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add to favorites 2002 Rav4EV Factory Electric $ 7,500.00
As one can see in the photos, this is not a showroom floor model. For the five or so years I've owned it, it's been treated gingerly and not accelerated hard. The previous owner put on most of the miles and had the pack replaced at about 90,000 miles. When I received it, it had the "high-humidity" charging problem, but I believe I've since resolved that. This particular problem appears when temperatures are low after a heavy rain, or during cool mornings after a high humidity day. Living in Florida, I've come to recognize that's pretty much an everyday weather description. It doesn't prevent operation of the car, but it prevented charging. The solution prior to my repair was to hope for a stretch of sunny days. Again, Florida comes through with that. A recent temperature sensor failure (pack temp 1155°F indicator) resulted in me replacing the sensor, which was also the likely location of the humidity-related high voltage leak that prevented charging. We've had some pretty warm wet days and cold (for Florida) nights and the error indication is gone. I cannot guarantee that it won't return, so buyer beware. I've been able to get 80 miles per charge with this vehicle. I drive extremely conservatively, under or at the speed limit, surface streets only. Interstate highway operation and equivalent speeds will result in lower range per charge. Included in this sale is a portable charger, that is, the standard Rav4EV paddle charger mounted on a hand truck. The assembly fits into the cargo bay, allowing one to charge anywhere one can find a NEMA 14-50 40 ampere outlet, the kind used at RV parks, four blade, 240V. As you can see in the photos, the tires have a few miles remaining. There's a frame mounted hitch, used to carry a bike rack, as one typically does not tow boats or much cargo with an EV. The radio was recently installed, great sounds and includes an under-seat amplifier as well as a honking big set of speakers that I was never able to get working. The other half dozen speakers pumped out enough sound for my tastes. This particular model is equipped with heated seats and a heated windshield, a couple of features not particularly useful in the Florida winters. One aspect of the NiMH battery pack is that it gets quite hot during charging. Charging to 100 percent is not a good idea and was done only every ten or so charge sequences. This permits the pack to equalize, as lower current is applied for an additional 3 hours at the end of a full charge. During these charge sequences, I attached ducting from a portable, roll-around air conditioner, providing 70°F air to the pack, reducing the impact. The portable A/C unit is not included in the sale. Normal charging can be timed to complete at less than 100 percent, keeping temperatures within more reasonable levels. The vehicle was washed and vacuumed prior to taking the photos, but the windows have not been washed. That will happen prior to the sale, as they are just going to get dirty until then. The windshield is equipped with the convenience of an Eclipse sunshade, a retractable system far easier to use than the pop-up cardboard or fabric versions. Also with the vehicle comes a pair of dual camera dash cams. One on the windshield (2 cams) and one on the rear window glass (2 cams). Low tech compared to today's stuff, at 720p but useful if one is involved in a crash. The vehicle has an aftermarket alarm system installed by the previous owner. It works fine as far as I can tell, although it tends to drain the 12v battery if left unused for very long. To combat that drain and that of the sound system, there's a solar panel on the dashboard to collect electrons from the sun while sitting idle. Another gadget installed by the previous owner is an aftermarket cruise control. As I drive never on the interstate, it's rarely used, but works great on those long stretches of 45 mph roadways around here. The spare tire is a high-pressure type, donut style, but it won't fit under the vehicle in the OEM location. It is included and can be mounted if some creativity is exercised with modifying the trailer hitch mount, or removing it completely. Additional unremarkable photos are available on request.
add to favorites Hyundai Electra! (2002 Hyundai Elantra EV conversion) $ 1,000.00
I call it the “Hyundai Electra!” This is an EV conversion (2009-2010) of a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT, purchased in 2008 in great condition, and driven lightly as an EV until 2012.

Since finishing the main part of the conversion, I moved twice, and could not completely finish the finer details of the project. (Adding some more gauges, and finishing the heating/cooling were what remained to complete it). I had pulled the dash apart to work on it, and never got around to finishing. So it sat outside my garage for 4 years. Unfortunately, it got some hail damage last year-- the dents did not break the paint or rust, but it will take a good amount of paintless dent removal unless you don’t mind the dings.

Because of the hail dings, and because of its condition after sitting for 4+ years, I am offering it at a deeply discounted price of $1,000. Keep in mind that a few of its components put together are worth more than that. Even the core charges for the 12 batteries would probably amount to $500 or so. It will take some work to get it back on the road (which I would much rather see than have it go to salvage). But it will be a LOT less work and cost than converting another car from scratch! Why not give it a go if you are curious about home-converted EVs?

Location: Plano, TX 75093

Items included:

  • Batteries
  • Related tools:
    • Engine hoist
    • Several different battery chargers
    • Other assorted tools
  • Parts for ongoing, unfinished work
    • Electric heater, and switch kit for it
    • Original A/C compressor and parts (I wanted to drive it from the tail shaft of the motor)
    • Various gauges I was going to install in the dash (volts, amps, etc.)

Details about the conversion

  • Documented at
  • Maiden voyage on YouTube:
  • Major parts used:
    • Motor: NetGain Motors, Inc. WarP ImPulse 9 (orig. $1,600, still working)
    • Controller: Open ReVolt beta version of a 1000 amp controller. Worked last time I used it
    • Charger: NetGain Controls, Inc. 3000W HF/PFC Battery Charger, set to 144V nominal
    • Batteries: 12x Trojan T-1275 12-volt batteries. Not in working condition, see notes below
    • Battery Monitoring System: PakTrakr, working last time I used it, but may not work now
    • Vacuum assist kit for brakes, from EV Source
    • IOTA DC/DC converter from EV Source, for charging the 12V accessory battery
  • Adapter made at a local machine shop
  • Battery mounts and boxes made with steel frames, by me
  • Spring modification in the rear for the increased battery weight
  • Detailed schematics, notes, manuals all available
  • Cooling, heating not done
    • A/C parts from original system are still here
    • Heater parts purchased, but not installed

Notes on Condition:

  • Car has hail damage. No paint broken, but there are noticeable dents on hood and roof. Definitely driveable, without rust. But if you care about aesthetics, it will take quite a bit of paintless dent removal work.
  • Car has been sitting for 4+ years. I moved house twice, and then had no time to work on the finer details of the conversion (some more gauges, heating/cooling).
  • Motor still known to work (used it recently to move it inside the garage, unfortunately after the hail storm).
  • Battery pack should be considered nearly dead. May be possible to resurrect them, but no guarantees. There are a few good ones, but some seem to have dead cells. They still have value as trade-ins to avoid core charges on new batteries.
  • Controller is a home-brew Open ReVolt controller, built by Paul himself (not by me). Seems robust and reliable, much better than the Logisystems I originally used.
  • Not immediately driveable without some work (new battery pack, putting dash back together, clean-up, a bit of wiring).
add to favorites 1975 Porsche 941
Need to sell my "working" 914 AC conversion. When parked three years ago, it was working, although the lead acid batteries had developed corrosion and died. I removed the batteries and the battery compartments have been empty since. I live in the foothills of N Calif, so performance on the hills wasn't great with LA batteries. On the flat it easily did 65-70 mph and up to 50 miles on a charge. I've been considering upgrading to lithium, but am not willing to spend the dollars for batteries, controller and charger plus the time required and lack of expertise. I've finally given up. 1975 941, yellow, rust free chassis, battery boxes in front trunk and engine compartment, good convertible top that fits in back trunk, bonus bike rack on rear! ElectroAuto kit instructions and 941 wiring diagram included. Have over $15,000 in the project and will accept any reasonable offer.
add to favorites 1995 Renault Express by US Electricar $ 4,000.00
A one-off prototype electric car developed through a partnership between Renault and General Motors and Hughes Power Control Systems (a GM subsidiary) to be marketed by Renault outside the U.S. So they contracted with the leading producer of converted electric vehicles within the U.S. at the time was a company called U.S. Electricar/Solar Electric Engineering Inc. in Sebastopol, California. The partnership apparently used U.S. Electricar to assemble this and one other prototype. The company advertised that it had more than 200 converted electric vehicles in service, including Geo Prizms and Chevrolet S-10 pickup trucks. PCU: Dolphin Propulsion drive system provided by Hughes Power Control Systems Motor: Hughes 3 phase Dolphin A/C Induction Traction Motor Battery: System Voltage: 312 52/12 volt batteries Batteries may or may not be included with this car. Originally was equipped with Gates Genesis product number 0765-0002 2164W
add to favorites 1995 Renault 19 by US Electricar $ 5,000.00
A one-off prototype electric car developed through a partnership between Renault and General Motors and Hughes Power Control Systems (a GM subsidiary) to be marketed by Renault outside the U.S. So the contracted with the leading producer of converted electric vehicles within the U.S. at the time was a company called U.S. Electricar/Solar Electric Engineering Inc. in Sebastopol, California. The partnership apparently used U.S. Electricar to assemble this and one other prototype. The company advertised that it had more than 200 converted electric vehicles in service, including Geo Prizms and Chevrolet S-10 pickup trucks. PCU: Dolphin Propulsion drive system provided by Hughes Power Control Systems Motor: Hughes 3 phase Dolphin A/C Induction Traction Motor Battery: System Voltage: 312 52/12 volt batteries Originally Gates Genesis product number 0765-0002 2164W Now has Hawker Energy Products number 0765-2001B0N0
add to favorites 1987 MightyMaz $ 1,500.00
I have a Mitsubishi truck that is converted from a gasoline vehicle to run on electric .It is a basic truck .It runs off 72 volts and can easily be set up to partly charge off solar . It will run 30 to 40 miles per charge and can easily be setup to go farther . The body is good with no rust. This truck will do what any other like truck will do except not use gas . The batteries are dead and will need to be replaced. I can answer any questions you have on it . The price is 1500 . If you are tired of buying gas this would a great vehicle for you.This is not a hybrid it is a pure electric vehicle .Thanks you may also call me at 812-four93-six256
add to favorites 1980 VW Chimo $ 2,000.00
1980 VW Chimo kit car. One piece fiberglass body complete with all glass installed and doors hung and close well. My research shows the body was manufactured in Canada. Body is in great condition but does need finish paint stripping and sanding and prep for repaint. Also included is the seats and some interior panels. This is an extremely rare car! Only one other on ev album. The car has a 1968 vw beetle IRS chassis with a ball joint front end. I have replaced both full floor pans and the frame-head. Chassis is not completely finished but is solid. Lots of new parts also included like a front disc brake conversion and chrome coil over shocks and more. I have the 4=spd transaxle, clutch, and adapter as well as the GE 5bt traction motor. I will sell as a package or I will consider breaking it up. Please send inquiries to
add to favorites 2011 Leaf SV with new battery $ 8,800.00
This 2011 Leaf has a new lease on life because it has received a new battery a year ago, so it is like a new car, no problems with range or losing bars, it gives you great freedom and looks and drives like (almost) new! Good tires, no damage only some normal wear and tear. Has navigation and other high end features. Light grey cloth seats which are much more comfortable in hot weather than the dark leather seats! I can include a level 2 charger if you make me a good offer. I have used it as a daily driver till now but it is available immediately, because I have another Leaf - I love this car!
add to favorites Electric Gizmo Car For Sale - $6700 (Yorkville IL.) $ 6,700.00
See an HD video I made of this amazing all electric 3 wheeled auto cycle called the "Gizmo". Illinois and many other states have changed the laws, now anyone with a normal driver's license can drive this vehicle! I have babied this auto cycle with garage kept, minimal use, and no rain driving only 2568 original miles. Purchased vehicle new (only one owner) in 2003 from NEVCO for $12,850. I have made excellent mechanical mods to the vehicle to increase the driver comfort and the safety. It uses 4 Trojan T1275 lead acid batteries with a Zivan charger. The controller is a Sevcon driving a separately excited DC brushed motor (originally made by D&D Motor Systems, Inc. Syracuse, NY.) The motor was rebuilt in 2016 (rebalanced and the contacts (armature) redone with new carbon brushes and all new end cap ball bearings) to perfection by as local company called Master Motor Rebuilders in Addison Illinois. I have re-installed the new motor and tested the vehicle, it worked perfectly. I made a new custom water road motor shield (aluminum with outer vinyl) which surrounds the entire motor armature area. This is Gizmo #34, and it is part of a 7 unit production on this vehicle with the cool hand operated joystick controls. Body is in mint condition also, as well as the interior and the seat. Three brand new Cooper tires are installed with custom detailed painted electric graphics hubcaps. Batteries are still working great over 20 miles range @ 38 psi tires, 86 degrees, 180 LB driver, over very hilly streets of Yorkville IL. Brand new Gizmo spec was 25 miles range. This is the ONLY Gizmo with a two towing plates in the front (see picture), and I have a tow bar (included) set up to match the two front bushings. This is the only Gizmo made with Custom Welded steel plates added to the steering tubes for extra strength. Other mods include fancy electric symbol wheel covers. Battery box cover lifts using hinges to prevent ANY acid gasses during charging to corrode the terminals, (they looks as new as the day they were installed). Professional electronic desulfator across all four lead acid batteries since install. Forward /reverse switch right at driver's left hand position, no need to use power key anymore, which was difficult to reach. Seat has 3M 1/2 " rubber added for extra seating comfort. Automatic seat "up" holder to allow access to the battery box. Two custom aluminum with rubber foot rests installed in front bottom cabin. Custom change/map/pen holder on right side cabin. The electronics and fuse side areas have been covered with a custom vinyl cover since 2003. A 12 volt cigarette lighter has been added on the right side cabin area. I installed 2 additional matching LED running side lights for safety. Under the seat is a custom glove box, I also added a dash map light with a switch. Custom non-slip cover on battery box cover to keep groceries from moving. Brakes have minimal wear, I did minimal braking, and the drive belt looks like new. Charger updated in 2015 (pro company in California) with latest firmware to charge batteries automatically every 7 days. Included is the full laminated electronic wiring schematic (4' by 2' size) of this whole vehicle!
add to favorites Beautiful Mazda RX7 EV For Sale $ 3,500.00
This Mazda RX-7 was nicely converted several years ago. The car only has about 80,000 miles on it. The body is rust free with only a few blemishes, although the paint is fading in places now. The inside is pristine with new seats and door panels. The suspension was upgraded along with the custom rims and new tires. The car was designed with a 144VDC system. There is room for five batteries in the engine compartment and seven batteries in the rear hatch area, so the car is nicely balanced. The controller is a new Curtis 1231C with less than 1,000 miles on it. Has an Allis Chalmers DC motor that works great. Comes with a Quick Charge onboard charger set up for 144VDC AGM battery pack and a 30A Iota DC-DC converter. Also comes with a very nice Electric Blue Motors Blue Window Dashboard computer that outputs battery pack voltage, amps, charge state, and engine RPM to the LCD screen on the radio. I smoked the older batteries on a long distance test run so it needs new batteries. That’s really it. The car is sold as-is, but was 100% operational when I removed the batteries. With twelve 12V AGM batteries, the car ran about 25 miles and could easily exceed 70mph. Drove it over 15,000 miles before I over-discharged the batteries. Located in southeastern Iowa Asking only $3,500. It’s a great car, but I’m moving and need to get it to a new owner.
add to favorites VW Cabriolet $ 3,500.00
Unique VW Cabriolet which has been converted into a 100% electric vehicle. This EV runs on 72V DC from twelve 6V deep cycle batteries and simply needs a normal 120VAC plug to charge overnight. The Cabrio is in excellent shape, the top isn't torn, and has been well maintained. It features a premium sound system and has been reupholstered. Great little around-town cruiser. Comes with all documentation and details regarding the conversion. Reason for sale: too many cars! Local pickup preferred, otherwise you pay shipping. If this ad is down, then the vehicle has been sold: See craigslist ad for high-resolution pictures.
add to favorites Honda Civic dx 1992 (price reduced again) $ 1,000.00
The conversion of this 1992 Honda Civic was completed in 2010. It has a WarP 9 motor and Zilla Controller (1K) . The Battery Pack is 144V Flooded Lead Acid (18 -8V Golf Cart) and needs to be replaced. There is a charger on-board, meters for state of charge, voltage and current. We drove the car for 4 years and now it has been parked for the last two years. The motor alone is worth twice my asking price. First Come....

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