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add to favorites 1996 Chevrolet S10 EV $ 12,500.00
For Sale: 1996 Chevrolet S10 Good condition, NOT ALL RUSTY! Powered by 48, 3.3v 180 ah Lithium cells that are about 2 years old. Range is no B.S. 50 miles plus. This is my daily driver, except in winter when roads are salted. A 30 amp Manzanta Micro charger and a Orion BMS is mounted behind the seat. Both devices limit over voltage charging for redundant safety. A tow bar is included that plugs into sockets just under the front bumper so the truck can be easily be towed if you wander too far from home. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Kevin.
add to favorites 2003 Toyota Rav4 EV $ 8,700.00
No Picture
batteries are out - need to be replaced

2003 RAV4-EV, metallic silver

TAL charger has been portablized which has an L14-50 plug attached
The exterior has some typical outside dings and windshield has a small chip
Left driver's side bumper has scratches and a dent above front fender.

First generation produced between 1997 and 2003 only available for fleet leases - in the 2000s finally sold or lease to individuals too full Battery powered car
Roomy almost regular 5-door car, Mini-SUV
Seats 5 people
Front-wheel drive
Around 90 to 110 mile range
Heat pump-type CFC-free air conditioning
Top Speed 78 mph
Weight approx. 3440 lbs

24 x Panasonic Nickel Metal Hydride - Type EV-95; Voltage 12V, Capacity 95Ah total pack 288v pack (24*12v*95ah = 27.3kWh)
charging only off 220 V / 30 aH inductive charger (this charger in not in the car and a legacy charging system) up 4 and 5 hours depending on how low the batteries are in the beginning had a conductive Yazaki charge port
motor is permanent magnet, brushless 50 kW peak power at 3100 – 4600 rpm although the chassis was from the previous generation

add to favorites 2000 OEM Ford Ranger EV
make me an offer white OEM Ford Ranger for sale - not running PBa Please contact me if interested everything is good except for batteries - this needs a new LI set near Sacramento, CA
add to favorites 1978 Chrysler/GE Electric Pickup Truck
Very Rare Unrestored Original 1978 Chrysler/GE Electric Pickup. Powered by 24, 6 volt batteries. 37 Hp GE motor. 3 speed manual transmission. Wide/long bed. MAKE AN OFFER!! 1 of 2 displayed in 1981 Worlds Fair Knoxville Tenn. Located in Mt Pleasant SC
add to favorites 1999 Chevy S-10 Conversion $ 8,900.00
Converted in 2008-2009 by a gentleman in Ohio, who did a very professional job. Battery boxes make of TIG-welded aluminum sheet! Body of truck is in fantastic shape. Clutchless, drives great. Power brakes; heater; manual windows. Molded plastic bed liner (not in photo) and tri-fold cargo cover included. Advanced DC #FB1-4001A 9.1" double shaft series wound motor, 25.2 HP continuous, 43 HP for 5 min, 85 HP peak. Soliton1 DC motor controller with recently upgraded firmware. PFC2500 120/240V onboard charger with twist-lock connection under "gas cap." US-250-HC batteries are beginning to show their age (2009 vintage); one had a weak cell and I recently replaced it with a Trojan T-105. I have never really pushed the range, because my commute is only ~9 miles roundtrip. Once I drove to work and almost immediately home, and still had plenty of juice left, so I'm guessing the range might be 30-40 miles or more. I love this truck, but need to make space for another project. The guy who did the conversion must have put well over $15k into the vehicle, so this is a great buy for the EV enthusiast.

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