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add to favorites 1994 Chevy S-10 US Electricar Truck $ 6,000.00
Full Electric Truck built by U.S Electricar; very good condition, all original, Tonneau, white, Not currently running, needs new batteries and charge outlet, electronics all tested and in working condition, navy blue interior all in exceptional condition, included; original owners manual, drawings and schematics. Always been garaged, so there is no rust, paint and body are in very good condition.
add to favorites Ford OEM EV Ranger 1999 $ 9,000.00
Ford Electric EV Ranger OEM Ford 1999. This electric truck was made as a compliance vehicle for California which required that 2% of Fords vehicles sold in California had to be zero emissions. This truck has 25, 95ah Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. These were originally made for General Motors and their EV1 Impact electric car. When General Motors challenged the Zero Emission Mandate and crushed all their EV1 cars they sold the patent and marketing rights of these batteries to Chevron. Then being the type of oil company they are, Chevron would let the NIMH batteries be made in small sizes. That's why the Prius batteries are so small. These batteries, in the Ranger, became illegal under Chevron Oil. These batteries are quite indestructible and can last for 150,000 miles. This truck has 29,000 miles and I just took out the battery pack for a loose connection which was my fault, from the first time I cleaned all the contacts. I tested all the cells, as each battery module has 10 of them and I discharged and charged a number of low battery cells. I thought they tested fine so I elected not to replace any of them but I have an extra battery with 10 good cells. These batteries have to be cycled in and they work best by having the truck used on a daily basis. The range of the truck would depend on speed, terrain, ambient air temperature and amount of load. The truck is rated for up to 1200 lbs. The stated range of the truck is 60 miles. These batteries could be swapped out for Lithium and the truck could have up to a 100 mile range. The Lithium batteries would also be lighter and it would make the truck more maneuverable. The battery box fits under the truck with 6 bolts. This makes the truck have a low center of gravity and it does have a lot of power. Much more than the gasoline version. It is easy to remove the battery box with an auto lift but more difficult using jacks and jackstands. It seems like Tesla got a lot of ideas from the Ford EV Ranger. Ford had intended to make a lot of the Rangers but they started out by using Lead Acid batteries and that was an abject failure. Having GM crush all of their electric cars sealed the fate of the EV Ranger. I want to sell this truck to someone who knows something about electricity and mechanics. I bought it for my 18 yr old son but he doesn't like trucks. I am also getting a little old to be tinkering with an Electric Truck although you don't get dirty working on it.. This truck has as its attributes, Perfect Body, Perfect Interior, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, Heater/Defroster, Siemens 3 phase AC induction motor with full regeneration. De Dion Rear End w 4 wheel disc brakes Power plug for a generator. AM/FM Radio. NGS New Generation Star Tester made for the EV Ranger with the EV Ranger card. OEM automatic battery charger. 240 VAC. J1172 charger port for any local level 2 charger stations. Juice Box charger interface for home charging requiring a 240VAC 40 amp breaker. Can put out up to 15 kilowatts, Tool Box. Spare Tire rim. DC adjustable meter with relay controls that indicates battery voltage. LED bulbs in brake lights. Spare 95ah NiMH battery module with 10 cells. Tarp cover, in the event you wouldn't want to use the toolbox. (For better aerodynamics). for a lot more information. Let me know if you have any questions. Daniel
add to favorites Chevy S-10 $ 16,900.00
No Picture
2002 Chevy S-10 conversion with Canadian Electric Vehicles kit. Excellent condition, 70+ mile range per full charge (including highway driving), 70 mph top speed. I originally converted this using “golf cart” batteries in 2008 but switched to Li-ion in 2012. There are approximately 14,000 miles on this 30 kWh, (24 kWh usable) battery. No decrease in range since they were installed, and by manufacturer’s spec, I expect 90% of the battery cycle life remains! Truck charges at 240V (through gas filler door) or 120V (through rear bumper) with the flip of a switch. This is an awesome truck in top shape. Lots more photos available. Location: Upper Michigan Reason for Sale: While it’d be fine in mild to moderate winters, given our harsh winters and my remote location, this is not a winter vehicle. I hope to find/convert an AWD vehicle. Note: In order to preserve body and electronics, this truck has NOT been driven on salted roads. Price: $16,900 or reasonable offer. Serious inquiries contact Sam for more details: Contact Sam or call: nine 0 six 8 nine 2 - 8 five 04.
add to favorites 1998 Factory produced Ford Ranger EV $ 10,500.00
I am the only registered owner of this 1998 Ford Ranger EV truck. It has been in storage for about twelve years! It now has had the original 39 Lead Acid 8 volt batteries removed! (Note: it was a drivable vehicle when I purchased it, the Lead Acid batteries had given up, so I recently removed them.) New replacement 12 volt batteries are available for this truck, It requires 26 sealed group GP27 AGM 12volt 100Ah Wheelchair batteries to put it back on the road. (The best I found for these batteries is Sears& Roebuck) By using these batteries, nothing under the hood needs to be changed, even the wall mounted paddle charger that I have for it works.(I also have the portable adaptor for it, so you can use the currant J1772 chargers all around the Northern Cal. area! It has had the 12 volt battery, under the hood, replaced. It has Good tires, front and rear, (not the oridginals) It has the original "glass rear springs", but I have the new leaf spring replacements for it. It is VERY clean, with a couple very minor scraches on the right door, from where the County decal was removed. It is documented that it is one of first produced Ford Ranger EV's built in late 1997 as a 1998 EV. I have added splash guards at all four wheel openings, and a trailer hitch to be able to tow a small trailer! Please respond by "E" mail as a preferred means of communication, as I am VERY hard of hearing! My telephone number is 707 539-49three5. "E" mail me at Note: I have been invited to display this vehicle in our annual EV club Show Tell in Seb. Ca. on the 19th 0f this month (Oct) Note: I have stow Dolley to transport it. I am a long time member of the North Bay Chapter Electric Auto Association.
add to favorites 1994 Ranger PU $ 4,500.00
1994 Ford Ranger Electric Truck converted in 2007. Odometer reads 187344 miles. Lockable bed cover brand name Undercover. 11" diameter forklift motor. 24 Trojan T-106 six volt battery's Battery's need replaced . Voltmeter and Amp meter mounted in dash. Vehicle located in Wichita Kansas. Phone 316-680-4969 E-mail Make an offer OBO. This ad and truck expire on nov.30 2014.
add to favorites 1999 Solectria Delivery Box Van $ 5,000.00
This is a 1999 Solectria all electric delivery truck with a Texas Title. It has two 65 kW electric motors with controllers coupled together to the drive shaft, four separate battery boxes, a 6.6 kW battery charger, high to low voltage DCDC converter, diesel powered cab heater, dash controls, and electric power steering. The van only has 9,030 miles. The vehicle cab/box/body is manufactured by Union City Body Company. There is a small dent in the back of the body. Overall the body is in good shape. The seats are in good condition as well. This does not have any batteries. It operates on 312 VDC nominal and takes 26 batteries. I have not driven this or tested to verify functionality of any of the components and therefore is being sold as is. Contact me for more information or additional pictures. The motor controllers are model UMOC440F The motors are model AC42 according to the controller name plate The battery charger is model BC6600 312 VDC out 230 VAC in If you are only interested in the Solectria parts let me know and maybe we can work something out. I have done my best to describe the condition. Let me know if you have any questions. This is being sold as is where it is. I will work with the buyer to arrange shipping or pickup. It is the buyer responsibility to pay for all shipping charges. Vehicle is in College Station TX 77845.
add to favorites 1993 FORD RANGER, Club Cab $ 7,500.00
FEATURED EV WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAY PAL for payment. WIRE TRANSFER ONLY Motivated Seller: 9" WarP, 1K Zilla, set up for 26 Golf Cart Batteries.. Needs Batteries. All our PRE OWNED EV's are JUST ADD BATTERIES... You buy the batteries from us .. we will INSTALL them for FREE...another $800 value
add to favorites CHEVY S10 $ 3,500.00
FINAL drop in PRICE.. $5,500 down to $4,500 down to 4,000.. FINAL MARK DOWN Great Project to continue on with. Runs... Needs Batteries soon. Has a Warp 9".. a Logisystems Controller Owner GARAGED this. He is no longer going to drive it.. Dropped Registration as of April of this Year. SAVE this beauty !!! BUY IT NOW !

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