extensive documentaton (owners and service manuals) Capacity: 4 passengers with 32 cubic feet of cargo space or 2 passengers with 68 cubic feet of cargo space. Cargo bed: 65.35" long, 48.03 wide 102 Volt DC propulsion pack compised of 17 - ^ volt size T-105 flooded lead acid batteries (propulsion pack weighs 1122 lbs) Lester charger with 115 and 230 volt charging GE EV! SCR controller rated at 350 Amps Dimensions: 64.37 tall, 54.92" wide, 135" long Ground Clearance: 7.5" Transmission: 4 forwards & 1 reverse with clutch Instrumentation: Percent Charge Gauge, Current Meter Wheel base: 55" side to side & 72" frontaxle to rear axle. Very compact can go almost anywhere Location: Asheville NC 28806 Condition: Body fair minor damage on front driver side corner, sun damage to vinyl seats and trim. Battery box has some sign of leaking acid. The steering run lock is out (damaged buy the vehicle shipper) I had a lock smith rebuild it and it still catches a little. This is a real collectors item. They were apparently bought by the feds for the post office and other uses. Perhaps 200 to 300 made. I will try to make a sweeter deal if it is bought by a real museum. Contact Ken at 828-273-5334 (textable) Email
add to favorites RX 7 Convertible '88 Converted to Electric $ 2,800.00
If you are looking to do your own EV conversion, this is for you. Don't make the mistake that many people do of converting some old clunker. This awesome fun red convertible is the way to go!!! Just think of yourself cruising around in your silent, efficient, green red convertible and having everyone check you out. This car is an awesome EV convertible that was my daily driver for a few years. However, due to a faulty potentiometer (throttle) the controller burned out. I have not driven/nor charged it in a while, so the batteries are no longer as good as they should be. It will need a controller and batteries and you are on your way. If you have done any research you know how much an EV conversion will cost (~$17k to have it done for you). I have over $5800 in the parts for the EV conversion, not to mention the cost of my time. Also, the RX7 is a pristine antique convertible. If you are looking to do an EV conversion, this is the one for you as all the hard work is already done. Add TLC, controller and batteries and Wahlla! $2800 and this baby is all yours. The main EV parts are: Motor Advanced DC 4001 Series Wound DC (similar to a War P 9, $2100 - - Adapter plate from Motor to transmission (typically ~$300) Controller Need to either repair Curtis 1231C (~$200 in parts to repair, or ~$800 for new Batteries 12 Trojan T-1275, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid (Need to replace or upgrade to Lithium pack) Charger Zivan k2 - 10 amp IUI Misc: 2-Contractors, DC-DC converter, 4/0 heavy duty main wires, gauges, all other misc etc.. This car has been in a few parades, car shows, and even a trade show for the American Society of Automotive Engineers (ASME) / Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). See the attached pics. Also, see my page at Thanks for Looking. Please call, text or email if you are interested. My phone # is here, to avoid text spammers: 7seven3 4five6 6three22 Nathan.
add to favorites 2013 Nissan Leaf $ 4,500.00
No Picture
for sale is a 2013 Nissan Leaf SALVAGE vehicle hit in front from the hood back in in excellent condition engine and trans in good working condition has heated seats, rear view camera good glass doors open and close normal no structure damage there only in front drivers side will need engine fan A/C condenser, cooling radiator, bumper and supports, bumper cover and hood, THE DRIVE BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED. could not load pictures at this time will be making a second attempt on loading pictures if you need to contact to sent you pictures 818-414-0216
add to favorites Geo Metro $ 4,000.00
This is a Geo Metro that has been converted to all electric.

I'm now driving a Honda Fit EV, so I need to sell the Geo to make room in my garage for this new electric car.

Although this conversion uses a deep-cycle, lead-acid battery pack, it provides a great platform for someone to upgrade the battery pack to lithium.

If you're a college or high school student who's interested in pursuing academic studies in EV or green technology, or if you're a working professional who's thinking about making a job transition to the EV automobile industry or other greentech industries, this is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your passion and expertise to your future employer or college of your choice.

In fact, I know someone who did just that. This person had no prior experience in the automobile industry, but he decided it would be a fun and educational experience to get his hands involved in an electric car conversion project. After completing the project, he managed to land his dream job at Tesla.

You can preview the vehicle online at:

The red car is the electric Geo.

Here are the details:

Motor: Netgain Impulse 9" motor

Controller: Open ReVolt 144 volt, 500 amp!/Paul-&-Sabrinas- 144v-500amp-DC-EV-Motor-Controller-Kit/p/59121625/category=16287308

Batteries: twelve 12 volt 114 amp hour deep-cycle lead-acid Battery/20531539

I chose to use Walmart batteries, because Walmart offers a very generous 24-month warranty. If a battery goes bad before the end of the warranty period, Walmart will give you a FREE replacement. You can't beat that kind of deal.

System Voltage: 144 volts

Chargers(2): one Quick Charge Octopus-AGM 10 Bank Charger and one Quick Charge 2 Bank

DC/DC Converter: Kelly HWZ Series 144V TO 12V 300W 185.html


PakTrakr Battery Monitoring System, which monitors instantaneous voltages of each battery in the pack.

Paktrakr Current Sensor, which monitors instantaneous current delivered by the battery pack.

PakTrakr ES1R automatic logging serial interface for recording instantaneous battery voltages and current. The recorded data can be downloaded to a PC for detailed analsys.

Bluetooth RS-232 adapter for use with smartphone app to display dashboard metrics on your smartphone. zenid=363893a35f5f08d888f59851b2bbb07b

adapter port, which allows it to accept a standard Level 2 charging station J1772 plug.

$4,000 OBO
add to favorites 68 karmann ghia fully restored $ 8,500.00
Over 12 k in parts all documents. Checkout jim Augustine karmannghia 68 for details. 5753124488
add to favorites Zap Xebra 2006 SD $ 3,900.00
A 2006 Zap Xebra SD. This is a 3 Wheel 72 Volt electric vehicle. Currently registered in California. The car is in working condition, except needs new batteries. Currently set up for standard batteries. Has a new controller and a new charger. Also has two sets of wheels, the standard wheel that came with the vehicle, plus it has a special hub larger wheels. Running lights converted to LED. Radio is working. Window Wiper is working. Sits 4 to 5 passengers. Color is Zap green. Located in Los Angeles, California. Estimated to be only a few hundred of these vehicles left in the country. Manufactured between 2006 and 2008, sold till 2010. All 2008, 2009 and 2010 vehicles were collected and crushed due to going 1 foot to far in breaking test. The 2006 and 2007 vehicles meet the test because they were lighter and had different breaking system. Car has been sitting idle for 1 year now.
add to favorites Estate Sale of 19 City El S11s $ 8,800.00
add to favorites Porsche 911/993 EV $ 44,000.00
High-end electric vehicle based on Porsche 911. This 1995 series is the last of the hand-built Porsche 911. With a new set of 200 amp hour lithium batteries this car is ready for daily use and your local Cars and Coffee. Full German spec roll cage, extra wide Custom Body very solid to drive as a Porsche should but with better weight distribution. 1000 amp controller produces about 280 horsepower... more than original 3.6. when hypermiling range actual 130miles.
add to favorites 2014 Fiat 500e $ 12,000.00
2014 Electric Fiat 500e Rated as the best ev in the world. Electronics by Bosch and lithium batteries by Samsung. Manufactured by Chrysler-Fiat 14,800 miles, Metallic Green exterior with black leather interior. Imported from California for east coast sales. One of two available on the east coast. No gas and no maintenance. Charges from any 110 receptacle. 30 foot factory charge cord comes with vehicle. Car uses standard international J1772 charge plug available at all charging stations. 90 mile range and very fast with top speed regulated under 100 miles per hour. Other electric vehicles available. email with questions.
add to favorites 2015 FIAT 500E $ 12,000.00
2015 Electric Fiat 500e Rated as the best ev in the world. Electronics by Bosch and lithium batteries by Samsung. Manufactured by Chrysler-Fiat 3200 miles, Black exterior with black leather interior. Imported from California for east coast sales. One of two available on the east coast. No gas and no maintenance. Charges from any 110 receptacle. 30 foot factory charge cord comes with vehicle. Car uses standard international J1772 charge plug available at all charging stations. Over 100 mile range and very fast with top speed regulated under 100 miles per hour. Other electric vehicles available. email with questions.
add to favorites 1975 MG Midget conversion $ 3,500.00
Batteries are tired but the car is driveable as is. 132v system, advanced DC 8" motor, DCP 156 volt 600 amp controller, analog voltmeter and ammeter, DC-DC charger for small 12v battery for accessories, Elcon charger. with good batteries the range is 50 miles and top speed is 75mph. Located in Evanston, IL. call 847-712-6423 for more information.
add to favorites 2004 Jeep Liberty EV project car $ 3,000.00
2004 Jeep Liberty EV project car. HP50 motor, Curtis controller, 32 200AH Thundersky batteries (LifePo4). BMS, Charger. One battery is bad. Has been driven, but needs work to be a daily driver. Not driveable now. I have a bad back and can no longer work on this project. $3500 or best offer. Will consider parting out.
add to favorites 1996 RAV4 $ 13,500.00
>>>>NEW>>>>> 15kw VOLT BATTERY PACK !!! Includes a NEW ELCON 1.5kw charger and a NEW METER that turns the Charger ON and OFF and shuts the vehicle DOWN if the Voltage gets too low. !! This Rav4 is set up with an 8" Advance DC Motor,NEW##### 750 Amp Controller, Power Windows, 16" Tires. NO A/C , but it is all there to hook up if you want.., VAC Pump and Power Steering just added. Drive this beauty away. I now have THREE ..yes, 3 EV's.. Can't driver them ALL, so I really would like to SELL this one.. !!!

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