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add to favorites 1997 Saturn SC EV conversion NICE! $ 5,900.00
Really nice southern Saturn Sport Coupe, beautiful interior, nice bleack paint with subtle bronze metalflake, professional 144v EV conversion by Electrical Engineer, 12 new series 31 marine deep cycle batteries with maybe 150 miles since purchased, 9.1" Advanced DC motor, contacted to original 5 speed clutch less setup, Curtis model 12 31 500 amp controller, new APC 110vac/144 dc charger, Curtis LED charge gage, Ampmeter, Voltmeter, Vacuum setup with gage & switch for brakes ( I leave it disconnected, the brakes are easy enough without it) original alternator setup to run with pulley from other end of motor, original Tach was made functional to monitor motor RPM, car has the usual options and all are functional except cruise control, tires tires still have about 90% tread. Range is about 35 or so miles of easy optimum driving, of course this changes depending upon driving habits weather etc, we drive to town & back about 20 miles at 55 mph with varying terrain and some stop signs with no problem at all. All receipts totalling about $9k, as well as all build ducumentation, service manuals etc. Included. Only about 300 EV miles on this build $5900 and worth every penny 810 304 0100, MARK
add to favorites 2013 CODA All-ELECTRIC SEDAN $ 17,000.00
No Picture
2013 Coda 4-door sedan. Like new, inside and out. Driven 1050 miles, then stored due to out of state job. Approximately 90 mile range, with 31KW battery pack. Grey in color; Google "Coda Cars" for pictures--it looks and runs like new. 6-airbags; Alpine sound, Bluetooth; very readable gauges; good driver visibility. 6600 watt/hour charge rate at 240 volt, or 120-volt house power. $17,000 or best offer. 505-470-3014
add to favorites 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo, 156Volt $ 9,999.00
Price is negotiable. If you'd rather not turn heads peel off the big "Electric" vinyl decal on the side. 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo converted to all electric (no gas engine). It has back seats too! Not a lot of electrics can boast that – especially a Porsche! I love telling people at work that I have an "Electric Porsche", people are so impressed. OK, I'm weird. Keyless entry - chirp chirp! (how cool is that?!) + alarm. Power windows. Original 5-speed transaxle (clutch removed, not needed, shift into 3rd and leave it there). WarP 9 DC series wound motor, 1,000 Amp trouble-free Logisys controller (programmed for 300 amps - plenty), 13 12Volt deep cycle marine lead-acid flooded batteries (new Jan 2013) 156 Volt system (plus a 14th “accessory” battery for the keyless entry receiver, alarm, A/C that can run with the key off! This battery is charged whenever the key is on, a great idea!) 30 Amp DC/DC converter made by "Iota" providing 12V for lights, entertainment sys, wipers, etc., 2 other DC/DC converters in parallel for redundancy supplying 12V to the automatic vacuum pump (for power brakes), recent brake calipers and brake pads. Manzanita Micro PFC-20 120–240V charger on-board, includes both 120 & 240 Volt charging cables. Radio/TV/DVD/CD player with remote and Bluetooth, fancy speakers. Recent paint, carpet and seats. Batman Battery Management System - This LCD continuously displays Voltage of main battery bank, Amp draw (and charge), Amp Hrs used (and charged/put back in), a bar graph kind of "Gas Gauge" of remaining battery power, and there is a switch to backlight it). In the photo it is displaying that +5 Amps are going into the batteries (adjustable charging rate with automatic shutoff), measuring 176 volts (13.5V each battery), I had used 10.77AHrs and this number counts down to 000.00AH as it charges at the rate of 0.01AH per 7 seconds (on 120V/5A charge) making it predictable how long the recharge will take (in this case 10.77 means 1077 X 7 / 3600 = ~ 2 hrs. The bar graph showing that I used about 1/4 "tank". Separate LCD display for accessory battery Voltage. New front springs. Good front tires, new rear tires (Aug 2013). Air conditioning (ask me about this, cold air, draws little power!). Carpeted rear deck is available for storage (8 batteries located below, easy access). 5 batteries located down low in the front (easy access), a well balanced car. LED taillights. Top speed 70 – 80 MPH. Range 20 – 40 mi. between charges. Lots of pep! Converted in 2009. Cost of conversion - $20,000. You will find pix of this car on the Web back when the builder had 26 6 volt batteries, now that there are only 13 there is no battery box in the cabin and SO much more room under the hood, more than the original car! If you have been looking at these parts you know this stuff is not cheap. The on-board battery charger alone costs over $2,100, Google it. I bought the car in February 2013. Fun car! Reason for selling - change in work, need that long distance car. Using it for local city runs on evenings and weekends where my gas car gets the worst gas mileage. Also selling my 1976 Corvette Stingray (not electric - $15K obo), too many fun toys. See a pattern? - The other reason for selling - I'm 60 now, my back is messed up, getting in and out of a sports cars is becoming increasingly painful (14 spinal injections). The fun toys have to go. I am sold on EV's, I want another, one that is friendly to someone with a serious back problem. Car is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. $9,999 or best offer. Do the math - add up the price of the EV parts...about $10K. It's like - buy the EV parts and you're getting the Porsche, the engine removal, the welding, battery racks, motor shaft coupler and mounting plate and wiring FREE! Runs great, turn the key and go. I do. Got questions? Ask! Come by, we'll go for a spin. I also have a great 12V high power ceramic heater that I have not installed yet and a car cover, I'll include them.
add to favorites Eclipse EV Conversion $ 8,500.00
120v DC electric motor installed five-speed manual transmission 10×1275 Trojan 12v deep cycle batteries newer front tires new brakes front and rear CD player Clean and clear title Power brakes functional 110v charging system Runs and drives This is a turnkey electric vehicle project that needs only a few things to be finished. It is being sold AS IS with no warranty. The items that need attention are the power steering (no pump installed but included) and HVAC (electric heat included not installed) the batteries also need to be secured(they are secured for testing purposes only)
add to favorites 1991 Toyota MR2 (conversion) **PRICE REDUCED** - $3200 $ 3,200.00
This is a great project for someone who wants to drive an all-electric car. Asking $3200 for the car in its current condition, and would be happy to show it to you. I've put well over $20,000 into it not counting my own labor, and it runs well and drives nicely up to at least 75 mph when the batteries are all healthy. At present they are not and the car isn't running, but I believe that the main pack is fine with the exception of a few weak/bad cells. The car was most recently worked on by ReVolt, and wired for CellLog monitoring which should enable easy diagnosis of the cells that need attention. Quick summary of the system: stock MR2 5-speed transmission, Advanced DC FB1-4001 motor, nominal 144V lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) main battery pack using 90 Hi-Power 100aH cells in a string of 45 parallel pairs, Mini BMS, liquid-cooled Zilla 1K Controller, Manzanita Micro PFC20 charger, MasterFlux Sierra AC system, much more. Various spare/replacement MR2 parts included.
add to favorites 1986 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Supersport $ 12,000.00
1986 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Supersport odo 50K Azure Dynamics AC55 DMOC 445 96 x 90ah thundersky batteries 28kW capacity 80+ range Elithion Lithiumate Pro Battery Mangement System every cell monitored and secured Laptop interface to BMS also to Zivan Charger 220v or 110v and J1772 compatible car is fast has regen and econ and sport modes Porsche is clean porsche red no damage at all clean title low miles Very fast no braking is required with regen Less than 1000 miles since conversion been in storage with new canvas top clean no rip leather seats All batteries in metal custom battery restraints very secure and professional Conversion was done by professional shop no expense spared
add to favorites 2001 Corbin Sparrow
2001 Corbin Sparrow Needs repair work on fiberglass. 92 cell Lithium set-up. $4500.00 OBO
add to favorites 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV $ 12,500.00
These factory-made electric vehicles were made famous in the film, "Who killed the electric car?" They originally had 110 miles of range, and many of them are still on the road and functioning well. I am the second owner of this one. The car’s first ten years were in southern California. It still has no rust. Always garage-kept, it is extremely well-engineered and a very useful small SUV. The perfect around-town car. Range is still 70 miles (in summer) with the original NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries. It has a portabilized Magne-Charger with an adapter to use today's J-1772 level 2 chargers. I have had the charger mounted on the wall in my garage. 240V service required, which will fully charge the car in 4.5 hours. (It has no level 1 - 110V charger.) This is a piece of automotive/electric vehicle history, complete with California HOV lane stickers and innovative standard features, detailed below. Why am I selling it? We are buying a newer EV. As you know, this is a very reasonable price for a factory EV. The original price was $42,596. A 2014 RAV4 EV is $51,000. Included standard equipment: - TAL SPI Charger (with wall mount brackets and J-1772 level 2 charging adapter) - exterior color: silver - interior color: gray/multi-color upholstery - AM/FM/CD Player - Standard equipment Toyota stereo & speakers - Anti-lock brakes, front driver/passenger airbag - Air conditioning, heater, power locks/windows - Heated windshield (brilliant feature!) and rear defroster/wiper - Heated front seats - Timer for delayed charging and for cabin preheating or precooling - Both carpeted and rubber floor mats front & back - Cargo floor cover to protect carpet Recent Maintenance: (complete service records included) - New tires and alignment at 90,000 miles: Continental Eco-Contact LX20 low rolling resistance tires - Brakes good - Battery vent screens cleaned Sept. 2014 - New charge capacitor Sept. 2014 - Coolant flush and fill Nov. 2014 All systems are go. When needed, refurbished battery packs are available through the authorized Toyota service provider, Battery MD. VIN# JT3GS10V020002610 Email or phone 608-606-1156
add to favorites 1971 VW Super Beetle $ 5,000.00
I’m selling my 1971 VW Super Beetle that I converted to electric back in 2008. It’s a 72 volt DC system. I’m using 12 Trojan T-145 batteries. I have 6 under the hood, and six where the back seat used to be. Originally I kept the back seat and had 4 batteries behind it with 1 battery on each side of the motor but it wasn't very covenant to service those. The photos show how it used to be, the back seat is removed now. Here is a list of some of the parts I used for the conversion Zivan DC-DC converter Advanced 19 horse power single shaft motor Zivan 3kw battery charger 72DCV 230 VAC Curtis Controller Curtis gauges I've spent close to $18,000 total on the whole car and conversion. I've topped out at 55mph. The range used to be about 45 miles, but one of the batteries is weak so the range is cut down to about 10 right now. the batteries are about 18 months old. I've put abput 11,000 miles on since converting it. The body is in decent shape. I did repair the floor boards earlier this year. the seats have been reupholstered, it has cocker tires. air shocks in the rear. I've done the complete brakes. I'd be happy to sent photos to anyone or copies of the receipts if you want to see all that was done in detail
add to favorites 1994 Mazda Miata $15,000 OBO $ 15,000.00
It is a 1994 Mazda Miata with right around 141k on it. The car has the potential of up to 100 kw, or 135hp. It is running a 220V 132Ah Enerdel battery system. At right around 30 kWh the car can go between 70 and 100 miles on a full charge. I have a Netgain Classic controller opened up to 1400A and the maximum voltage which allows for fantastic acceleration and a top speed right around 100mph. The motor is a Advanced DC FB1-4001A. The car has a MES REM 3 fluid heater so all of the stock controls can be used. The gauge cluster is controlled by an Arduino for SOC and current draw through the BMS, the RPM sensor and speed are done directly. The charger is an Eltek IP67 3.3kW charger. The paint is a somewhat temporary ruberized paint so can be either blue or red when purchased. The body is in fairly good shape but does have some hail damage. The red paint is pretty rough. Feel free to ask any questions!
add to favorites 1987 VW Cabriolet Convertible Electric Car $ 4,000.00
This is a 1987 VW Cabriolet convertible Electric Car.This car was converted about 4 or 5 years ago. It has 16 batteries (6 Volt, 230Ah) for the drive system and 1 battery for auxiliary items like turn signals, lights, etc. It is powered with a Impulse 9 electric motor and a Curtis1231C-8601 (96-144Volt) controller. It has an Albright SW-200B/3-12 main contactor. A special mounting plate was made to attach the Impulse 9 electric motor directly to the existing 5 speed transmission. This essentially drives just like a regular car with a clutch except it won't stall like a gas engine. Installed is a 110v battery charger and I believe it could be wired for 220 for a faster charge time. 8 batteries are located in the rear of the car in a compartment. The other 8 batteries are located in the front of the car. It has an AM/FM/CD/Aux/Bluetooth/USB radio that will also connect with your phone for hands free phone calls through the car stereo. There is a microphone on the visor for the hands free phone use. The green seat covers are a bit worn but new ones can be found on ebay. The green seat covers really look great with the outside color. The car originally had power steering and that was replaced with manual steering. It does have power breaks and a special electric vacuum system was installed for the breaking system. There is no heat or air conditioning, so this is definitely a fair weather car. (Especially good for weather for a convertible since that is the preferred method of driving). I have enjoyed driving this around town for shopping errands and driving kids to and from local sporting events. Last summer I drove this less than 25 miles. My kids are now older and we are traveling much greater distances so that I cannot use the electric car as much. The electric car runs great and I've had it up to 70 mph on the highway, but that certainly cuts into the drive distance. You have to train yourself a little to drive without a heavy foot and you would get greater range of travel. I have never really just driven as far as a could to see exactly how many miles i could go on one charge. It also depends on how fast you want to go and whether there are lots of hills. I can't really give you a maximum range number. I would normally drive this into our local town which is about 8 miles away. Run around town doing errands or going to kids sports games, then drive the 8 miles home. We do have some hills and some areas that are 55 mph. The interesting thing is that the battery system will charge itself somewhat just through its own internal chemical reaction if the vehicle sits for a while. This unit does not have regenerative braking mainly because that would have produced resistance that would ultimately have reduced the range. I have lots of accessories to go with the car and I do have the back window if you should want to install it. Although not shown, there is a spare tire as well. The inside is not perfect nor is it bad. I'm sure if you look hard enough you will find little things that you would like to restore further than I have already. The carpet is in fairly good shape with about 2 spots that could be installed better. As I mentioned earlier, the green seat covers are worn and could be replaced. The White vinyl top was replaced with a new one two years ago. As with any white vinyl top, it could use a little cleaning. The speedometer works fine but I noticed that the mileage indicator seems to have a problem. It seems like its stuck. I will take a look at it before selling the vehicle but can't make any guarantees that I can correct that. Obviously there is no warranty with the vehicle in general. Please ask questions. I'll respond as quick as I can. This has been a fun little car to drive around. Inspected until May 2015.
add to favorites 1996 Rav4 Orig. GAS now converted $ 3,500.00
This Rav4 is set up with an 8" Advance DC Motor, a 750 Amp Controller , and 12 Hawker 2150 Batteries (Gently used.. BUT TIRED.. TIME FOR NEW BATTERIES. with about a 15 - 20 mile range)and a home made Charger. It has a Xantrax E-Meter ( $400 value) which allows you to keep track of Amp Hours.. It has a "Steve Clunn BMS which lets you monitor EACH battery Voltage. You can charge/discharge any Individual Battery with a Flick of a Switch ! Seats 5, Back cargo area available for use. (No Batteries inside the vehicle) Battery racks under vehicle. Power Windows, 16" Tires. NO A/C , but it is all there to hook up if you want.., VAC Pump and Power Steering just added. Drive this beauty away.
add to favorites 1970 Porsche 914 $ 12,500.00
MAKE any REASONABLE OFFER... Motivated Seller !!!!!!! This 1970 Porsche has NEW BRAKES, NEW TIRES, 11" WarP Motor, 2K Zilla, NEEDS Batteries! Charger and BMS !
add to favorites 2000 Ford Mustang $ 5,000.00
Need quick sale! Price Reduced to $5000. 2000 Ford Mustang. Advanced DC 9" Motor, Manzanita Micro 'Zilla Controller w/HB2 and PFC-30 charger. 48 lithium ion battery pack (3 bad cells). Max distance per charge when all cells new: 40 miles. I drive it most every day for the past few years. Quick and fun to drive. Invested over $25,000, asking $7,700 OBO. E-mail me for more pictures. All offers considered.
add to favorites 1997 Porsche Boxster $ 3,900.00
This is the third electric car that I have built. It was originally going to be an electric racecar, but I don't have the time or money to be out racing. It is being sold without the racing batteries and motor controller and no charger. It has a 5-speed, no clutch. I have a 36 volt golf-cart controller installed so it can be moved around (15 mph top speed). The motor is an 9in Advanced DC. The interior is good, some wear, but no tears or holes. Body is in good shape, no major issues, some paint fade in back. Yes, the top works, the brakes work, the lights work, the steering works. It has 105k miles on the odometer. It is a salvage title. Call me at 9l6 forty seven five thirty five 16
add to favorites 2000 Nevco Gizmo $ 4,500.00
This is a 2000 Nevco Gizmo with 6800 miles in good to great condition. Serial number is ----0007 which makes this the 7th one produced and sold of the 38 that the company produced total. It has all of the original components and has never been modified. All of the accessories work. Batteries hold good charge. A recent move and a smaller garage forces this sale. Do not pass up on this opportunity to own a very nice street legal 3-wheeled electric vehicle.
add to favorites 1994 Geo Prizm (US Electricar) $ 6,000.00
1994 Geo Prizm (US Electricar) FOR SALE PHOTOS AVAILABLE Motor: Hughes Dolphin 3-Phase AC 50 Kilo-Watt water cooled motor Drivetrain: Auto transmission, Shiftable Drive, 2nd , Low gear Controller: Hughes Dolphin50 kW AC Vector control with built in DC-DC Batteries: 52 26ah, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid mounted under the car in a steel tray. Installed Lee zener regs to provide battery balancing. System Voltage: 300 Volts Charger: The on-board Dolphin supports 120/240 volt charging for charging at 1kw/2kw rates Heater: Hot water based heater, 2KW DC/DC Converter:Dolphin 1.5kw on-board DC-DC1kW DC-DC built into the controller. Instrumentation: E-meter, Top Speed: 90 MPH (144 KPH).Ive had it to 70 mph Acceleration: Fast as a normal car, plenty of pep at all speed ranges. Range: 25 Miles (40 Kilometers) 25-30 miles is pretty much what one can expect with good batteries. Watt Hours/Mile 200 Wh/Mile: At 60mph the car pulls 60a from the batteries at 300v. EV Miles Current: 5500 Seating Capacity: 5 adults, full trunk space. Tires 185-65 R14. Basically Prizm tires, Conversion Time Factory conversion Conversion Cost 30,000 new in 94 Additional Features: The car came with the following options: Factory AC 50kw regen braking The regen saves a lot on brake wear. Power steering Power brakes Factory heater This was one of the Florida power and light Prizms. It's quite quick, drives like a nice solid Prizm and with the battery weight underneath the car it is extremely stable.
add to favorites 1972 VW Bug Convertible $ 12,000.00
This is an EV conversion I did myself and has been a daily driver for the past year. I've spent more than $21k on the conversion ($7,500 for batteries alone.) LiFeO4 batteries (154v), 9" DC motor, EVnetics controller, heater, DC/DC converter. Follow the link above for more details concerning the EV part of this car. Regarding the actual VW body: The car was fully restored in 1995 by my father-in-law in New Mexico. It appears to have spent its entire life in the desert southwest. I got the car in 2009 right after the convertible top was replaced and started the conversion in 2011. The car was rust free when I got it except for the passenger floor pan where battery acid had eaten a hole through the floor. I replaced the floor pan with a new one from Wolfsburg West. The body has some small dents and dings and needs a paint job, but otherwise is in good shape. The car works well, but I don't want this rust free car to spend the winters on the salty roads here and the hilly country is not the best place for this EV, and that's why I'm selling it.
add to favorites 2002 Honda
JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS....MAKE AN OFFER..........WAS $6,500 .. will take a REASONABLE OFFER. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAY PAL for payment. WIRE TRANSFER ONLY This is at OUR SHOP in Crystal River, FL, Come see it.. SWIM WITH THE MANATEES...and either TOW it home, or stay and you and steve and put some new BATTERIES in this.......This Honda has the 1K ZILLA LV Controller (156V) , a 9" Impulse Motor, Working A/C, Power Steering, BMS, Seats 4...... JUST ADD BATTERIES !!!! Set up for Lithiums, but any battery of your choice could be installed. NOOOOOO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED.. this is too nice a car to just SIT.. come take it... battery it up.. and ENJOY it !!

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