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add to favorites Toyota Pick Up conversion $ 3,900.00
Batteries are dead..lead acid
add to favorites 1980 Jet Electra Van Pickup Truck (Ford Courier) $ 1,000.00
A real steal – I need the garage space. I retired and find I do not need 4 cars. I have not been driving the electric recently. Before retiring I used it for my daily 26 mile round trip commute for many years. Batteries replaced in 2012 (<200 miles use on this set). Range 60+ miles with new batteries. DC Power Systems 600 amp controller. GE motor. Individual battery monitoring with 20 LED bar graph meters. New 12 volt aux battery. 120volt/15volt 22 amp DC/DC converter charges 12 volt aux battery when the truck is running. 220 volt Lester off-board charger. 120 volt variac on-board charger. Tow bar. Located in Palm City Florida. E-mail for additional pictures or questions. 865-250-0753
add to favorites 1998 S-10 Lithium Conversion, Zilla 2K-HV, PFC 75 $ 5,500.00
I don't really wish to write a crazy add or anything flashy. This S-10 is a great truck and all the drive components have been extremely faithful. I have driven about 25000 electric miles on it. During its life, there were two different events which damaged the batteries. The truck was driven too far once upon a time and another time it was overcharged due to a regulator failure. The batteries are extremely weak but all the components in the truck work perfectly. It has a manzanita micro PFC75 charger which moves, as you may have guessed, 75 amps. It has a Zilla 2k-HV and a 9" advanced DC motor. The batteries that were on board were 160 AH thunder sky cells and the battery pack has polycarbonate covering all the drip areas to prevent water intrusion into sensitive electronic areas. The batteries are in manzanita BB 160's and the truck can hold 96 cells totallong 50kwh of capacity using 160 ah cells. For your reference, I believe they make 200 ah cells in the same form factor now. The entire truck had no expense spared in its original construction and it even has an on board computer which has Zilla view on it and a 7" touch screen in dash to manipulate the Windows interface. There are many things this truck has that I have not mentioned so please feel free to contact me with inquiries. I want to sell it whole If at all possible, I have an emotional attachment to it and don't want to see it parted out. It just needs new batteries and a new charging port installed. It could literally be ready to go in a weekend or two one batteries have arrived for the owner and the truck has a blue ox tow system for easy pickup :) I even have a 30 amp blink pedestal charging station that I will throw in with the purchase. Many extra parts and most of a set of extra regulators as they were replaced once and they gave us the old regs. Chad Hohn (206)8599553
add to favorites 40' BOX Truck $ 18,000.00
REDUCED for QUICK SALE !! 13" Warp Motor, 2K Zilla Controller 80 brand new 100ah Calb's NEWLY CONVERTED, Already a working Vehicle
add to favorites Solar electric NEV Mini truck $ 9,950.00
Neighborhood Electric Vehicle NEV street legal insured and registered Integrated solar system completely charges and maintains battery pack 5kw motor 48 volt system. New Deka AGM batteries 190ah. air assist brakes
add to favorites electric truck $ 2,700.00
No Picture
excellent 87 Mitsubishi pick up Curtis controller mars Monterey motor me1002 Kelly invertor new air pump for power brakes new brake pads booster air shock for rear new tires paint interior is excellent, charger, can run from 48 to 144 volt needs new batteries if you are thinking of building a conversion do not miss out all you have to do is install batteries I ran 120 volt got 45 miles or more on single charge depends how fast you drive if interested will send pictues
add to favorites 1993 Ford Ranger, Club Cab $ 7,500.00
NEEDS BATTERIES 9" WarP, 1K Zilla, set up for 26 Golf Cart Batteries.. ( REPLACE with Lithium, BMS, Shipping and Installation for $8,700.00 more !!!) WHERE are you going to get a great PICKUP up... ALL electric for $16,200.. WHERE? MAKE an OFFER on sales price only! Motivated Seller.

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