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add to favorites 1991 Toyota Pickup Conversion $ 1,500.00
This is a 1991 Toyota pickup converted to electric. It has been a great truck and I have saved a ton of $ in gas but I need the garage space so the first $1500 takes it. It is a 144 VDC conversion using the package sold by Electric Vehicles Of America. Just go on their web site to see what is included. Extras include a Trojan T145 battery pack (near dead so it will need to be replaced), dual heaters to stay warm on even the coldest winter days, extra set of low rolling resistance tires and rims, brand new battery life saver system matched to the battery pack, elcon charger and a Curtis controller professionally upgraded to 1200 Amps. This truck will do highway speeds when you need it to or get you several more miles/charge if you want to drive it more conservatively. On a good battery pack you can expect 40ish miles/charge highway and more around 60-65 if you take it easy. I did this truck like I think it should be done, saved a truck from the scrap yard with a bad engine and put top-end components in it so body is rough, mechanically sound. This is a chance for someone interested in an electric vehicle to check it out at a fraction of the cost you will find anything else.
add to favorites clean and runs great--good batteries $ 6,000.00
1995 Chevy S10 (was a southern car so no rust, body is perfect). Only 10,000 miles after the conversion. Batteries are just 2 years old, plenty of life. 144v. zilla controller. 120 or 240v charging. email me or call 267-992-5548
add to favorites 1998 Chevy S-10 - New Hampshire $ 2,900.00
1998 Chevy S-10 conversion. Converted in 2009. 144 volts using 18-8 volt Interstate US8VGCHC batteries, Advanced DC FB1-4001A DC motor, Curtis 1231C-8601 controller, 120/240 Quick charge onboard charger, custom liquid cab heater, 5 speed manual transmission. Runs great. Batteries have been kept charged. Truck body is starting to show its age. Needs some minor work to pass inspection - third brake light, defrost, or use for parts. Less than 1,000 as an EV. Bristol, NH. Call Craig at 603-254-8700 or email at
add to favorites 93 S-10 $ 5,500.00
93 S-10 For Sale. EV America Conversion Kit. 120V System currently. 500 amp 120v-144v Curtis Controller, 220v Zivan Charger capable of 120-144v charging. Batteries are about 5 years old, less than 100 cycles but 3 batteries have a cell out of them and dont hold proper voltage. Truck is clean and mechanically sound. Call 402-430-9830. Located in Eastern Nebraska. Can Deliver for a fee.
add to favorites Ford Ranger $ 11,000.00
I am advertising this for a friend and I am putting down as much information I know about the truck. I can get any questions answered fairly quickly. Ford Ranger Echo, professionally converted with AC induction 3 phase motor with full regeneration and 4 spd manual transmission. The body of this truck is like new and it has an expanded cab so you can carry 4 people or have an added capacity in the back of the cab for luggage. This truck runs off of a Curtis low voltage controller so I think it is 96 volts. The batteries are brand new and are agm 12 volt. The conversion and truck sold for 25k and the interior of the truck looks like it is brand new. The body of the truck has no flaws and it also looks brand new. There's a 240 volt external charger called Select A Charge. The truck is located in Santa Barbara, California. Please let me know if you have any questions. 415-388-0838
add to favorites 1992 Ford Ranger 2008 ZAP conversion, new batteries $ 5,400.00
This is a good truck, nice condition, needs nothing. It has 6 month old Deka FLA 6 volts that have been cycled less than 50 times. It gets 25 miles of range before it hits 80% depth of discharge, even in cold weather. Advanced DC 9" Curtis 500 amp, newly rebuilt Quickcharge, all the usual brands. The truck itself has a great interior, straight body (with some spots of failing original paint), new tires, air shocks and overloads. It looks and drives great. It has no power steering so it steers about like it did with its factory V6. It was set up without a clutch but shifts fine that way. Most of the EV equipment is in the truck box in the bed. The advantage here is that everything stays clean and is very accessible with much more space under the hood up front. The drawback is that although it has gas rams on a tilt bed to gain access to the batteries under there, it takes two people to lift the bed and a prop rod to keep it up. I use a cherry picker to lift it by myself. We're selling it to try a Leaf. My wife doesn't like to drive this truck, it steers to hard for her to park in tight spots. It has new tags good for almost 2 years in Oregon. If you're out of state, I'll buy the plates back for $50. The title is in my name but has "branded-CA" on it, I think because the truck was totaled by the insurance company when the engine blew. I can see no signs of damage or repair and I've never run a Carfax on the truck.
add to favorites 1986 Chevy S10 Electric Vehicles of America Conversion $ 2,000.00
Hi, I'm selling a 1986 Chevy S10. The batteries are what make this truck cheep. The truck runs a 120v system with a 400 amp controller. There are 20 6v interstate deep cycle batteries. Some may be salvageable but most are shot. The truck got 50+ miles on a charge when it was running. The batteries were left unmaintained for three years which killed them. The truck is in perfect cosmetic condition, very little body and frame rust, tires are fairly new as well. The truck was converted by EV Vehicles of America as the pictures note. The bed lifts up to expose 16 of the batteries underneath, with the other 4 being stored upfront at the grill under the controller area. The charger is also shot and will need to be replaced.*BATTERIES WILL NOT BE INCLUDED* I have also found a charger for $200 if you do not wish to upgrade the system.

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