Triumph TR6 1975 All Electric

Appraised at $22,500, new top, new tires and rims, new paint, new fenders, 60 - 70 mile range..

Condition: Excellent
Odometer Miles: 6000.0
Listing created Jul 16, 2018

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g p

3 days ago

Is this still available?


g p

1 day ago

I am interested but I'd appreciate some more technical info regarding the conversation, thanks.


Judith K

17 hours ago

Hi , sorry about that, we get a lot that just ask the range about 75 miles, we drive around all day and have never run out of uses none when stopped at a light, recharges down hill..uses more on range is difficult to predict..we plug it in when we get home, recharges from our errand run in about 6-8 hours so ready to go ..

.the batteries are lithium ion, there are 32, located to even the weight - engine area and then where the gas tank was..all the gauges have been recalibrated for the motor which is 75hp, 3phase 96volt..hope this helps..and again I apologies for previous non informative emails..

Top is new, upholstery new..purchased from The Roadster Factory in Pennsylvania..

Best is driving by gas stations...


g p

10 hours ago

This does help but you must have some sort of build sheet if you had it professionally converted. Anecdotes help but I need more info and pictures if you have them before I consider spending $20k

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